Chakri Avatar Attack Sound?


what the hell is that sound he’s making right now? lol.

it’s very hilarious though, and i’m all for every minion having their own attack sound but this change is so funny it’s almost like a joke.

anyone knows who else did they change?


It’s the Nerf it needed to punish songhai players


Not sure if this is relevant, but I noticed a lot of units have similar attack/death sounds. Maybe this is them starting to give each unit their own?


yeah i’m sure that’s what they are trying to do but man, the change on chakri is hilarious.

@oranos chakri too stronk gotta change his voice so it’s less intimidating lol.


What they should do is change the pitch of his sound to be deeper based on how many stacks of whatever his buff is called. This way the Chakri Avatar scales better into the lategame by keeping his original intimidation factor


can someone post a clip?


I got you


Chakri is just a really angry guy and he wants you to know that.


I’m really pumped by units each having different sound effects!! So cool!

Plus he sounds like an angry Karate Master


LOL i laughed so hard on that, well played @Ryvirath


This is worse than the Mana Vortex nerf. Please get rid of this horrible sound. :frowning:


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