Card Discussion BloodswornGambler


Card Discussion BloodswornGambler


Type: Unit

Rarity: Epic

Set: Unearthed Prophecy

Cost: 4

Stats: 2/3


Each time this minion attacks, it has a 50% chance to attack again, attacking a random enemy.

  1. Did the card match your initial impressions of it? Is it better or worse than you original thought?

  2. How often do you see this card on the ladder? What deck is it good in?

  3. Is there anything you like about this card? If there isn’t how would you change this card to make it better?

  4. Should card be changed if it is only seen as powerful in Arena or is balance stuff in arena is a lost cause because of unbalance nature of the mode? Would you be fine if some sort of arena only change was made to Gambler?

  5. Should game designed *Luck based wins exist in Duelyst? Is a luck based win fine if it does not happen a lot like a Gambler activating 7 times in a row or a person getting double or triple flash reincarnation and Juggernaut that you personally won’t see in multiple seasons ?

  6. Should card ever be changed because of feeling and not because it is **broken or simply put a large population of players say “I hate that card”?

*We are defining a luck based win in this case as win caused by random ability given by devs not by natural card draw luck that is core feature in all of these games.

** We are defining Broken as card that is key component top competitive decks and card cause player win large percentage of the time it is multiple of the card is drawn and played in the game.Helps the deck to win in clear disadvantage situations when they should be losing.

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

New discussion every Monday ,Wednesday and Thursday

Please bring something to the discussion beyond i hate this card


My first impression was “Joseki made that” and yeah it matched that impression perfectly.

I think 2 or 3 times in decks that clearly weren’t made to be serious.

I like that it’s basically non existant in ranked. Removing the card from the game would make it better imo. I mean we could also cap the amount of times it can procc or adjust it’s cost/stats but at the end of the day, even with changes like that, we still have a card that nobody really wants.

In cases where the card is irrelevant in ladder but problematic in Gauntlet i wouldn’t mind if it gets changed. Changing a card that is used in both frequently because it’s busted in Gauntlet is another thing. If the ranked viability doesn’t change i also wouldn’t mind. But killing a card for ranked because it was too strong in Gauntlet is something i don’t wanna see. In that case a bannlist for Gauntlet would be the better way imo.

No, cards that can win games on their own with enough luck shouldn’t exist. I don’t know what kind of person you have to be to like cards that say: “Role a dice, if you get X you win the game”. What’s the point of even playing a game like Duelyst when you use cards like that? If you wanna test your luck, just play in a lottery or something like that. If you happen to get lucky there it at least has a value for you and doesn’t hurt others. Winning through Gambler gives you nothing and ruines the fun for your opponent, it’s a lose lose situation.

If you want to sell cards, why would you print cards that 90% of your customers hate? Not even worth talking about changing them, they shouldn’t be printed in the first place. Bloodsworn Gambler in Duelyst is just as pointless as a fridge on the ice planet Hoth.


So, this happened on turn 4.


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