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Card Idea for Magmar


A really simple card idea that came to mind and wondered why it doesn’t exist yet. Why isn’t there a spell card that gives a minion Rebirth?


Isn’t that basically egg morph (except it’s just an egg)


I also thought it would be the same, but I don’t think it is. Egg morph rebirths a minion that is already an egg, or puts one into an egg. Giving a minion rebirth poses a longer term danger to the enemy.


Honestly sounds way too strong or too weak depending on the mana cost and I can’t see a balance in between.

Then again, sounds pretty much like Magmar so I could be wrong.


So wait, would that minion still have rebirth once it gets reborn? Because remember, a minion that hatches from an egg is always the base version of said minion. If Elkowl gets reborn, you just get a vanilla minion with no keyword.




7 mana spell: Give your General Rebirth.


Hahahahaha…haha…I quit, Slay the Spire here I come!


Just kill the egg
Or better yet, dispel it and eternally trap your opponents general as a useless 0/1 egg


That is useless because eggs don’t count as a General and the game is programmed to end when you don’t have General.


My first hunch would be 3 mana as a reasonable cost since it’s investment of a pre-existing minion, which is already hard enough to usually keep alive.

Side note, Slay the Spire is fantastically fun. Just finished beating it with all 3 as of yesterday (robot dude is tough to build on)


giving a minion rebirth should be 1 mana if you count in the card you have to spend.

Very Comparable is Progenitor as she gives you copies as eggs. The big difference is that giving all of your minions rebirth establishes a board where your opponent needs a lot more effort to remove everything than removing Prognitor extra eggs. On the other hand there is Auroraboros for 5 mana that instantly gives you back your creatures this is why I would give an effect that gives all of your minions Rebirth a mana cost of 3-4.

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