Casual matchmaking why in hell ?!


Hello everyone.

For the first time since I have subscribed to this forum, I have created a topic directed towards the developers, I hope they answer it.

My question is simple: Why don’t we have a casual matchmaking on Duelyst?

Casual games is a basic feature of any games even the most competitive ones. The advantages are countless :

-Play the game just for fun without stress, not being able to play the game casually (unless having to play with friends) is a huge turn off for many players, I am sure there is plenty of players who stop to play because of that. I am sure I will be playing Duelyst twice as more if I could play it without pressure.

-Testing a deck that we want to tweak before competing with it, this will result into encouraging people to innovate more since they now have the opportunity to test their decks . Currently if you want to test your new ideas you need to have a lot of available friends which is not easy for the standard player. Because the common player cannot really afford to test, they are condemn to netdeck which considerably decrease the diversity of the meta.

-Training. By playing more people will get better, which will overall increase the competitiveness of the game.

-Players will be able to do their daily quests without having to play a faction they don’t want on the ladder.

The most common arguments against are:

“People use it to farm noobs”

Well if you don’t give any reward outside of quest there is no farm. Beside if you do a hidden MMR system for the matchmaking like most games do, good players will play against each others.

“They tried to make one but the matchmaking was shit”

You can just do the exact same matchmaking system, but instead of showing the rank you hide it. This is what most games do and it works pretty well.

"The player base is not big enough to support an other queue "

With the steam release and Shim’zar ,the player base is probably going to explode, it is the ideal moment to release a casual matchmaking, so then people can try out the new cards and experiment new decks without the fear of destroying their rank. Beside, because players can play without stress they will play more which will reduce the waiting time on queue.

Am I missing anything?

Please tell me you’re working on it ! :sob:


You’re missing out the ability of completing certain quests like play 4x games as one faction without fear of losing ranks/being underpowered as one.


It has been confirmed numerous times that casual mode is currently being reworked. They have tried a couple of systems and found them lacking.

I hope we’ll see it soon, I miss the mode a lot.


The arguments and counter-arguments presented here are pretty valid, so I am glad to hear they are working on it. I’d really like this to be added back into the game too.


There was a casual mode in the game but people figured out a way to abuse the matchmaking system so it was temporarily removed.
It is currently being reworked to prevent that from happening.


The previous unranked mode has been introduce on February 2016. Every game has a casual mode. What is taking them so long?

have you read the post?:



i don’t see why they don’t make matchmaking work with faction level, so you get mached against someone with the same experience in that faction as you, and if you have a quest with vetruvian and you have it low level, you get matched against someone that is new to his faction class too. this seems like the best way to do it


hmmm , faction level would not work I think , for example I am only level 20 with Vetruvian , but I have pretty much the full roster of cards so it is not representative. Beside there is no such thing as “faction experience” it’s not like Starcraft 2, once you are good you can pretty much play whatever you want with very little adjustment.

However I have suggested in the past a system based on the value of your collection , basically your entire collection converted in dust (prismatic counted as normal), would be your collection value and you would be match with other player with a similar collection value. So even tho the level of skill would be different, you would be match against someone who has a similar choice in terms of cards.


but you can be new and buy 100 orbs and have tons of cards but be just plain bad.
that is no fix at all, it just makes people who buy orbs less likely to win
at least faction levels shows you don’t play that faction that much and you can make mistakes.


As a beginner I prefer to play against a super good player than has access to the similar card pool than me rather than an other beginner that has access to insane cards. At least it is the skill that make the difference not how many card you have and on top of that you learn faster.


but you get frustrated, even more if you are new to the game and you want somebody at your skill level, the last thing they want is people spending money and getting frustrated becouse then they have to face much better players, at least faction levels can’t be bought and once you level up you can’t go back down


I don’t mean to be rude but if you already know that why did you write the post? There’s only one answer to this thread but you don’t want to hear it.

I see no point in continuing with the discussion.


At least you learn faster, and you can still play on the ladder. Your system is even worst because the guy who just bought 40 orbs will just crush the other beginner with no cards.

That’s amazing I can answer you only by quoting my OP:


no, you see , when you get better having a ton of cards makes a diference but when you are new you make so many mistakes that you are going to lose anyway, but you match against people that have tons of cards just by playing, that means that you are going to make tons of mistakes, the other guy not and you are just going to lose over and over and over and get frustrated, becouse you can’t become good in a day or two, and once you bought the packs you have no way out of there. instead if you have two noobs playing eachother and one has cards, (this happends a lot on ladder at the start of the season, and it can happend if a new guy buys orbs and he just started and is in bronce) he is going to lose to new players that are better becouse they don’t bought orbs and just learned their wey with what they have. sorry if my english is bad and it burn your eyes :cry:


Question: Why is Duelyst missing a Casual Mode?
Answer: It’s currently being overhauled by CP, they will implement it once it is finished.

Query resolved as far as I can tell.