Card Design Contest September - Survey


We are a bit later than I announced, but here it is: The survey thread. You can choose which card of the following ones you find best. A jury has already filtered and voted the cards and here are only the best 20 cards. However, there were a lot more great cards and I’d like to thank everyone for participating.
To be transparent, you can see the scorings of all jury members and the final list here:
Top 20 Cards September
(We recommend to view this document to see our perspectives to these cards.)

But now, let’s hop right into the card designs:

Mindspike Mantle
Magmar, Artifact
3 Mana
Whenever your opponent draws a card, their General takes 2 damage.

Magmar, Minion
1 Mana (2/3)
Opening Gambit: Your OPPONENT draws 2 cards.

Molokoi Denwarden
Faction: Magmar
Cost: 3
Stats: 2/3
Whenever a friendly minion with Rebirth dies, teleport it’s egg to a random space nearby this minion.

Songhai, minion
7 mana (4/8)
Rush, after this minion kills an enemy minion, it reactivates if there is an enemy minion nearby.

Survivor’s Guilt
Abyssian Spell
2 mana
Give a minion deathwatch: -1/-1

Storm Disciple
Songhai Minion
2-Mana/ (2/3)
Dying Wish: Add one Kage Static to your hand.

Kage Static
Songhai Spell
Deal 1 damage, if Kage Static kills a minion add one Kage Static to your hand at the end of your turn.

Architect’s Whim
Vetruvian Spell
0 Mana
Return a friendly obelisk to your action bar. Draw a card.

Hauhet’s Palm
Vetruvian Artifact
4 mana
Gain +2 attack, When this artifact is Destroyed, Restore Health to your general equal to the damage taken while this is equipped.

Jungle Maze
Magmar, Spell
5 mana
Both players discard their hand. Each discarded card is replaced by a Map of the Wanderer.

Map of the Wanderer
Magmar, Spell
1 mana
Draw a card. Your opponent draws a card.

Bonechill Mystic
Vanar Vespyr
3 Mana (3/3)
Opening Gambit: Stun an enemy minion.
Stunned enemies do not counter attack.

King of Crusaders
Lyonar Minion
5 mana 4/6
Whenever this minion damage an enemy, create a Sanctuary tile under a random friendly character.

Sanctuary tiles: Friendly minions on Sanctuary tiles heal 1 health at the end of their turn and have their Zeal bonuses activated.

Erratic Hourglass
Vetruvian Artifact
4 Mana
Give your General +2 attack. Whenever your general kills a minion, each of your Obelysks spawns a dervish.

SunForge Duelyst
Lyonar Minion
4 mana 3/5
Opening gambit: Choose an enemy minion, this minion and the target can only attack eachother

Four Winds Archon
Songhai, Minion (Arcanyst)
5 mana 5/5
Opening Gambit: deal damage equal to the amount of spells in your hand to a minion or general.

Pied Piper
Magmar, minion
4 mana, 2/5
Minions can only move and attack diagonally.

Aspect of the Ice
Vanar, Spell
6 Mana
Transform your General into 4/15 Glacial Devastator with Ice Shred BBS.

Ice Shred
Deal 2 damage to an enemy. If it kills them, spawn a Blazing Spine on the same tile.

Enter the Dragon
Songhai Spell
8 Mana
Summon three 3/3 Dragon Spirits anywhere on the board.

Dragon Spirit
Songhai Structure
3 Mana 3/3
Ranged. May not move. When an enemy moves, this minion attacks.

Saberspine Fury
Songhai, Spell
3 Mana
Deal 1 damage to a minion or general, twice. If you control an Arcanyst, this costs 2 less.

Shadow Teacher
Abyssian Minion
3 Mana 1/5
At the end of your turn deal 1 damage to this minion and summon a 1/1 wraithling on a near by space.

In the list you can see 21 cards. Sadly, we are not able to create a poll with more than 20 options, so I decided to delete both cards with 5 points.
Now it’s your turn. Vote for up to three cards. Please be fair and vote for the cards, not for the people behind them! You are able to vote until the 28th of September. Feel free to discuss your decisions in the comments.

  • phaize
  • buyingcoats
  • nullaurelian
  • raqyee
  • oranos
  • blakphant0m
  • argblaze
  • excogitator
  • Okojo
  • nindo
  • narasimha
  • maelrawn
  • bolthero
  • ancientmage
  • shemetz
  • martinsilenus
  • karsticles
  • jarv
  • freud

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@raqyee’s minion hability remembers me Gale Force from Fire Emblem. And the SunForge Duelyst from @bolthero remembers me the Legion Commander ultimate (Dota 2). Nice card designs. Would really like to see something like this in the game.


You misspelled my name edge :stuck_out_tongue:
No matter


Description of “Sanctuary tile” from King of Crusaders is missing.


I’m sorry for that, I edited it.


Isn’t Shadow Teacher literally Imp Master from HS? :sleepy:

Anyway, some legitimately interesting cards here. But also some pretty weird ass ones that seem extremely hard to evaluate. It’s even hard for me to pick the three I like the most so it must have been one hell of a work for judges. GL to everyone participating.


I agree. It is Imp Master…but for some reason it just seems to fit so well with Abyssian’s theme.


It does appear to be, but I did not know this when I selected it, because I only played HS for a few days. I don’t know if freud was aware of this either.

I am not sure how that would have affected my choice if I had known in advance. On the one hand, if the author did know of the HS card, that makes an argument of sorts against creativity points. On the other hand, if we are truly to have our own identity independent of HS, that means neither deliberately copying HS nor deliberately avoiding copying HS. :slight_smile: I do think the card works especially well in Abyssian because of the wraithling synergy.


Looking good, looking good! xD
I haven’t voted yet cause I would be tempted to vote for myself and there is no honour in that.


you wouldnt be voting for yourself @phayze. you would be voting for phaize. completely different person…:spy:


Hmm, sounds like valid enough justification ;^)
I did come up with an Obelysk that gives blast, like the one you mentioned in a thread. I did come up with the idea 6 days ago, so I’m not copying you, but I’m willing to reference you anyway if you’d like.


Have to say they all look great and was really hard to choose. Great job everyone, hope the best wins!

Cant wait for next one :smiley:


This all cards look very balanced and interesting. Most interesting for me is SaberSpine Fury and Storm Disciple. Also Enter the Dragon is very good idea but current mechanics doesn’t allow structures to attack, so this card should be minion that can’t move. That’s why i didn’t vote to him


I smell power creep with some of these


Holy crap! I’m at the top! I super was not expecting this! Should I need to prepare an acceptance speech or something?

ahem Friends, Duelysts, worldmen/women, lend me your ears. I come to bury Narasimha, not to praise him.


Ok thats going to need some work. But regardless, thank you for your support! I’ll try not to let you down in the future either.


There’s still 6 days to go, easy there.


I know, I know, but I’m just so super happy. I really wasn’t expecting my humble creation to get any notice, let alone have a chance at the top. It’s super touching!


Nooooo! I want my throne back! xD
It was seriously mind blowing to be on top of the poll for 2 days though. Really happy about that!


When the judges vote you the highest but people don’t. FeelsBadMan. >.<


Nullaurelian: love it!, oranos: Haha, sweet, fun, narashima: Would definitely be cool :slight_smile: