Card Discussion EMP


Card Discussion EMP

Type: Unit (Golem)

Rarity: Rare

Set: Ancient Bonds

Cost: 7

Stats: 9/9

Opening Gambit: Dispel ALL minions and Generals, and destroy ALL artifacts.

  1. Did the card match your initial impressions of it? Is it better or worse than you original thought?

  2. How often do you see this card on the ladder? What deck is it good in?

  3. Do you find the body on it to be too big? (When you consider the question remember that Mechazor is 7 mana 8/8 , Ghost Seraphim is a 8/9 ,Dry bone Golem is a 10/10,Unstable Leviathan is 11/11)

  4. Should card like this exist in Duelyst with strategies like Obelysk, Heal,Walls,etc in the game and one card almost wiping out a game’s worth of the person building up the board? Do you think EMP is good card for the game in general?

  5. Designwise to think this card should be Mech instead of a Golem? Or in worse case a duel tribe minion that is Mech and Golem?

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

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I was surprised to see it on ladder. Especially since a few months ago, lightbender was too slow to play. I like it as a comeback card. You’re almost always playing it when you’re behind, because it also dispels your stuff. I’m not totally sure why it doesn’t dispel special tiles. Or how I feel about that.


Haven’t really played it myself. Faced it quite a bit though.
Pretty strong stats, which matters more after everything has been dispelled.
Often destroys a lot of effort put into setting up the board.
Destroys the Sarlac dream :rage:.


Very good card, fairly balanced I think. Great against arcanyst mayhem and titan decks.


It’s about what I thought it would be.

Often just a highend in goodstuff decks. More coherently used in decks that need to meatplow their way through walls. Not actually such a good card against Obelysks, since Obelysks have a good chunk of support to get around dispel- and the hose is often far slower than the pressure they generate.

This is a loaded question. Yes, mass wipes should exist in principal- I don’t think they should necessarily be minions, but that’s the designer’s business to work out, not mine.

The problem therein, the designers lean too hard on dispel as a concept to fix design mistakes. Dispel based answers attached to bodies give the game artificial speed, but are worse longterm than increasing the quality of faction-based removal. I’m of the opinion that each faction should utilize Dispel differently, with Lyonar having the best access, and Songhai having none/the most difficult to use. Being attached to neutral minions oppresses Vetruvian and Magmar, and doesn’t actually add all that much to the game’s balance than making obvious design mistakes less obvious (looking at you, Luminous Charge.)

EMP, is an upscaled Lightbender. You pick the one that best fits a hole in your curve. If your deck’s core cards all cost 4 or less, EMP makes more sense. If your deck has core cards that cost 5, 6 or 7, then Lightbender is the way to go. In this way, yes, EMP is very good- but like Lightbender and Shroud, it’s poor design direction.

It makes sense as a Golem. Mech is an archetypical tribe that cares about the Mechaz0r setup, whilst Duelyst takes it’s aesthetic cues from Guilty Gear, so everything is sortof “mecha” aesthetically anyways. Compare Falcius to my favorite Gundam (Gundam Sandrock)


By the aesthetic argument, half of everything in Duelyst should belong to the “Mech” tribe.

  1. it’s a bit more popular than I expected. I didn’t think it would see play outside of golem decks but I actually saw it a few times in other late game oriented builds. It also became more viable as a tech choice with UP due to the boost that wallfaie got and due to titan decks.

  2. fairly often right now, mostly in vet golem\hybrid builds.

  3. Well I guess he would still be viable as an 8\8 maybe even as a 7\7 because the main reason to use him is him is his effect. However I don’t think he needs a nerf. He isn’t something that can be put into every deck and even in a proper deck you won’t always want to play him due to his effect. And even in stituations where he shines he doesn’t feel too powerful or opressive imo

  4. Any game that’s as tempo heavy as Duelyst needs comeback cards to avoid boring matches where one side just snowballs their way to victory from the beginning. Emp is exactly that, the best situation to play him is when your behind. His effect can certainly be devastating for certain decks making him a tech option against those decks but even as a tech card against those decks i don’t think he is too powerful. He just dispels, bodys remain behind and while his body is huge, typical duelyst removal doesn’t give much about body size at all so even in the best possible scenario he is hardly gamebreaking. He also never pushed the decks he is good against out of the meta, in fact Wall Faie, Arcanyst Faie and Obelysk Zirix have been top decks all this time since his release. If that’s not indicative of him being on a good powerlevel as a tech card then i don’t know what is.

