Cass Creep Solo


So after tinkering with this deck I’ve been able to string along a bunch of winning streaks at around Gold. Now that Abyssia has so many more healing and removal options you can basically hug the enemy General the entire game. Since there are no minions you can play Shadow Nova whereever it will be the most annoying. A lot of Azalea wins though the losses come down to the wire. Pretty fun surprisingly.


I made some changes based on some suggestions so I think one is a bit more direct. Aphotic Drain is strictly for after pulling out a wraithling or battle bed and you needed a pick me up. Dropped the 3 Horns and replaced them three InkHorn Gaze. Removed one Rite of the Undervault for a single Echoing Shriek as they’re useful early game to stall burn decks. Still a bunch of fun watching people panic and run around with their heads cut off by all the removal.


I know that it would technically remove the solo aspect of the deck, but Abjuducator and Alcuin Loremaster are both suuuuper fun cards when you are running a spell focused deck. I say that they are such spell related cards that it doesn’t count as cheating by including them.

Also you can can kill them with your own BBS to generate creep, so its not like they were even there at all.

Aphotic Drain has to go. I think it is one of the worst cards in the game. If you consider adding Alcuin and Abjuducator, I would say take out the AphDrain, Dark Seed, and add them in. Love the deck idea, always nice to see something unique pop up


Removing Horn of the Forsaken for some Crawlers/Ooz and Dark seed for some kelainos would most likely improve it.


then it’s not solo, it’s slightly more spell focused creep cass which defeats the purpose of a SOLO deck


It can still be “solo” in the sense that Cass does all the work. Having a few cheerleaders to make creep or heal does not detract that you are soley using Cass and her spells to do all the killing. I mean you already have some spells that make wraithlings.

Something like this should still be in the spirit.


I think minionless might not be the way to go, but I could certainly see a variant that shaves down to Crawlers, Klaxon and Variax. :smiley: Not sure if that could be too good, but it could be fun! Another consideration though we be Kelaino.

3 Abyssal Crawler
2 Kelaino
3 Klaxon
2 Variax

Shaves you down to 8 minions that are all functionally enchantments.


Not arguing if solo is the right way to go, but if you add just “couple minion/cheerleaders”, you will instantaneously drag upon them all the unused dispell/removal from the opponent. Not sure it’s a strategic choice to add minions at all …


It gets the opponent to spend mana and cards not pushing board development, making your own disruption better. Sometimes it can put them off even more than a turn, like the case of Klaxon or Kelaino. Or in the case of Variax, the minion is irrelevant- your BBS becomes instant check.


I still have doubt on that … all decks have some dispell and removal, being faction (SunBloom, CCold, OBSeal etc) or minion (EpheShroud).

If you play just one minion here and there, even being something sticky and pesky like Klaxon or Kelaino, I still believe it will be dealt on next turn by one of these cards that aren’t applied directly to a solo General.

Should be tested.

Or maybe I’m the only one having around 6 removal in almost every deck :confused:


I’ve tried removing the Aphotic Drain for Echoing Shriek but neither really fit well and I’m not sure what to replace them with to keep the deck Solo. As for minions getting those aren’t a problem and I usually run a normal Creep deck as a main. The Dark Seeds are actually useful for dealing with Songhai, Vet, and Starhorn at range since they don’t always dump their hands the second they get them.


I love the idea ! I will give it a try for sure :slight_smile:
Did you try breath of the unborn as a aoe spell ?


I did actually. I found that I was favouring Shadow Nova and Dark Seed more often. I might cycle it back in and see if it helps.


As long as the cheerleaders are Opening Gambit based, like all good cheerleaders should be. Just imagine at the next sporting event you saw if the cheerleaders only yelled or danced after they died to proc their dying wish.

After making this, I realize that cheerleaders if put in Duelyst would not be in fact Opening Gambit units, but would probably have a constant effect until removed, similar to Keilano. Oh well.


Your art convinced me :wink:


I updated the deck by simplifying it: removed Aphotic Drain and Echoing Shriek and instead added another Dark Seed and a pair of Breath of the Unborn. Deck is a lot more consistant now and the sheer amount of removal makes it fun. It has a hard time against other face decks but I’ve beaten a few Sajjs with it.

Stay aggressive and use Grasp of Agony to break up early formations. Save your Punishes for big minions and try to take out small ones with Inkhorn Gaze and Spectral Blade. Drop Shadow Nova as soon as you can where ever it will do the most damage and get an Azalea ready. I’ve rarely had a game get to the point where Obliterate is needed. Dark Seed is really good against Starhorn and other Abyssian decks.


I tried the deck in diamond and it’s pretty fun !
The problem of the deck is the healing, with all the trades with minions, one burst and i’m completely dead :confused:
I don’t know if aphotic drain would help, because all the minion summoned just die the following turn

How do you manage your health ?


Yeah I pretty much had to go pure aggro with the Cass version. If you put Aphotic Drain in then you have to put Inkhorn or hope no one kills any of your wraithlings.

I’m testing a Lilith version that has more healing support. All wraithlings spawned are immediately scattered around the board as far as I can so I have something to heal from.


I will try aphrotic drain first, then it will be the turn for the Kelaino cheerleader !


This is my latest tweeked card list. I find the horns help give you that wraithling you need to heal back up. I just beat a Reva spell deck by just parking my ass on the back line and then just constantly erasing all her minions until Obliterate took everyone out. Dark Transformation and Necrotic Sphere should be last resort sort of cards but you get a wraithling so you can also heal after taking something out.


nice deck) try it today) no minions on batlefield seems fun)