Cards With Lore


Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me. I’ve seen that certain cards in my collection have a notepad looking icon next to them in the upper right corner. I know when you click on the card a short story will pop up on the right side which is really cool because I’m trying to read all the lore I can. The problem is that when I first got Duelyst, I clicked on cards that had this icon but never read the story that went along with them, simply because I like to make sure that there’s no red on my screen in my collection (I don’t know why, just a preference). If I want to reread these stories, is there anyway I can find them? I tried looking in the codex section but didn’t see anything. Thanks for any help!

Additionally, if there isn’t any option to read the stories on the cards I already clicked on, does anyone think there will be an option to read the stories you’ve collected so far?


Please use the forum’s search bar, it is there for a reason.