Centralized Lore Discussion


Why is there no dedicated topic for lore discussion and speculation?
Duelyst has some of the most awesome and intriguing lore I’ve personally seen in ages. So lets have this thread to talk about it!
For starters I wanted to point out an interesting point which many of you familiar with science fiction have probably already noticed. The ninth chapter of lore actually echoes The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov - with the whole shortening the chaos after the fall of the Empire thing.
That made me wonder if that might be a clue to the future lore developments? I’ve seen this topic theoritizing that Eyos is actually some sort of an evil entity destroying Mythron: Duelyst Theory: The tree of Eyos is Evil (reposted and updated)
However, considering the paralel, maybe the weirdness with Eyos seemingly causing chaos is simply a part of a greater scheme we do not yet see?

Anyways, this is just a bit of my musings to start the conversation. Lets discuss the lore!


Okay, since nobody is posting, I’ll give you another conversation item, which will hopefully be more interesting than the first one.

I am pretty sure, a lot of people missed the fact that the in-game cosmetics shop actually contains a significant portion of the currently avaliable lore. Profile Icons and especially General skins have some very interesting facts hidden in the descriptions.

You can easily check them all out by yourself, but I want to point out some of the more interesting ones.

Firstly, Zirix has created Sajj. She is not actually a person, but a magical AI - Sandshield suit modified by Zirix to be self-aware. From the icon description we also find out that Sajj is “the first true scion in ages” which suggests that there used to be more like her, but they apparently were lost, since it makes no sense for the AIs to die. That begs the question: what the hell happened? Who wiped out all of the sentient Sandshields and for what reason? It also suggests that Scions are not in fact people which is very curios, since all of the previous Vetruvian lore suggested that they were mostly people fused with their “Stillsuits”.

Secondly, Kaleos Xaan had a Sandshield suit given to him by Starhorn. He also, apparently, either gifted a part of it to Reva or it got somehow broken and one of the pieces ended up in Reva’s hands. That raises so many damn questions. Where did Starhorn get the Sandshield in the first place? Why does Kaleos have only pieces of it left in his posession, as we can see from the cinematic and his sprite? Why did Kaleos even need the Sandshield, considering its primary function is environmental protection? I find this point very interesting.

Finally, Cassyva is 400 years old and the oldest of all the Bloodborn. However, something doesn’t fit here, and that something is Starhorn. Why is Cassyva called the oldest of the Bloodborn if Starhorn is also Bloodborn and was clearly alive for thousands of years as the Codex indicates? This might be an oversight, but with the lore this deep and complex it makes zero sense for the CP to make a stupid mistake like this.

I am really curious to know what you think!


It says that Kaleos Xaan got his first sand shield from starhorn, not Zirix.

Sajj’s lore also only states “Zirix altered the melding to produce the first sandshield without the need for an organic body.”

This does not necessarily mean that Sajj is an AI, it means that the sandshield doesn’t have a person’s body in it, just the mind. This is reinforced by Zirix’s lore that states that his face was burned during the melding, implying that Zirix’s sandshield still has his body in there.


Oops, I actually misread that as Starstrider, I will edit my post. Starhorn seems to have meddled with a lot of different factions in the lore, so it makes a lot of sense for him to have given Kaleos the suit. And even then, where did he get it in the first place and why Kaleos needed it?

As for Sajj, that’s an interesting point, I haven’t considered that possibility, but it seems pretty viable considering the name of her BBS.


Magmar reincarnate ( from an egg?) so maybe every time they come back they are technically young again


They still keep all of their memories by reliving them inside the chrysalis, so it seems weird to consider Starhorn young. I think it maybe somehow connected to what it means to be Bloodborn.
It seems Bloodborn are somehow very different from regular people judging by their descriptions. Maybe Bloodborn are like clones or reborn versions of the original beings? If that is correct that means Cassyva was the first to be reborn that way, and Starhorn was only reincarnated later. That would make some sense.


i thought this would be the correct place to ask this what do we know about the bloodborne


we also know that with the coming of the 7 sisters something called “the demise” approaches. since they are bound to the will of eyos and they seem to have been sent out to incite war, i guess eyos is evil. maybe it didnt like being locked up in the monolith and this is all an elaborate jail break


Not much, honestly.
We know they are some sort of exceptional warriors and that’s pretty much it. All of the other facts are pretty blurry.
One interesting thing - they all appear to have Sandshield Suits melded with parts of their bodies. Moreover we know that Kaleos got his first Sandshield from Starhorn, so both of them are somehow connected to each other and probably to the whole Bloodborn thing.

We know the most about two Magmar Bloodborn - Vaath and Starhorn since they took part in the events described in the lore as a part of the Senerai and then Thirteen Aspects. And, as I wrote in my previous post there is a huge age inconsistency with them, which absolutely not a mistake as we can tell, now that we know for sure that Vaath was a part of the Aspects. Clearly, both Magmar Generals are much older than any other Bloodborn, yet Cassyva is said to be the oldest. There is something to this fact.

Some Lyonar lore titbits also speak about Argeon and Zir’an, and one of them describes Argeon nearly dying during an arena battle with Kaleos. While that is curious, as well as the fact that Zir’an was taken into the Lyonar fold by Argeon, that really does not help with figuring out who the Bloodborn are.

So yeah, we still have little info on what Bloodborn actually is. But the whole thing is intriguing.


look at the descriptions of the MKII general skins in the armory

cassyva was the leader of the akram fanblades
lilithe was a sister of vetruvias house khaleem
looks like the leaders of the abyssian host are not inxikrah but vetruvians transformed

faie was the first of the aeperion bloodborn.
perhaps the abyssian bloodborn were created by eyos and the other bloodborn were created by aeperion to counter them.

i think the bloodborn are either those who have recieved the blood of a great tree or its a title for those who are otherwise unmatched by any other.


I do know all of those things, and they are indeed very interesting, but they do not answer the ultimate question - what does it mean to be Bloodborn.


I want inxikrah to be a new faction, would be dope


how would it differ from abyssian? as far as i can tell abyssian is just the inxikrah under the banner of a bloodborn.

and we won’t know what the bloodborn are until more lore comes out


Abyssian’s are the female inxikrah from what I can tell, but they have become so different that they are pretty much two different factions females being Abyssian who are less violent and males being inxikrah who are “Apex predators” and enjoy killing more than the females. That’s my theory on it anyway because the lore tells of them growing apart which is probably how Lilithe and Cassyva are able to become “bloodborn”, by separating from the bloodthirsty inxikrah over a number of years and interacting with the Vetruvian’s at some point


notice there aren’t any male Abyssian units in the game, which supports my theory that the male and female inxikrah grew apart so much that the females sperated to become Abyssian and the males stayed inxikrah


“Meanwhile the female Inxykree grew more social and increasingly repulsed by the Inxikrah’s random brutality…Over generations…they were like two different species…”


allow me to refute that claim with 2 words




It is actually expressly stated in the lore that Abyssian males and females have grown to be completely different. They only meet to mate most of the time. Spectral Revnant does look more humanoid, but it may actually be not the figure itself. As we know from the Ro9M lore, the reaper itself is the sword - not the humanoid figure. I think the Revnant might be the same. Abyssian have ways to animate dead and twist the living to their liking - so not everything in Abyssian is actually of Abyssian origin.


IIrc the males make the wraithlings, so thats a thing


well we know robots can be bloodborn because we know that saji is a robot from her mk ll skin but that still dosent tell us much