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[Card Idea] Armor of Spikes (Artifact)

Armor of Spikes
4 mana
Whenever your General takes damage, deal that much damage to the enemy General

Honestly I don’t know how to name it or which faction to give it to, so I named it the first I came up with. I feel like it fits into several factions; I’d say it will be good for Maehv, but Aby is my main, after all.

I think artifact like this would be interesting because of its utility - you can equip it to try to delay some face damage or you can use it to directly damage the opponent or just to break their equipment.
And if directly attaking the enemy General, it will work like +2 attack.

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Seems overpowered. Just this and Fireblood deals 6 damage to the enemy general. You could also equip this and slam your general into a huge minion for easy damage against the enemy general that would be nigh impossible to escape from.

Yeah, kinda, but you’d have to take that damage too.

Granted but you could choose when to take it. It might give lethal whereas normally it would have been a big threat now you just use it as an engine to victory.

More importantly getting rid of the artefact would be hugely problematic. Any damage incurred would be reflected, so unless you have 3 one-damage pings your general will take serious damage trying to take off your opponents artefact. Makes it very difficult to take on the general when everything is thrown back at you.

Celebtenrou has pretty much said the more important info regarding this artifact, in that it is both difficult to remove and can act as a burst tool versus high damage minions.

However, I think if the damage was a set amount it could work. Like 2. It would be weak to artifact destruction and be unable to burst without a bit of self damage. The only issue is that it is not interactive and the opponent can’t change their strategy to avoid it unless their deck happens to run artifact destruction.

And we all love uninteractive cards in this game, right?

It’s not like Duelyst has any plans to disappoint our like of uninteractivity, though.

I agree that it might be too much as it’s now. But it could be changed to fixed amount or maybe half of damage dealt.

Just gonna put this here:

Anyway, I do think your card is a little strong for its ability to give lethal out of nowhere. It’s clearly meant to be run into big bodies like Eclipse, seeing as pings will get rid of it before doing much damage. Also, this is 4 Mana for a potential 10-12 face damage, albeit spread out over a longer period of time. Not super useful against certain opponents sure, but overpoweringly cheap against others.

I’d raise the cost to 6 and maybe give a little Attack to compensate. Artifacts like Dawn’s Eye and Spinecleaver with massive snowball potential need to be gated behind faction locks and high mana costs, or they just become insane.

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It may be more balanced with some kind of limit.
Some examples:

“The first time your general takes damage each turn, deal that much damage to the enemy general.” This allows for attacking face with multiple minions or spells without suffering every single time.


“When your general takes damage on your opponent’s turn, deal that much damage to the enemy general.” This makes it impossible for your opponent to throw their face at a big minion just to hurt you as well.

@thefirstgokun @thefirstgokun tnx for suggestion, I reposted both ideas in Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion.

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