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Cassyva ultimate removal


This deck focuses on gaining most profit out of removing enemy minions and controlling battlefield. Once we control the battlefield we can drop Gate to the undervault and alcuin fugitive and with each removal spell we gain a deamon and a new copy of that spell. I could not fit xor’xuul in this deck so i put 3 mirrorims so we won’t run out of alcuins and gates. I also added 3 aethermasters so we can look for the cards we actually need like 1 sarlac the eternal to make our Aphotic drain and ritual banishing work. Once we drop and protect our alcuin fugitive we can heal 5 per turn with aphotic drain or remove 1 minion for free per turn. Gates can also be used to gain health since our enemy have to attack it with his minions instead of our general. So far i’ve been having much fun with this deck. It has much versatility and board control power with powerful removal cards like daemonic lure, punish, ritual banishing, dark transformation and necrotic sphere. What do you guys think about it?


You have some nerve calling this deck “ultimate removal” when this one exists:


Looks pretty cool, I might take out one rite of the Undervault and toss in an unfathomable right just to be a jerk LOL. Then again I am a noob so take what I say with a grain of salt.



One does not simply run Gate without Timekeeper :stuck_out_tongue: but nice, a fun deck idea!


I see gate, I like. I dont see Timekeeper , i call heresy. I see 3 Rite of undervault,I start to question my sanity.


idk if you need rite. nethersummoning is also good for resummoning killed enemies and/or getting an extra deso. pls consider thank


Sadly cant resumon gate build


unfortunately. sure would be nice if we can revive tokens somehow


I do really think that Abyss should get specialised token revival spell at some point.


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