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Card Design Contest: September


Here it is, the first Monthly Card Design Contest. We are excited to see your own cards. The theme of this month is really general:

Create a faction-specific card.

This means, everything is allowed this month, except Neutral cards! Cards that doesn’t fit the theme won’t be featured in the survey thread.

Here are the rules:

Everyone is allowed to submit ONE card design per month.
They have to follow the basic template:
Faction, Type
Cost / (Stats)
Card text.
Shadowmaster Serai
Songhai Minion
5 Mana (3/5)
Backstab: (1) All of your Backstabs deal 2 more damage.

Clearly over- or underpowered cards or memes are not allowed.

Cards have to follow the monthly design prompts (e.g.: Create a Battle Pet)


  • First: 2 Orbs + Exclusive forum badge “Designer” + pixel art + Place in the jury next month
  • Second: 2 Orbs + Place in the jury next month
  • Third: 1 Orb

The thread is open for submissions until the 20th 15th of month. Because this thread is literally exploding, I have reduced the submission deadline to the 15th of month.
Furthermore, please make sure to use wording that is equal to the Duelyst card wording. I have also seen a lot of overpowered and too complex cards. Please check your cards!

Please discuss cards here: Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)


Unprolific Host
Magmar, Minion
3 Mana 3/4
Dying Wish: Summon 3 1/1 Magma with Rebirth nearby.

Make eggs great aga… usable.


Lyonar, Spell
3 Mana
Target a friendly minion near your general. At the end of each of your turns, restore that minion to full health.

Idea is similar to Suntide Maiden but reoccurring and without needing Zeal at the end of the turn as a requirement, just for the activation cost. Allows lower costed minions to stick out longer and allow boards to stick for healing in Zir’an focused decks. Goes nicely with Sunriser and Sterope among other things.


Artifact Explosion
Vetruvian Spell
3 mana
destroy one artifact on your general to destroy an enemy minion nearby your general


Aspect of the Ice
Vanar, Spell
6 Mana
Transform your General into 4/15 Glacial Devastator with Ice Shred BBS.

Ice Shred
Deal 2 damage to an enemy. If it kills them, spawn a Blazing Spine on the same tile.

The spell can be recast to restore your health back to 15. It does not affect the state of your BBS, it simply changes it to a new one.

UPDATE: I have reconsidered the design, since the original one seemed too much like Vanar version of Boundless Lifeforce.
Now the spell is more oriented towards generating value overtime. I hope, this can provide some support for control Vanar decks. The new BBS is a more powerful version of Warbird and a tool which supports Wall Vanar. I thank @eudaimonia for the feedback!


Tortured Being
Abyssian, minion
5 Mana (3/3)
“If this minion is damaged, spawn a friendly Tortured Being with 1 health nearby this minion”.

It’s just a minion to help out swarm. Maybe “Damaged” makes this slightly overpowered, like nimbus has become, but it fits into the whole “Tortured serpentis” lore and would definitely find a home in swarm and maybe 1 or 2 in cass :stuck_out_tongue:


The Ostracon’s Scholar

Vetruvian, Minion (Arcanyst)
2 mana / 2/4
This minion adds ANY spell cast on it to the CASTER’s action bar and takes 2 damage for each at end of every turn.

Obviously combos with 2nd wish & 1st wish, etc. The increased spell casting and the fact that this is an Arcanyst might also enable Arcanysts in Vet.

The 1st wish interaction is especially noteworthy:

When combo’d with 1st wish, you are sort of making an investment to a platform that allows you to draw a card for 1 mana 4 times, more if you give this more health with cards such as Inner Oasis, Owlbeast Sage or heals (like Fountain of Youth).
This is of course strong, but it is slow, requires combo, and your opponent can kill this for free with a targeted spell (such as phoenix fire or cryogenesis). Especially Cassyva, who can kill or mortally wound this with her BBS and get a BBS spell “card” in her hand to use or replace.
After 2 usage with 1st wish, your opponent can also kill it with their face or dispell.

This can also serves as a (bad, incredibly fragile) finisher by spamming buffs and healing/health buffs onto it until it is a monster. But that won’t happen.


My September Submission:

Suntide Altar
Lyonar Structure
1 Mana / 0 Attack / 5 Health
Opening Gambit: Your General gets +2 Health. Damage done to your General is dealt to this minion instead, up to its Health.

This card is meant to be Healyonar (or even Control) support that offers a reliable Afterglow target that can rack up extreme value over time if it’s not dealt with. At the very least it’ll tank 5 damage to the General and offer 2 additional Health, at most it’s a nightmare the opponent must expend a card to deal with. Lyonar has trouble keeping things on the board, and Healyonar needs things to heal; the ability to play something cheap and relatively survivable (that doesn’t go wandering off by itself) and is almost always damaged helps both aims.

