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Arcane Seeker
Songhai Arcanyst
2 mana 0/3
Opening Gambit: Put one of the lowest cost spell from your deck in your hand. If it is tied with others, randomly pick.

Reasoning: The Arcanyst Tribe can synergize with Kindling and general Arcanyst archetype to make the minion more powerful. The ability is the most important part. I feel that a lot of Songhai’s decks are very combo heavy. With low cost spells like Juxtaposition, Mist Dragon Seal, Inner Focus and others, it would help Songhai look for the combo easier. The players might also want to build their decks a certain way to take full advantage of the card. For example, running only Inner Focus as the lowest cost spell or running Killing Edge as the lowest cost spell would make the players play certain minions to deliver the heavy blow. Generally, I think cards like this will make deckbuilding even more calculated and interesting.


Diz / Neutral Battle Pet / 2 Mana / 0-2
Cannot be Attacked. All nearby units and generals are temporarily dispelled.

Battlepets are a really underexplored mechanic. Yet they are unique to Duelyst, and cannot be easily replicated in traditional CCGs.

The only ones that are played are just uninteresting stats-sticks. So here’s one that isn’t. It has a unique effect which could lead to interesting counterplay. Instead of dispelling a unit (all units) completely, this dispel only lasts as long as Diz is alive and nearby.

Diz could kill damaged buffed units like a typical dispel. But units that aren’t killed by dispel would regain their stats and abilities if they move away from Diz.

Diz having 0-attack is fundamental to how it works, it is not just a arbitrary balance decision. Making it 1-attack would break him and he would suicide on the nearest enemy.

As Diz has 0-attack, it will not attack on its turn, so will not be counter-attacked. This means that the enemy can kite Diz, and could cause it to backfire on the person who played it - they may find it even more difficult to kill as their offensive spells may only target enemy units.

Stats-wise, I was inspired by Panddo, Ephemeral Shroud & Lightbender


Mirror Blade Mercenary
Neutral Minion
3 Mana
The first time this turn you summon a minion nearby this minion, Gain attack equal to that minions attack until end of turn.

Design: the basic functions is you will play it one turn then next turn you can summon a larger minion boosting this minions attack for the turn. it essentially means that you can summon a minion and attack with it on the same turn.

this leads to situations where you can bluff your opponents to spend resources and removal on this minion for a threat that might not actually exist. It also means when you summon a minion this minion will potentially take the flak because of the implied threat.

[details=Artwork]here is what I imagine it might look like.



Sandshield Artificer
2-mana 0/4
Vetruvian Minion
Whenever this minion’s Attack or Health increases, double that increase.


A useless body by itself, this unit lays the cornerstone for a “buff-truvian” archetype. It’s low mana cost allows it to synergize with Vetruvian’s cheap but inefficient buff spells. It also synergizes with underplayed buff-producing neutral units like Songweaver or Lady Locke. In the great Vetruvian tradition, it is weak to dispel and becomes very powerful when left on the board and combined with value-generators like Shiro Puppydragon.

This minion’s effect allows buff spells to create a decent body, at the cost of card advantage. Also note that this minion is not a Dervish, so it cannot be combined with 3rd Wish for massive burst.


Minion stats when combined with buffs:

1st wish: 3 mana -> 2/6
2nd wish: 4 mana, 2 cards -> 4/8
Cosmic Flesh: 4 mana, 2 cards -> 2/10 Provoke
Astral Phasing: 5 mana, 2 cards -> 0/14 Flying


Long years of forging sandshields for the other Vetruvians have allowed the Sandshield Artificers to maximize the benefit of their own armor.


Token Totem
Neutral Structure
3 mana 0/4
All non-token minion have their attack reduced by 1.

I felt the need for some token synergy. And I think this card sa some obelisk synergy too.


Vetruvian Structure
4 Mana 0/4
Blast, Summon Dervish
Whenever you summon a friendly Dervish, this structure gains +1 Attack.

Artwork (Placeholder)

Explanation (more than 125 characters, so hidden)

Since I’ve started playing, I have been fascinated by Duelyst’s lore and even more by the Vetruvians. The way they blended “magic” with cutting-edge science seduced me.
Their (awesome) unique key-word, however, is way underused… Which is a shame as it is an interesting mechanic depending on positionning. The board is a unique feature of Duelyst that made me choose this game over other CCGs, making this key-word essential in my opinion.
Cards like the pyromancer are too weak to be played and starfire scarab is too slow and rarely sees play (I do enjoy playing elkowl beast for blast/rush shenanigans for memes though).

