Card Discussion 10-11-17 INQUISITOR KRON


Card Discussion 10-11-17 INQUISITOR KRON

Inquisitor Kron

Type: Unit

Rarity: Legendary

Set: Denizens of Shim’Zar

Cost: 5

Stats: 4/4


Whenever you replace a card, summon a 2/2 Prisoner with a random ability nearby.

  1. What was your initial thoughts about this card when you first saw it?

  2. Is this card still actually playable? If you think it is still playable we aren’t people using it?

  3. Is the game better or worse without this card being a part of the metagame? If the original stats Kron was released today in world with Thunderhorn,Lavaslasher, Blue Conjurer, Eternity Painter,etc do still think is nerfed? How much do you think card quality in 4,5,6 slot played in the nerfing of this card?

You don’t have to talk about the questions alone feel free to discuss the cards lore, art, and fun interactions along with competitive viability in this topic

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I have only ever seen this nerfed. What was so powerful about the first version that everyone raved about?


It was a 4/6 instead of a 4/4. The ability didn’t change. Most people wanted the ability changed though back in the day. Removing the Forcefield minion and leaving his stats as they were would probably turned him into a viable and healthy card, but as so often CPG decided to rather kill the card for competitive play than removing some bad RNG from it.


I still stand by the opinion that the nerf was unnecessary. I never saw the problem with it, and I lost to the card many times. the biggest problem was the rng and like baharoth said, they should have nerfed that part if anything


Yeah I wasn’t a huge fan of the nerf to this card. Making it into a 4/4 has basically made this into nothing more then a meme card.


Pretty much this. I’m always sad when they kill cards, it’s just a waste of good ideas…

The goal of Kron was noble: slowing down the meta, which was too aggressive. It worked nice, but it was a bit beyond a fair power level, so it became an auto-include in most decks. It was nerfed due to complaints about the card and it was never seen on ladder but for meme replace decks since then.


I would have taken off the provoke or changed it to a 4/5. Or a 3/6. Lowering the attack makes it more about the prisoners. Removing provoke gives you more options to play around it. Hopefully someday we get enough replace support that kron will be good again.


When I first saw this card, I thought it looked freaking awesome. Then I realized I would probably never get one, since I never buy Denizens of Shim’Zar packs. Really not a big fan of battle pets, especially since Thunderhorn came out. Perhaps people aren’t using it because they only want to use it in combos, and don’t have the cards? I don’t think it needed to be nerfed, 4 health puts it in one shot range for Makantor Warbeast, Holy Immolation, many of the newer cards. Just my humble opinion.


when the card was first revealed I, like 99.9% of the community- became aroused. he was crazy AF and needed to be nerfed, but as someone above me pointed out, CPG killed him instead.

I will say though that I love his model, used him a ton and support the RNG that he brought in principle…the problem really (imo) was that he was just FAR to hard to kill for 5 mana unless you could do it with one card- and with 6 health that was basically impossible and he would eat your whole board at 4 att. Again as someone above me stated, the combination of provoke, 4/6 and prisoners was just too much to deal with.

I think better changes than making him 4/4 could have been- 7mana<(he would still be nuts but would come at a point in the game where he would be easier to deal with) or prisoners are just generic 2/2’s <(this is what I would have done, or at least started with in testing) or 2 attack <(*maybe would have killed him the same as 4/4, maybe not)

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  1. Well, this is way better than dancing blades, the then premium neutral 5 drop with the same stats.

  2. After it was nerfed, I think it is still very playable. You can still not just let this stick around, a trait shared by the better minions out there. The reason why you do not see it is because there are just better cards out there. Look at blue sorcerer. It is also a lot more risky to run this card out there, because there is a surprising amount of cards that can deal 4 damage out of nowhere.

  3. It would not be nerfed in today’s meta. It would just be another good card. The reason why it was nerfed was because people were complaining a lot and everyone ran it because it was the it-thing of the expansion. I think the card was fine back then. Nimbus was of similar power level and could spiral out of control just as hard. If this card was in a faction, it would not have been as widely played and probably never nerfed.


I think you underestimate Kron here. Just ask yourself, would you play Kron over Ironcliff in Lyonar? Most likely. Would you play him over Lavaslasher in Magmar? Well maybe not quite but you would probably end up playing both. Would he be an autoinclude in the 5 mana slot for Vanar, Abyssian and Midrange Songhai? Certainly. Even without any ability on his prisoners he is still 14 total stats and a fat provoke body that’s difficult to remove. He would be the same level of autoinclude he has ever been, just too much value to not play him.


No doubt in my mind that Kron would see a lot of play, and I mean a lot.

But that is true of many cards. Just look at thunderhorn. It is even worse for the factions. I have not seen some factions without the inclusion of one or two cards that are in the faction. I have yet to meet the first vanar deck that does not run chromatic cold.

Seeing a lot of play is common for good cards. Again, I think the reason why he got the nerf bat is because as a neutral card, you would see him far more frequently than any of the faction cards that skirt the border of what is too good. This attracts a lot of attention as well as testing. There are faction cards out there that are worse offenders than pre-nerf kron that have been unharmed since the official launch of this game.

The other reason why I think he is fine today is because the power level overall is much higher than back then. Thunderhorn is a very clean answer to Kron and his value. Arcanysts like blue sorcerer are just better value machines, but they are again more restrictive to include. The azure summoning package blows kron out of the water. It would just be another good card.


hated this guy in the bossfight from a few weeks ago


Part of long list of overnerfed cards. Making it a 4/5 (or keeping its stats) and without the forcefield minion would have fixed the problem.


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