Card Idea: Aesthari Sharpshooter


I was trying to come up with something for this month’s card creating contest when i had this idea. I’m not sure whether it is broken or not, but it seems fine to me:

Aesthari Sharpshooter
4 mana 1/6
When this minion attacks, deal its attack damage to all enemies.
Yep, so basically, deal 1 dmg to all enemies or more when buffed. And here is where i have my issues to think this should be neutral or in a specific class.

Thx for reading and comment if you want.


Why do you hate vetruvian so much?


Yeah no songhai doesn’t need another minion they can if and buff.


Basically Batlle Pando, the remake.


Its a cool idea, I always am hoping that they add in more ranged units. More unique cards like Arrow Whistler, Jax, or Syrvael would be super cool. The only problem I have with what you mentioned is the term sharpshooter. A sharpshooter is someone that is accurate, but hitting everyone at the same doesn’t really fit the theme. It seems more like they are just nuking the whole battle field like an AoE spell(Tempest, Frostburn, etc…).

Also, I think this would be a bit OP. Maybe knocking down the health 1 or 2 so it dies to strong removal, or changing the effect to something like: When this minion attacks, deal its attack to 2 other random enemies. This way it could be like he has 3 shots before he has to reload reinforcing the sharpshooter theme.

Again, really cool idea hoping there are some ranged units in the next expansion!


1/3~4 maybe 2/2 or 4/1 for 4 mp + this ability, 1/6 = 7 stats, kill 6hp minion is too hard, 7 stats ranged with this ability for 4mp is too OP, songhai now have 3/2 ranged + ability for 3mp, but kill him is not problem, now see 7mp combo: use 1/6 + reactivate + 4/2 buff = 5dmg to all enemies rush minion 9mp combo: 1/6+reactivate + 4/2buff + deathstrike seal = kill all enemies + 5dmg to enemy general. i don’t want this combo in my face))


Indeed, I think it’s too powerful for 4 mana, with deathstrike seal, you basically kill every ennemie minions


Can’t be a neutral or songhai would abuse it so give it. To vet let it call it a day


In fact. I am main vetruvian XD


Death fire crescendo is amazing.


it seems a little strong but sharpshooter doesn’t really seem like a good name for it. a sharpshooter suggests pinpoint accuracy while that design seems like it’s just shooting everything in sight


I would be more attracted in a minion that does small “AoE” damage like :
Ranged. Damage is done to the target and to all nearby minions of the target.
That’s a maximum of 9 squares, with friendly-fire :slight_smile:

Or, speaking of “sharpshooter”, a minion like “One-Shot Bird Sniper” :
When it comes into play, destroy a minion with “Flying”
… inspired from Crossbones, Grandmaster Nosh-Rak won’t like that :grin:


That’s a good design. Involves some board tactics to play around.


ranged frenzy, i like it


Is this a “broken shit contest”? It’s cool idea in an environment where buffs are not that powerful though.


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