Card Discussion 10-9-17 Blue Conjurer


Card Discussion Blue Conjurer

Blue Conjurer
Type: Unit (Arcanyst)

Rarity: Rare

Set: Ancient Bonds

Cost: 5

Stats: 4/6

Whenever you cast a spell, put a random Arcanyst into your action bar.

  1. Did the card match your initial impressions of it? Is it better or worse than you original thought?

  2. How often do you see this card on the ladder? What deck is it good in?

  3. Is there anything you like about this card? If there isn’t how would you change this card to make it better?

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

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When the card was first revealed I thought it would be too slow with as a 5 drop although it has good stats for the cost…but obviously I was VERY wrong- Blue Dear Guy is insane, but I don’t think he’s broken as I’m sure some do.

the ability to pull legendary nerds from other factions is a bit much- but iirc the devs said this is exactly what they wanted so that Arcanyst decks could get crazy other-wise impossible interactions/combos.
I know I’ve had quite a bit of success using him in Arc-Faie decks. Pulling Death Knell or the Songhai rush that gives three spells at the end of its attacking turn (can’t remember the name) is hilarious for you and demoralizing for your opponent- who doesn’t like that!?!?!

Now, can we start a salt thread about Owl Beast Sage? I have a good fix for it…


I’ll say it time and time again this card one of the worst designed cards in this game. I put it right up there with bloodsworn gambler and I hope it gets nerfed or changed eventually. Being able to pull arcanysts from any faction is pretty broken when you have cards like deathknells and whooping 8/9 seraphims so sorry cpg bad call on this one. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this card rears it ugly head again in the tournament scene or becomes dominate in another meta like Ancient Bonds and that was not a fun time.

If you guys have a chance watch @scarzig video on this he did awhile back. Agree or disagree I personally think he thoughtfully explains why this card should be changed.


I did watch the @scarzig video- and I do agree.

What I fear is, and what I think you were saying by bringing Gambler into the mix, is that CPG will continue to put more RNG garbo into the game. When I stared playing (just after two card draw was removed but still just one general and no BBS) I was immediately drawn into the game play because it so lacked RNG. I love the look of the game, I LOOOOOVE the board, I love 4/6 generals but more than anything it was the lack of RNG.

I understand and hold up the fact that the digital space allows for whatever degree of RNG the devs add, but I would like my RNG very mild if not lite nad too much will kill the game for what I think of as “real” Duelyst players.


Yeah I get the impression from past patches and notes they stated they want rng in the game…which honestly is perfectly fine. Personally I love cards like khymera and grimes. It takes setup to use those cards or sometimes they can completely backfire on you (grimes). Conjurer their are no drawbacks. You literally play this card and can almost refill your whole entire hand especially if your vanar or you draw into a late-game bomb. How is that balanced o_O

And in gauntlet along with gambler this card can be downright cancerous.

Rng has it’s place but they have to be more delicate with it in this game. Losing to heavy rng in duelyst itleast to me feels way worse if you were to lose to in another card game because we do put more thought into where things are placed on the board. But that topic is worthy of another thread.

Point being yeah to me anyway Blue conjurer is not a healthy rng to the game in any shape or form. They need to limit this card more.

Alot of people had made different suggestions. One being that it can only draw 1 arcanyst per turn and at the end of your turn after you cast a spell. Another that it can only draw neutral arcanysts. And another suggestion is it would be a bond effect and would just draw 1 random arcanysts. Pretty sure there are more but yeah those were some suggestions.


The card seems pretty powerful but no more than a lot of other cards in that slot. I don’t see it in ladder all that much. When I do, it does create a more challenging game but I’ve beaten decks with them. I’ve recently pulled one myself and will probably see if my experiences running them change my views.

I see some complaining about this card and yeah maybe over a long game it can create some bad situations, but come on… if the game goes on like that, crazy things SHOULD be happening. This game has almost no deck death or discard mechanics but if they ever add those types of play, it will either greatly impede this sort of thing or shut it down altogether. Presently, there is so much removal and dispel, that creating a panic over this type of card seems like laziness or bad deck building by people getting hit by it. The nerf for this card is called Dark Transformation, Dominate Will, etc etc.

To illustrate my point… how many other cards break the game if you take removal out of the equation? The list is pretty long. This card is a meat sack with a good ability and can be dropped like any other minion.

Just my .02


Oh thank you! I needed some change.


I like this approach. Let’s refine it a little more though:

How many other cards at the 5 mana cost break the game if you take removal out of the equation?

IMO, there’s only a handful, even within factions, that could look to roughly challenge it. The immense body with the immensely strong card draw potential is not really seen among other cards of equal mana cost.

Another main and important distinction: Almost all other 5 mana cards that DO bring extra value have ceilings, whereas Blue Conjurer doesn’t (potential infinite card draw). This alone should tell about just how ridiculously strong this card is at 5 mana.

This reexamining has actually just reinforced the distaste I already knew I had with this card.


Wait… what?!? You’re not supposed to use my argument against me!!!


Seriously though, watch the replays of the diamond and gold rank matches… nobody uses this card… broken or not it’s a ghost town.


Saw it once the last few days. Once was enough to remind me how much I hated the card.

Gives huge card advantage.
Unlike Circulus the extra minions are all strong, often requiring removal. Being arcanyst, anything that sticks can potentially be buffed by Owlbeast and be a problem.

RNG means unpredictable. Hard to play around. There is a huge range of Arcanyst. Examples include Prismatic Illusionist (swarm), Sparrowhawk (teleport), Nightshroud (instant damage) and of course Blue Conjurer (more value). You can’t really play around every possible Arcanyst.
Arcanyst usually range from average to strong (e.g. Death Knell). Maybe except Nocturne.
Sure not all arcanyst drawn might be useful to the Blue Conjurer player. When multiple arcanyst can be drawn though chances are something will be useful. If not then you can at least still replace and have card advantage.

It also has decent stats. 4 attack hurts and can kill a lot of things. 6 health is pretty difficult to kill. If it is at the back you will likely need to use hard removal.
Remember how old Kelaino with 5 health sat behind. That was apparently too sticky and got nerfed to a fragile 3. Maybe it is the higher cost of Blue Conjurer but 6 health is supposedly fine for something that can stick at the back and continuously gain card advantage.
Meanwhile poor Solarius a 3/3 can only dream of having 6 health.

If you see the card you pretty much have to rush the opponent down very quickly or you get out valued quickly.

Blue Conjurer is usually seen in any Arcanyst decks.
Is there any reason why Arcanyst decks are less seen now? It’s not like they got nerfed.
Are meta decks really better than them? Or is it just a flavour thing with people getting bored of Arcanyst?


On the one hand, the card adds a lot of spice to boss fights and the single player experience, but on the other, this goat is an absolute monster in lategame decks with a lot of spells, aka Vanar.

The goat can get you anything from Scroll Bandit or Magesworn, to Deathknell or Owlbeast Sage. This variance is card quality adds to its already snowball nature in that a good, high value pull can completely lock the opponent out of the game, while a bad pull is negligible when you are already ahead.

My suggestion is to limite the pool that the goat draws from:

  1. Whenever you cast a spell, add an Arcanyst with Bond to your hand. (limited to Sparrowhawk, Nightshroud, Kindred Hunter, and, Trinity Wing)

  2. Whenever you cast a spell, add a 4 cost Arcanyst to your hand. (limited to Four Winds Maji, Kindling, Lightbender, Mindwarper, Möbius, nightshroud, and Owlbeast Sage)

  3. Whenever you cast a spell, add an Azure Horn Shaman, an Azure Herald, or a Saphire Seer to your hand. (He would literally conjure blue stuff)

  4. If you cast 5 or more spells on one turn, summon a legendary archanyst at the end of that turn.


What kind of creature is Blue Conjurer actually? I’ve always referred to it as Magic Moose.

Regarding its effect, I’m not a fan. I don’t like losing to a card that I couldn’t possibly anticipate. Getting punished for not planning for Death Knell in the Vanar matchup feels so bad.

It’s RNG in the hand, which is one of the things I dislike most in this game. Only the user knows the result of the RNG while the opponent’s left in the dark. That in itself represents a lot more power than people think. If the card is good, you keep it. If it’s bad, replace it. Either way, your opponent has to consider so many ridiculous possibilities now.

I wouldn’t mind it having a slightly smaller statline, or preventing cross-faction shenanigans. I haven’t seen it as much on ladder now, but the concept of the card is one I can’t condone.


I have no problem with cards having RNG effects. None whatsoever. However, when the effect is always beneficial (sometimes extremely so) AND can be used multiple times without penalty, there’s an issue. For as long as Blue Conjurer exists in the field, you don’t lose card advantage for casting spells and even gain advantage for using your BBS.

Despite all of this, he’s not far off from being fairly balanced. If I had to make a change, it’d be this:
“At the end of your turn, if you can a spell, our a random arcanyst into your action bar”

This would prevent Conjurer from generating more than one arcanyst each turn. The alternative I’ve heard someone mention before would be to make BBS not count as a spell, but I cannot agree with this. There are too many cards in the game that would be negatively impacted by such a change and most of them don’t deserve such a nerf.


The biggest problem with Blue Conjurer that iIhave is that he creates too many cards. An this is from the perspective when I play it. More often than not you get a random blob in your hand that nullifies your strategy but is quite strong as an army of its own. It doesn’t protect your general enough more than often but it snowballs fast.

But yeah, Conjurer is powerful. You can get swarm, healing, more spells, cheaper spells which makes it posible to support a whole deck with a playset of them. Even in Diamond I win games because of the card.

Card Discussion 11/13/17 VALKNU'S SEAL

This card snowballs too fast and hard with its ability. Its floor is high, getting a 4/6 for 5 is pretty alright. Its ceiling is sky high. You can’t leave this on the board.

I am disappointed this card was printed as is. It has too high stats for that ability. The ability should never been allowed to fire more than once a turn either.


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