Card Materializing


Last year, I thought it was because of my horrible laptop, however even with a relatively nice desktop, I still have the same problem: Whether picking my cards in the Gauntlet or opening orbs, the way they appear on the screen takes a good 10-15 seconds per card.

I turned the setting down and it doesn’t seem to affect this portion of the game. My computer seems to run everything very well when I’m actually in a game or building a deck.

Am I alone in this issue? Is it something the devs are going to be working on?

It’s not going to keep me from playing the game, because I believe this is the best F2P I have every had the luxury to play, but it is rather annoying, especially when I spend an hour just building my gauntlet deck.


Yeah, I have the same issue, it takes a good, like you said, 10-15 seconds for the daft choices to appear in gauntlet. It is annoying, and until this thread I had totally forgotten it’s not supposed to be that way.


Well maybe this will garner a bit of attention and people like you and I will get some closure in a future update. Until then, I guess it gives me a reason to go to the bathroom or something between picking cards. Glad I’m not the only one. XD