Cassyva deck: Dying Light (Alpha)


I am working on a dying wish deck that tries to keep tempo on the board and makes multiple plays later on less risky with ways to bring the minions back or at least get value from them.


i like much but maybey a bit more minions thus since its just dying wish i guess no need need for klaxon gonna try the deck out defintly but maybey change general and add some more wraithling since the other guy


Looks cool, so pumped for the new cards! Gonna be some new wacky combos to pull off. Like the deck idea, hope it works out for you


I am using the power on Cassyva to fuel the Punish’ but I think I will be making a swarm version of this but I think I need to use something to power up the jaxis or replace. I forgot about Dolritas or whatever his name is but I think I will get more value from that card. Thank you guys for the feedback :smile:


Umm I think that his name is Doritolas, weilder of great scythe and spare tombstone! Love the ambission behind this deck btw, but i feel that if you’re just going to resummon most of your guys then I don’t understand the point of having azure horn shaman :confused:


I see your point. I think I will take them out and put Doritos: Weilder of Soda Slice and Owner of spare tombstone pizza instead x 3. Makes early game about control and positioning and then its crazy minions. I think the Jaxis are just kind of there so I think I will hope for a minion that has a Dying wish ability that is cheap.


Maybe something like this?


Zyx is definitely an interesting choice when combod with buffs, but it synergizes too little with this version of dying wish. Have you thought of running gor?


I thought about it. I might give it a try but the problem I have is when it respawns it is light years away from where I want him and it is useless on the out skirts. Plus I don’t get to control him. I agree there needs to be something else but for the life of me I don’t see a strong choice.


Since you have such a large spell supply why not try prismatic illusionist? 2/3 bod that makes 2/1s with every spell proc might be interesting especially since it’s a cheaper pseudo blood moon priestess. (or you could just go blood moon)


This guy will be a chore to get ahold of but Sarlac maybe?


Sarlac is a good choice, but is pretty expensive to craft. The infinite bodies is interesting but in the end doesn’t really do much unless you have deathwatch minions


I thought that would be good with Deathfire crescendo, maybe.


The crafting shouldn’t be that much of an issue. I am getting probably too many cards when the set hits tomorrow and will have some stuff that is terrible that I can use to get it. I like the fact that he is randomly placed and gives you a better chance to spawn nearby.


And that’s the point. Despite having 3 copies of deathfire cres, that isn’t the most reliable of pulls. Otherwise go right ahead. Sarlac is just as annoying as he is useful, when used properly so have at thee!


put out sacrifices and alchemists, add + revenant(wincon) + unseven(good synergy with dw decks) + ironclad(dispells all field one ore two or four times with cinsuming rebith + nether summoning) and maybe 2 spelljamers or 1vopral + 4 2 dw draw a card or 2x 4 2 dw draw a card, maybe put out 1 lurking and add 4 2 or 6 6, or some darkfire sacrifices. u no need bunish and bloodtears. maybe add some blistering scorns. maybe some dioltas 1 or 2. u need ways to circle you deck


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