Cards experience: Frostiva!


Kron got nerfed, and i though i think he is still a good card, he just doesnt fit in any other deck. And so, all the decks that used to run him started searching for replacement, and so experimating a lot.

In Vanar, one of them is Frostiva. Which is in the spotlight not only because of the hole Kron left in some hearts (same mana cost, strong keyword, summons tokens … entirely different things yet, but with a lot in common), but also because of the change to Karas BBs, which lead to a lot of experimentation too.

I’ve been trying her a lot, and i have to say i find her great!
She in indeed slow, but everytime i played her, it placed the opponent in a rough spot. Why? Because i found out that most of the tools he/her had involved some sort or attack, and if so, she might die, but may also leave at least 1 3/3 in her place.

She has a lot of weaknesses, yes, but most of them involve placement (entropic decay, egg morph), or involve dealing extra damage to break the forcefield (phoenix fire, the vanar one that deals 4 damage which name i forgot now lol).
The easier way to remove her is transformation (dark transformation, thumping wave, aspect of the fox, altered beast, onyx bear seal), but not only not all factions have this kind of cards, but even the ones that do have them, dont make use of.
Another way is silence, but this doesnt remove the body but there isnt much access to it and it involves positioning, allowing you to either make the opponent waste it on other things, or simply place her far from range!
Especial mention to plasma storm and martyrdrom lol

So she isnt that weak, and at the same time i found some less obvious combos:
-she interacts very well with heart sister. If pushed away or just being played defensevly, she can be brought back by the sister and keep getting value
-didnt try this one yet because of a reva that wouldnt allow me to use it,you can use aspect of the drake on a nearby unit to give her flying and have infinite reach and value (it makes me all wet and noddy to think about this), because you can even use it on her babies and buff them too!

As i said again, i thought it might be a disappointment but she actually has been granting me value! And almost in everygame i got at least one wolf out of her. I even had a makantor attacking her, killing but giving me 2 wolfes.
I dont know if i would run 3x of her, but damn!

What you guys think of her? Have you tried? But results did you get? :smiley:


I used to run 3x of her in a faie wall vespyr hybrid pre-patch and she was very fun despite the lack of instant value. Most times she would originate atleast one howler anyways, and when left undealt with, buffing her or dropping a second one in a row was pretty devastating. I remember a game against Cassyva where I got two Frostivas on the board and a Glacial sitting in the corner; I won the game shortly after. She’s probably even better now with Kara’s BBS. I might just switch generals and try that deck once again.