  5. I honestly don’t care much either way. Yes he looks more like a mech than like a Golem but from a gameplay perspective i think he is better of being a Golem. He is basically made for Golem decks after all to compensate for them just being stat sticks.

  1. As a relatively new player it still exceeded my first impression. EMP is a very good card.
  2. On Diamond and Gold I expect this minion in each Golem deck I encounter, which means most of the Vaath and Zirix decks. Those are also very popular and competetive. I also have seen EMP in wall-less Faie Vanar decks as it is one of the best 7drops to ramp into. Some Reva decks also use the power of EMP as a tactic to regain board. If I had to guess I would say 25-50% of the meta decks run EMP or are able to switch to it if the anticipated matchups require it.
  3. A 9/9 for 7 in comparison to a 10/10 for 7 is a very minor downgrade for such a powerful global effect. Yes I find the body quite too big for its cost. The biggest problem with it is the lethal threat it poses for the opponent on top of shattering his plans. If that could be reduced I would be a much fairer card. I think the best comparable card for EMP is TItan which has 5/7 with a very good effect that also has a slight downside. EMP should be still very valuable for the board if it is a 5/9.
  4. Obelysk, heal and walls are bad examples. There always will be decks that would suffer heavily from running EMP themselves - which means they have more than often a dead card in the action bar - and therefore will not run it. EMP also won’t make a deck automatically competetive. Still the effect is very important for the game as it is a good way to dispel over distance for factions that aren’t good at it. The body shouldn’t make the card that much swingy though.
  5. EMP has the flavor of a Mech and a Golem, but I think it would be better if it was a Mech. This means you would be able to pull it from a Zor which would nerf Aspect of Shimzar and its combo with Thunderhorn a bit. At the same time it should keep Golem tribes from putting them out potentially on turn 4. It is just a shame that EMP has no ZOR in it…


Well ALTER REXX gets the mech treatment, I guess the reason why it’s not a mech is because it’s counter intuitive to the strategy.


Wouldn’t it be super intuitive because you can play alter as the 5th piece and get a mechazor in hand


Aside from that being a card which directly flags Mechazor in it’s card text… What? Alter-wha? 350 spirit? I keep trying to read that minion name, and all I can remember is that delicious 350 spirit.


For those uniformed of this master peace


That’s weird, I keep hallucinating that there’s a mech dinosaur there, but then I realize that I like getting to play the card game here, so I realize it’s actually a Dioltas, a Thunderhorn, an Araki Head Hunter, a Grove Lion or any of the 3 dozen great faction epics that the big sign that says “350 spirit” here keeps showing me.


Damn I can’t seem to quote the mighty raqyee’s post on this matter because it’s in a locked there and I’m on mobile.

@Ryvirath would it be considered a necro to post a link to the quote?


you’ve just sparked off this brain of mine to make a new otk deck


Mechaz0r! costs 7 tho


I think it is too strong because the stats are way too much…we need the effect to keep alot archetypes in check but that it leaves such a dangerous boddy behind aswell is a little much,


this one?

or this one

I’m sorry

anyways, I don’t like EMP.

I feel like this game could benefit from having cool effects that last for more than a turn, and I actually want to see more cards like doom or alabaster titan (You have to build around them)

also, emp kills my alabaster titan equipment and my wincon


The card EMP is a safety measure so that we do not end up with too much nonsense running around. I do not mind that it exists, only that it is also an efficient body. The comparison is with the 7 mana 10/10 golem. Compare and contrast these two. EMP is just better because it also has an incredibly strong effect. I do not think anyone would take the +1/+1 stats over this effect, even if it affects both sides.

The problem I see here is that it invalidates a lot of janky decks because there is a very little cost to playing this thing as your endgame. This kind of card should be very understatted for what it does. The card reminds me of ironclad, only without the significant reduction in base stats. This in turn reminds me of the old archon spellbinder.


no not those!

if you tribute monsters that means masterpeace is immune to EMP nice!


the only faction that can tribute is abyssian tho

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