Card Discussion 10-6-17 Zuriel the Life Giver "Old School 7 drop week"


Card Discussion Zuriel the Life Giver


Type: Unit

Rarity: Legendary

Set: Core

Cost: 7

Stats: 4/7

Opening Gambit: Summon all friendly non-token minions destroyed on your opponent’s last turn on random spaces.

  1. Did the card match your initial impressions of it? Is it better or worse than you original thought?

  2. How often do you see this card on the ladder? What deck is it good in?

  3. Is there anything you like about this card? If there isn’t how would you change this card to make it better?

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

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Old school 7 drop week

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Wednesday Dark Nemesis

Friday Zuriel the Life Giver


I thought the guy was pretty weak. boy was I wrong.
i can’t count the number of times i lost to this guy on gauntlet. Just after a one-for-one trade, this guy comes along and brings back the whatever, annoying guy i just tried to kill.
The card doesn’t seem useful right now, but the effect seems combo-licious enough that it’ll see some play after a couple of expansions.

I can’t wait to make people salty with this card, and get salty about this card myself.


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