Card Discussion Ghost Seraphim


Card Discussion Ghost Seraphim

Type: Unit (Arcanyst)

Rarity: Legendary

Set: Ancient Bonds

Cost: 7

Stats: 8/9

The first spell you cast each turn costs 0

  1. Did the card match your initial impressions of it? Is it better or worse than you original thought?

  2. How often do you see this card on the ladder? What deck is it good in?

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

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Look mum, It’s broken! (like most of vanar) It also gets bonus arcanyst synergy just because. The statline is already very respectable, but when combo’ed with cards like winters wake you get the value of 15 mana in one turn, it’s not even that late game. If you’re going second the opposition haven’t had a chance to emp your walls either, so it’s normally around 8 damage burst with a massive minion that can keep comboing forever!

  1. It is so much better than I originally thought, because cards like winters wake and flawless reflection exist. Even just using luminous charge right after is incredibly strong.
  2. I see it in almost every vanar matchup I come up against, and that’s about 1/4th of my matches.


Just like emp the effect is interesting but the stats just waaaaay too much for that


This is obviously a broken card. I think it requires both a stat reduction and an effect reduction. I think a reasonable nerf could be as follows:

Cost 7
Stats: 6/7
Effect: OG: The next spell you cast this turn costs 0

Given how powerful Vanar spells are, I think this would keep the card strong, though not as abusive as it is now.

Clearly, I see this card on ladder everyday and in the very large majority of Vanar decks, and I also it in my Vanar decks and I think it’s crazy. Any late-game oriented deck can find room for it, it’s just too good


Ghost Seraphim is gross only because she created her OG. A 7 mana 8/9 body developed and followed up by anything Vanar.

She could have rush, give +4/+4 to walls, deal 3 damage to enemy minions, summon 4 minions with infiltrate or any other 3+ mana spell (since 2 or less after 7 mana just means spell, Seraphim, spell).
Probably the most diverse minion. There’s probably very few and incredibly niche archetype decks that can’t fit it into any Vanar deck like maybe some Kara Elveiti minions lists. It’s seems clear that she works fine with Embla. It synergizes as long as you run spells worth more than 3 mana.


Seraphim is one of those cards that can be garbage or entirely broken depending on the support it gets. Back in AB nobody really bothered using it, sure it’s big but that wasn’t really a benefit to arcanyst deck and using it to play aspect or cc for free is kinda pointless. The best card to use it with was Frostburn which was nice but not enough to push him into viability. With UP however we got luminous charge which made wall decks and therefore winters wake viable and to top it of we also got flawless reflection which comboes incredibly well with both, luminous charge and seraphim. I don’t really think seraphim is broken as of today however it’s going to be a big limiter for the card design in the future because any high cost spell that would be good without seraphim might end up being broken with him.

Nerfing his stats is entirely pointless in regards to his viability, even as a 6\6 his ability would still break him depending on the support given. If something is done about him it has to be his ability or they have to design the faction around him. Both ways would work. If the intention is to just cut vanars wings a little for now it would imo be better to look at luminous charge as that card is the foundation for literally every strong vanar deck atm.


Cost 7. Stats 6/8. OG: The next spell you cast cost 4 less.


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