I also wanted to add a new tier of obelysks. More aggressive and less passive.
So, I imagined this simple but efficient card as an extra tier of obelysks to diversify the archetype and make Blast great again!
Furthermore, the fact that it is an obelysk is essential as it can interact with “stone to spears”, an underused card (which is a shame… I loved how this concept could have been meta-altering), for surprise burst damage and re-positioning.Moreover, I added the attack gain because the Vetruvian Imperium lacks a good “snowball” minion as Chakri Avatar and Abyssal Juggernaut (No, Portal Guardian does NOT count! Mostly because I love the card but could never seem to properly take advantage of it).
It is not meant in any way to be an “answer or die” card (unless under specific circumstances, but that can be played around and that is the point!).

My inspiration for this card comes from the rook from chess, as I am also an avid chess player. The concept of a “tower”-like minion (which doesn’t exist yet in duelyst) and gives a board-shaping aspect that isn’t present in the game. WIll your oponent ignore it and play with one less row available or will you play this structure near the front-lines in order to take advantage of the dervishes?
The fact that it can spawn dervishes is only to make it less of a niche and make it playable in other non-dervish decks as an additional threat or “removal-eater” in order to give way to larger minions in the late game. Players will want to experiment with placing it in mid-range to try to take advantage of the spawning but making it more vulnerable to being dispelled or attacked… I find it very compelling to create such a minion that can force a player to completely rethink his positioning in a pinch.

Lore-wise, I think this artillery-style unit assisting waves of angry-warmongering dervishes would serve the Imperium quite well and is quite fitting for a faction that lacks ranged removal.



Banner of Primal Strength

Magmar Structure

3 Mana 0/4

At the end of each turn, give +X attack to one friendly random minion, where X is the attack of your general.

Explanation: more support for Zoo Magmar, which naturally fits Starhorn. Since the attack bonus depends on the general’s attack, however, the largest boost is given when playing Vaath. I like the concept that both generals can get benefits of this card, yet for different reasons and using different strategies.


Neutral Minion

4 Mana 5/11

The enemy General may only move one space.
Opening Gambit: This minion has -5/-5.

Something that gets arguably stronger when dispelled, which I had thought up after my 976th Chakri Avatar got dispelled. I do not like Chromatic Cold.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Time bomb
3 mana 0/4 Neutral Structure

Dying wish: Destroy all minions belonging to the currently active general. Takes 1 damage at the end of your opponents turn.

If you blow it up yourself, it kills only your minions. Your opponent can delay the explosion by healing it. The enemy generated might blow it up on purpose so that they can spend mana and play cards afterwards.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Frozen Mammoth
Vanar Vespyr Wall
3 Cost | 0 Atk / 1 Def
Dying Wish: Summon an Ice Mammoth on this space.

Ice Mammoth
Vanar Vespyr Token
5 cost | 4 Atk / 6 Def

This gives wall vanar decks a way to defend against aoe, now the caster of aoe has to decide whether it’s worth giving the wall player the mammoth to destroy the walls. It also has a combo with Icebone Naga, Skorn, or even Avalanche. I thought it was thematic to have the Mammoth have frenzy and it also helps the owner to catch up on board after it’s triggered. I considered various different health totals at 1 it gets triggered by any aoe and doesn’t get hurt by using Kara’s BBS too much.


Magmar Mother
Magmar Minion Legendary
7 mana (0 / 8)
Opening gambit: Give Rebirth to all friendly minions.
Whenever a friendly minion is summoned give it Rebirth.

Basically works just like the Grow hammer but it’s a structure and gives rebirth instead. 7 Mana because giving things rebirth is actually a pretty damn strong ability and it happens right away. Dispelled minions essentially have the dispel removed by this effect. However they could be dispelled again afterwards, if the user has the egg blade, then this could potentially be a game-ending card. Anything that was given rebirth by this card that didn’t have it already will lose it when she leaves the board. However, if it was already in an egg before she left, it will of course still hatch with it’s vanilla stats just like it normally would.

Anyway, hope you all like it.


Tempy (for temperamental)
Neutral minion
3 mana 0/3
This minion have a timer that increases at the begining of your turn
Dying Wish: Deals Damage to the enemy general equal to the timer


This minion does not attack, the purpose of the card is to pressure the opponent, reduce their resources, or take much damage.

[details=Details]Initially has 0 attack, but with spells you can give it the ability to attack and use its effect in an easier way.

To make it survive is a problem, because it is easy to remove, however, I think that whit certain cards you can make its survive longer.

By default when summoned, you timer stars at 3, so you can get a good value even if you lose it next turn.[/details]


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