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[Challenge] Help Me Make Cascading Gambit a Reality!


So… I was a bit bored with playing good decks and decided to have some fun with a little-played card. I decided on Cascading Rebirth, an unused card with some potential. And I thought, “What kind of creature would you want to kill?” The answer is: “One you have gotten the most value out of.” Therefore, Opening Gambit was the obvious choice. You won’t be losing an ability when you kill it, and most of the time you’ll get a pretty good stat upgrade. And so Cascading Gambit was born.

But it was terrible. Here is the current (awful) decklist:

Deck import (no idea why you would want this)


Here is my first game (and first win!) with the original version of this deck. It was a satisfying game, but also an anomoly: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LLpjADhxJ7k_UmcyWOq

And here’s one where I lost to OP trial Abyssian even after getting the best Grimes Cascading play of all time (try to beat my world record :wink: ): https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LLvCO-S_NYx5Y1ty9A-

Challenge: Make this deck actually playable.

x3 Araki Headhunter
x3 Cascading Rebirth
x3 Grimes

Also, can anyone tell me what this is?


You basically add Rebirth to any good Magmar minion deck and it works better than yours.

You should do something about that curve. Spike at 5 mana is awful. No early game.

Also, I think DW is better than OG for this deck.

This is what I would probably play:

Still unsatisfied with the lack of 4 drops, but 5 drops are so tasty for the possibility of Makantor or Dreadnought…


I’m sorry, you missed one of the requirements.


I replied that I don’t believe in OG for this deck. Neither do I believe in Araki.


But that’s part of the challenge, m8!


Oh well. I’ll think about it…later.


I’ll try Dying Wish as well, but Cascading Wish just doesn’t have a ring to it… :wink:


That Ironclad in Magmar, just pls no (still way better than the op list tho) :smiley: (no offence meant ofc)

Guide to memebuilding:

  1. Choose your weird synergies
  2. Add some staples
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Your deck Anjo skips part 2 almost completely.
Furthermore, it has some jank (Araki, Keeper & Riftwalker most clearly) that have no other support in the deck and 95% of the time won’t go off because of that.


Araki is best in Songhai with MDS or Vanar with Hearth Sister
Ive tried it a bit in Vanar, just cause I like the sprite so much

edit: i mean, cause if you play it forwards, it just dies


My old Araki Mech Cass was a beast with the old Mechaz0r (enemy plays EMP - sweet, now I get to Cadence my Mechaz0r for a 5 mana Spiral Technique).


I can agree on Necroseer then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does it absolutely have to be a dying wish minion? :smile:


Kron, Conjurer, Giago, Spirit Harvester and Theobule would be miles better, just to name a few


Well, m8, I think the same of Theobule what you think of Ironclad :grin:

Other choices are obviously better :slight_smile:


It’s not like you need to go immediately for the Cascade combo: replace your hand to fetch for your Cascades, next turn smack something for 5 and get a 2 mana Makantor. But yep there are lots of better options.


Dying Rebirth?


Why not add Flash to get your big Cascading targets out earlier?


You either meme hard or not at all


I have made a much improved decklist!

[Cascading Gambit!]MTo0MTgsMzo0MTIsMzo0MzIsMjoxMDk4MywzOjExMDE3LDI6MTEwMzAsMjoxMTA5MywzOjExMDk1LDM6MTkwMDIsMzoxOTAwMywzOjE5MDA0LDM6MTkwMDUsMzoxOTAwNiwzOjIwMjU4LDM6MjAzNDQ=

Here’s the replay of my first match (and win!) featuring another awe-inspiring Grimes/Cascading combo (still doesn’t break my previous record though): https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LLylP0gb2tQUAxMbHny


Hey, this one actually looks playable! Try Magmar mech (seismoid I believe) if you have problems with draw.

The use of rebirth minions is also nice with cascading.


Also, can anyone tell me what this is?


Every deck has a deck identifier code which tells you what deck was used. If you do any change to it the code changes. It is a neat feature.