Cass and how to beat her: a compendium of information


It’s been a while since Cass came back to the meta. Ever since the nerf to zen’rui, she has seen play all over the ladder and is now one of the top tier decks and you can find one at any rank in the ladder… and I hate it!

I hate Cass. I really do. Not because it’s OP or needs a nerf or anything, she’s just freaking annoying. To top it off, is one of the most expensive decks out there, so I can’t even understand how they play by myself.

And because of that, I wanna create a compendium of information on how Cassivas play, her matchups, how to approach the matchup with each of the other factions and more important: how to beat. them

I want this thread to be the one thread to look up if you’re having troubles with them. I want players from all factions to come here and figure out hot to play against that pesky soul reaper.

So I summon thee, masters of all factions to come and teach us peasants how to fight a little girl (with a giant ghost warrior as a pet)


Resident Cassyva main here. Anti-Cass strategies can be essentially reduced to three words: rush her down.

Ultimately, her playstyle revolves around “gambit the early-game, crush the late-game”, and her win conditions/plays all follow from that. Additionally, Cassyva is supremely dependent on draws, especially ‘Fast Cass’ variants. Thus, the more you can curve-out with threats and pressure her low-tempo plays, the better.

Also, I can certainly say I have the most trouble against Magmar, as Plasma Storm/Egg Morph/Thumping Wave can easily nullify whatever meager board presence I have, while I have very-little-to-no answers for Mandrakes, Sunsteel Defenders, and so on (though I’m sure I’ll be able to Punish those minions in the near future :imp:).


if you play vetruvian, you NEED nimbus. while nimbus is too slow against most other factions, it is just the right speed against most cass players. since cass has tons of ping and not a lot of huge damage(that isnt a finisher) nimbus can flood the board with obelysks that cass simply cant deal with (without an obliterate). swarm decks can also be difficult to deal with as cass since there is not a lot of played AOE in abyss.

as vanar and magmar, yeah, rush her down. their late game cant compare to cass

as lyonar, out tempo her. all lyonar low cost minions are superior and plenty have provoke. if you can keep cass in one spot for a few turns with your minions while destroying hers, you’ve basically won.

as abyss, its really about who has the better draws. swarm is fodder for creep, but cass cant deal with large numbers early game. lilithe just needs to keep some board alive for one massive burst turn. for cass its literally who draws better cards.

as songhai, if you keep your board alive and out of reach you can burst her down. in other words, just do songhai things more quickly than usual


I hate cassiva too. As song hai I have an advice, just place a battle pandoo on a creep with deadly strike on him and out of reach


Lightbender is also extremely good. Try to keep one in your hand and when she drops a big threat(Juggernaut, Klaxon, Spectral Revenant, etc…) try to dispel it as well as a few creep tiles with one placement.

If she has amassed enough shadow creep for lethal, dispelling 3 or 4 tiles can force her to wait 1 or 2 more turns before getting Obliterate/azalea lethal.

Works well against lots of other decks(Wall Vanar, Vaath, Lyonar) too so it isn’t really limiting your decks power by running 1 or 2 of them


actually, all these tips are good but neither of them is touching the problem, cass plays differently.

Which means just like other decks you’ll have to try to understand, I used to hate cass and tilt every game so I played her, got her deck adjusted, now I can tell you that I understand the way other cass players play better. Most of the mirror matches I win😅

Stop feeling bad for yourself and just try.
On top of that why would you ask other players to tell you how to beat a certain game style? Seems disrespectful for people who actually studied the way she plays.

Sry bro for coming out so blunt.


How many removels do you carry in your deck?
If cass hits a full curve game you either a klaxon or two.
2. Won’t be able to answer the early game properly and let her get the win by a mass creep win con.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do that. I did it with all the other factions. I just don’t have the spirit for it cuz cass is expensive as hell =/


This is my Magmar deck right now. Isn’t really optimal but it has a good matchup VS Cassyva. All my other decks except Vaath run lightbender 1 or 2x.

With this you outheal Obliterate as long as they don’t get more than 1 Klaxon off. Ghost Azalea will completely destroy you, because they get 2 or 3 high damage swings instead of a single AoE Wipe. Chaining Alcuin and Earthspheres together(Abjuducator makes it slightly easier) will usually give you 3 or 4 Earthspheres in longer games. Emerald Rejuv, Grove Lion, and Dampening Wave all help keep you health as well. Win condition is just to stall until they run out of cards then chase them around the map and punch them 3 times to kill them with your mighty Vaath fists.

If you want to try something wacky give this a shot. Cassyva has a hard time generating creep as well because there aren’t too many minions for her to ping. Play your 3/1 on creep if she has BBS avaliable, because they will die for free anyway. No point in giving her free creep! Plenty of early game removal for her early minions(Natural Selection denies OOZ creep generation, Skorn- Abyssal Crawlers, Plasma Stom-Keilano) and mid/lategame removal for the strong Abyss threats(Egg Morph, Thumping Wave, Dampening Wave all work wonders against the Abyss 6ATK 6HP cards.) Dampening Wave is for cards that don’t have Deathwish(Revenant) and Klaxon MUST be transformed.

If they have poor creep generation(less than 5) they will need 2 Klaxons to win. If they have mediocre or good creep(5+) generation you can usually deal with 1 deathwish but another will be too much. Keep your health above whatever their Obliterate + General ATK value is. Keep in mind Grove Lion stops Obliterate, unless they can ping the forcefield off first. Bloodtear, general attack, and Void Pulse are the only options I think are available on an empty board.


I used to hate Cass, cuz it’s annoying af :slight_smile: but I’m playing one as my main deck now cuz I found out it’s interesting. I dont like Fast Cass actually, running around then releasing 3 spectral revenants… that seems unfair, the card is indeed one of the most powerful legendary now. I’m adding a few 2 or 3 drops to reinforce the control playstyle and strengthen my early game. But yeah, I always have a hard time dealing w Rushmar or Aggro Faie etc


i hate cass especially for that 2 card Kelaino & Rev


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