Cardbacks? Why here on Duelyst?


Just noticed that you can buy cardbacks here at Duelyst… Why? It doesn’t seem like it makes sense to have “cardbacks” when each of the “cards” seem to be orbs coming from your action bar…


Right now it’s just cosmetics something to make your deck different from the rest. Makes it easier to find a deck if you make a lot. It’s purely choice and it makes them money off this Free game ur playing you know it’s free right


The core of it seems to be that duelyst was apparently conceived of as something other than a conventional ccg, but then was retooled to be much more of one. Duelyst has to make money. Hearthstone has card backs and they make money, therefore duelyst now has card backs. But duelyst wasn’t built ground-up with card backs as part of the plan, and adding them was a tad goofy. They waste some time you could spend taking your turn, and they don’t stick around on-screen long enough to be something you show off.

Maybe CPG will revamp the UI for matches to make better use of them in the future. Right now they’re defs just tacked on.


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