Cards that have betrayed you


In every game of chance, certain faux patterns seem to appear that can cause rage or delight- like always opening swarm + ooze as p2 aggro cass. But it’s not always good news… sometimes certain cards just go out of their way to stab you, like never having your 2 drops in hand as p1.

To feel better, I want to whine about cards that seem to hate me, and I invite you to do the same!

For me, it’s earth sphere. I have 2 in my tempo-rush magmar deck. And they never do their goddamn job. They appear in my opening draws constantly, and then vanish once I have <18 health. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s my only reliable heal in a deck where I can’t crowd my graveyard with bad minions since I try to abuse Keeper of the Vale, I’d kick the darn thing onto the curb, where it can beg for its mana >:[


Red Synja and Whisper of the Sands.

In situations were I have Obelisks near enemies and I have mana for either Whispers or Rasha’s curse. On many occasions, I loose a 1/5 and have the dervish spawn out of range and take up to eight extra damage from a Windblade, or leave a Chakri avatar up to be buffed. On other occasions, if i have two obelisks next to each other, the two dervishes sometimes spawn on the same space.

Now, lets talk about red Synja. Oooh Boi, I hate this card. On multiple occasions, my opponent uses its ability to destroy their own minion to make space next to my general for another one when I have blocked off my general. This was especially prevalent during the Kara Kitty meta


Abjuducator and Natural Selection. I have a Semi-Solo Vaath deck that runs Abjuducators and I often use them to reduce the mana cost of my spells. So many times I come up with a cool play using mana tiles and mana reductions to develop and gain board control but I always forget that I will have a 3/1 Body on the field. I have lots countless games after not being able to remove a major threat like a Mandrake or buffed Chakri Avatars.

Im all like oh yeah this is going to be awesome. Oh no. Not again.


natures confluence.

one game it summoned 4 roks which my opponent ran from
i played it again with high hopes and it summoned 4 more roks
not to mention i got 2 more roks from razor skin.
needless to say i lost that game.

in other games it almost never gives me decent battlepets. i get fogs when i have a full hand. i get roks where they can run away. it is so rare this card gives me something useful in the situations i use it.


Vorpal Reaver, Dancing Blades and Rite of the Undervault. 7 out of 10 times when I have these cards in my deck, they WILL show up in my initial hand. If I replace them they keep showing up when I need something to play that turn. On the turn I actually need any of those cards, no not even, on ANY turn where I could play those cards, they are nowhere to be found. Pretty spooky.


Z0r. It seems to be giving me way too much Mechaz0rs and Rexxs instead of actual useful mechs. But despite that I’m still forced to run them due to the nature of the deck. God dammit Z0r I hate you but I can’t live without you.


A 12 attack gro hitting an eclipse QQ.


Spelljammer…every time i Play them i loose…giving your opponnent Cards is a disaster imo :wink:


sadly i can only disachant them…otherwise i would give them away for free…anybody want them…they will pull out nice stuff for your opponnent :slight_smile:


for me sometime it’s the F***** young silithar, literally one of the best 2 drop in the game, always bring smile when we got it in t1 but… when you have to natural select your enemy that silithar will watch you as you crumble in pain and regret as you tried to kill it as best as you can while it turns into egg just waiting and screwing with your natural selection…

rip Vaath.


Gro why did you lick the Spectral Revenant when I was at 4 when you were right next to the Lillith?


Every card. :sweat_smile: More specifically whatever deck I’m playing. :joy:


C’mon, she’s awesome. You just need to know when -not- to play her. As a rule of thumb, never summon her against Songhai. Or the Faie who starts the game with Flameblood Warlock.


I don’t think anyone here feels as betrayed as the poor guy who tried to summon unseven against me.


In this case Unseven literally betrayed them.


Rook when I play him and he gets the infiltrate ability when we’re deep on my side of the board T_T


I’ve been beaten to death by my own Chakri Avatar, that got stolen by Dominate Will…after I had protected and nurtured him all game! :frowning:


and then you have it played against you and it summons 4 gro/dex/yun and you automatically lose


watch out on the whineing. duelyst forum monitors tend to delete threads that they don’t like or they consider not helpful… just a heads up. now i will say that skorn can be a two edge sword. i have lost games and won games because of him.


Reaper of The Nine Moons here. I only play him when my opponent manages to draw my Grandmaster Zir or Spectral revenant (spoiler:they always do) and I get completely tilted. But of course when I play him, he only pulls me Abyssal Crawlers or Snowchasers…

I want to kidnap this card and punch anorther fu***** hole in his dumb head!