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Cass Maximum Frenzy - Alplod's (Stupid) Gimmicky Ideas


Hey there, guys! With the appearance of @littlebelsprout, who loves

i decided to recall my good ol times with Cass. Creep Cass is, of course, the only TRUE Cassiva’s archetype. However I decided to take mine, @cloudfrog’s and @miguelosz’s ideas and come up with the list main idea of which is to make equipping of Furor Chakram produce stupid amounts of unpredicted value. Here’s what I have rn:

So, some remarks about the list:

  1. Ooz is needed to produce early creep to use with nethermeld. Better not played after 4 mana. The advantage of Ooz vs Crawler is that it produces creep right where the enemy is.
  2. Sun Seer, Purgatos (thx to @miguelosz for uncovering that pearl), T-horn and finally Rev are EXTREME value when under frenzy effects. Combined with 5 cheap teleportation spells they can really wreck the board…and face. Or heal insane amounts of hp.
  3. You may notice that our earlygame actually sucks in the sense that NEITHER of our 2 mana plays can contest mana tiles. Then necrotic sphere comes in play for a reasonable tempo swing. BTW, you can put those wraithlings to a good use if you have access to Chakram.
  4. Since we suck early game, the deck packs as much healing as it can with Rescue-Rx, Sun Seer, Purgatos and Desolator. The latter is so generally good in Cass, so I actually should feel stupid running only 2, but I just can’t find another place for the 3rd one.

Other options to consider:

On-hit procs: Deceptibot+Silver, Sojourner.
Any fliers, e. g. Rot9M.
Rush minions: Tiger, Metaltooth (if running Deceptibot Package), or even Firestarter for those 3/1 rush sparks. Void Talon is also an option.
Sarlac for persistent board presence.

Fell free to discuss the deck, or post your own versions of decks maximizing Frenzy Value.

Oh, about my winrate. Howevering in diamond 4-5 with about 50% winrate rn.

My most recent version is here; wr is higher than 50%:

Another (flyer/provoke) approach to maxing chakram value: Cloudfrog's Abyssian OTK: The Keywords buffet (Improved And Rotation-proof)

Small painful pluck buff
Give me your underplayed archytypes decks
Abyssian Cultural Grotto

I found wings of paradise and young flamewing the best ones for fliers. Sometimes I actually don’t even need to use skywings at all. (the thing about flamewing is that it’s a bit harder to lasso-face by abyssian. and unlike rot9, it can be summoned before 5-mana: letting you perform the chakram combo very early).

I don’t really know about firestarter though. I never got the hang of arcabyssian.


Needs Sojourner for more frenzy memes (and for that curve - yeesh!)


Yeah, I had the same thing in mind in my early drafts, and my curve is not optimal, but:

  1. My draw is OK.
  2. It’s useless if you don’t need it’s draw.


spelljammer’s stats just makes it such a superior option to sojourner tho. Spelljammer doesn’t need the draw or the frenzy to be useful, so it’s almost never a waste of mana.


Cool deck bro! :slight_smile: To improve draw (if needed) I’d try out a couple Nether Summonings. Summoning a Desolator + something nice with it is really good if you’re low on hand.



It’s a meme deck.


Well, you know, Artifact Hai also started as meme deck, no? And now it’s one of prevalent archetypes.


Titan started as meme

so did Doom, rest in peace my sweet prince


Considering more consistent earlygame now. Less Ooze, healers who can actually move, more 3-drops.


Alabaster Titan a meme!?

It was possibly the second best deck of that format, but it was grossly underplayed.


i dont play rescue rx if you’re thinking that,

exactly, everyone thought it was a meme until they realized how good it was


No, people just weren’t fucked enough to play it, they where just doing other things.


I don’t think it was ever meta though, and when it got better it was due to new cards and a meta shift. I don’t think I’d compare this to that…



I recall the first few days of expansion when grinch was looking at cards and we convinced him to craft 3 titans, and he had multiple streams titled things like “testing titan memes”

maybe it was just him idk


it probably was him, he uses tier 0 wrong.


It was meta during like late RoTB format or late AB, one or the other.


i watch him now just because i think its funny when he gets really salty and explodes at people i dont really think he knows everything about the game


I can’t stand him because if his salt, he simply sets a horrible example for the community, but let’s not derail this thread.


idk man, memes that immediately fall apart at t2/t3 just isn’t my kind of meme :joy:

Holy S*** have I been away a long time