It’s also a decent Aerial Rift compatible card.


Windweave Jiasha
Songhai Artifact

Your General’s attack is 0. Your minions have +1/+1, Backstab(1), and can move an additional space.

An artifact build for a zoo-ey kind of Songhai, this silken robe distributes your awesome powers among your minions. A tribute to a breed of Kaleos/Reva that floods the board.


Mindspike Mantle
Magmar, Artifact
3 Mana
Whenever your opponent draws a card, their General takes 2 damage

Purpose : Starhorn needs some love, this way, if your opponent is feeling cheeky for drawing cards off your BBS, you can make 'em pay 2 health for it, card draw isn’t cheap you know!

Concerns : Nothing really, another nice, balanced artifact that can allow Starhorn to generate some face damage off his BBS.

Synergies : Works well with his BBS, as well as cards like Blaze Hound, Spelljammer, Sojourner and Mogwai. Faice deck trying to draw off a Spelljammer to fuel their face rush? Equip this, back off to stop them from suiciding their Spelljammer or breaking the artifact and watch them panic as they take 4 damage at the end of every turn.

This is an idea I submitted in the card idea thread and the author of the thread loved it and I’m quite proud of this card, hoping I win the award :smiley:

- Phayze Starstrider, Captain of the Guard to the House of Starstrider


Lyonar spell
6 mana
Destroy ALL minions.

make control great again.


Magmar, Minion
1 Mana (2/3)
Opening Gambit: Your OPPONENT draws 2 cards.

Some more love for Starhorn. Standard beater with a ‘drawback’. Fuels things like Visionar and Elucidator if anyone is going to bother playing them while being an extremely efficient beater. The card is nice and simple while being quite strong which I also think is part of Magmar’s identity.


Magmar minion
5 Mana (4/5)
Whenever you summon a minion from action bar, summon a random egg nearby

Support for EggMar!


Mass Rebirth
Magmar, Spell
7 mana
Give all friendly non-Egg minions Rebirth

Concept: This card would greatly push the Magmar Egg concept even further now that you are not limited to only playing Rebirth minions to make Eggs viable. With this in mind, cards like Dreadnought and Inceptor would definitely see more play along with the use of Lava Lance and Stampede. This works great with control decks as your minion becomes harder to remove, and especially perfect for rush decks as you’re less likely to run out of steam due to big removals.

Edit: Change 6 mana to 7 since it might be too overpowered


Akram Artifycer
Vetruvian, Minion
4 Mana (3/3)
Opening Gambit: Transform target Obelysk into a 3/3 Obelysk Golem with Summon Dervish.

Synergy: Obviously meant for Structure Vetruvian. The purpose is to give Obelysks some mobility and a means to counterattack. The real strength here is that the primary target for this opening gambit are dispelled Obelysks making them not only usable again but essentially turning them into mobile spawn points. Even if the golem is dispelled it can still move and attack.


Sekhmet’s Blessing
Vetruvian, spell
2 mana
Restore 3 health to your general for every artifact equipped.

The purpose of this card is too help support artifact Vetruvian by giving them a conditional in-faction healing effect outside of Amryra healer. I made it 3 health per artifact, as with 1 artifact it is worse than sundrop elixir and on par with earth sphere with 3 artifacts. The main thing about this spell is that you must have pre-invested in at least one artifact to use it’s effect, rewarding players who have 2~3 artifacts equipped when using the spell 1 or more times. At most, you can heal for 27 health is you have 3 artifacts equipped while you use this card 3 times at once. At worst, it is a 2 mana heal 3 (or do nothing with no artifact equipped). The card is named after the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, who represented both war and healing amongst other attributes (Vetruvian also seems to have a vague Egyptian resemblance to themselves, especially with wildfire ankh).


Vengeful Seeker
Magmar, Minion
5 mana (2/4)
When your opponent draws a card, you draw a card and your opponent takes damage equal to half it’s cost (rounded up)

obviously meant to synergise with starhorn. but it could also spawn a starhorn ramp deck with high cost cards to whittle your opponent down


Magmar Aspects, Minion
5/ 2/5
Allows you to hold one more card in your hand.

Help Starhorn, he’s got the best General desing in the whole game.


Ancestral Sage
Songhai Minion (Arcanyst)
3 Mana (3/3)
Your minion summonings count as spell casts.

Gives support to Arcanyst Songhai and a zoo-like playstyle. Synergizes very well with Reva, since her BBS counts as two spell casts, which is really good for things like chakri avatar and four winds magi. This card also works nicely when melding a chakri avatar, since the meld itself counts as a minion summon.


Soul Keeper
Abyssian Minion
6 Mana 5/5
Whenever a non-token minion is destroyed, summon a 2/1 Spirit on that space.

This is intended to give Abyssian more staying power. It also activates on enemy minions.