Card Design Contest May/June


Abyssal Lancer
Abyssian Minion
3 Mana 0/5
This minion gains +2 attack for each adjacent shadow creep

Reasoning: Somewhat like an abyssal juggernaut but more positioning-oriented. Stats-wise my basis is that with 2 creep tiles, AJ is a 5/5, the same stat total as a hailstone golem. With 2 adjacent creep tiles this minion is then a 4/5, 2 points better than a bloodshard golem, but I think those extra 2 points is a good trade-off for having adjacency.


Shrine of the Martyr
Abyssian 5 Mana Structure
Deathwatch: Summon a Spirit of the Martyr on a random space nearby your General.

Spirit of the Martyr
1 mana minion
Dying WIsh: Deal 1 damage to your general.

This is a minion designed to act as both a mid-late game threat, as a bunch of 2/2’s are no laughing matter, but in exchange decreases your general’s longevity as the Martyrs take 1 life each time they die. Thus it’s a double edged sword, kills quickly, but kills you as well.

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Wraithling Broodmother
Abyssian Arcanyst
4 Mana, 0/7
Provoke. Summon a Wraithling on a random space for each point of damage this minion receives.

With the advent of tribal synergies, I think it would be neat to add some support to Abyssian swarm. Currently, Abyss swarm is very dependant on a very narrow set of cards, Bloodmoon Priestess being one of the most important. I think there should be another option available at 4 mana that achieves a similar effect but with different potential and variation.


Star Forger
Vetruvian legendary Minion
4 mana/ 0 attack/ 4 health
Summon a Wind Dervish on a random space nearby for every Dervish you summon, this minion’s attack is always 0

Sticking true to Vetruvian low stats but powerful effects and weakness to dispel, I bring you the Star Forger. I wanted Dervish support and decided upon a minion that rewards the player for playing Dervish and maintaining Obelisk on the field. The minion itself has no strength but when combine with Obelysk + Whisper of the Sands or Star’s Fury, you have a swarm of rush minions at your command. If you can imagine a carrier that uses planes to fight for it, that is what this minion is.

For clarification, similar to structures you cannot buff this minion’s attack and when this minion summons a dervish, the affect doesn’t not stack with itself (or it would be so broken). This minion does not work with Blood of Air as Blood of Air Transforms.

I decided on 4 hp for this minion so it can survive at least tiger but not high enough that it is a hassle to take down, making positioning important (true to Vetruvian play style). I made it 4 mana for Star’s fury synergy at 9 mana.

Anyhow this is my submission. Hope you enjoy!


The Blacksmith
Neutral Minion Rare
2 mana (0 / 2)
At the end of your turn, place an artifact from your deck into your action bar. Gains +2/+1 for each equipped artifact in both generals.

I think this minion would make people build artifact decks from all over the factions. For me, vetruvian has the most powerful artifact deck and if this minion would be created, artifact deck building from every faction can be more fun and duels would be more competitive.

I designed it to be a 2 mana 0/2 because it is a diverse card. It can pressure the opponent in the early game due to the stats it can gain. Basically it can gain 12 attack in maximum. It can also be a target for dispell and other big minions you will play would not be dispelled because the opponent used it to dispell The Blacksmith. And if this minion stays long enough on the board, you can gain much value from it and can be a huge threat to the opponent.


Vetruvian Minion
2 mana 0/4

Can move onto spaces occupied by minions. When it does, return that minion to the state it was last turn. (all effects and damage applied to it since last turn are removed, and it is moved to the space it occupied

This is designed as a way for vet to help their minions, which are vulnerable to dispel, have more protection. also works as psuedo-removal or a dispel by moving enemy minions around. Also fits vetruvian’s time theme


Canyon Colossus
Vetruvian minion
4 mana 0/12
Celerity. This minion has +1 attack for each friendly dervish.

[details=Design]More support for the dervish decks out there. Thought Vet was missing a celerity minion.

The first thing you notice is that oh boy, that’s 12 hp on a 4 drop. Yes, it’s a lot. But it’s countered by the fact that this minion does nothing the turn it is played, is weak to dispel AND loses attack on your opponent’s turn (wind dervish disappearing, opponents killing iron dervish).

Celerity gives a little more reach, allows the minion to be played safely and still be used aggressively. It’s balanced since it would be so difficult to use this minion well, but opens up huge Whispers of the Sands plays etc if you have the board AND positioning AND your opponent lacks an answer.

It’s not a dervish because 3rd Wish would be stupid on Celerity.[/details]


Backline Constructor
Neutral Minion Epic
3 mana (0 / 3)
At the start of your turn progresses MECHAZ0R build by +20%.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. It’s rare enough to not be in every mech deck, it supports the build of MECHAZ0R at the cost of tempo, especially on the earlygame, but can be killed with a lot of things like sabrespine tiger, phoenix fire etc. If you manage to keep him on the board he can win a game for you. On the lategame it’s still useful, but it can be killed before your next turn quite easly and is leaving you with 6 mana to deal with your opponent.


Scion’s Sarcophagus / Vetruvian/ Stucture/ 1 mana / (0/3)

At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to this card.
Dying wish: Add ALL 3 Scions’s Wishes to your hand.

[details=Note]The wishes are gained in numerical order, First then Second then Third. If the effect happens to activate when you have 4 cards in hand,
you only get first and second wish. Also if the effect happens to activate at the end of a turn in which you have 3 cards in hand, you would draw all 3 wishes and mill the card you were supposed to draw. [/details]


The goal of this design is to create a card which gives a timed, delayed value, without creating a previously non-existing UI timer. The card costs 1 mana because A) the effect can be stoped with dispel B) the effect can be minimized by killing the minion when opponent has more than 3 cards in hand C) the Wishes need a further mana investment and D) opponent has 2 turns to draw a dispell. The minion has 3 health because at 2 he would be too consistent and at 4 he would be too inconaistent. There is also the thematical reason, 3 wishes, 3 turns, 3 health. The card would work well in combination with Blistering Skorn and Frostbone Naga. The card would serve as support card for Scion’s wishes archetype, along with Pantheran, which unfortunatnly never really kicked off

[details=Theme] Usually, in movies and other media, things of ancient pop out of Sarcophagus.
As Scion seems to have a mayor role in the lore, it feels fitting that he has his own sarcophag, and it seems fiting that the sarcophagus holds his wishes.
The timer on the card would also add tension to the game, some sort of anticipation to what ancient power is to come, as sarcophagus do. [/details]



Heart of the Underdog
Neutral Minion
3 mana 0/6
All non-token minions deal +2 damage against enemies with higher attack.

[details=Purpose]This card is a leader of small minions, if your minions are weak, they will gain the power to take on large threats. This minion (and other minions with 0 attack) has the ability to attack as long as it’s effect can activate (doesn’t work if target has equal attack). It doesn’t apply to tokens, since that would make this ridiculous with wraithlings, and it applies to enemies as well, so you actually have to build with the intention of using this effect rather than just slapping it down because you can.

Note that this does not add to the attack of the minion, it makes then deal more damage in battle.
In other words, a 3 attack minion that is under this effect is still vulnerable to something like plasma storm.[/details]

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Mech Armory
Neutral Structure
3 Mana 0/5
Each time a Mech minion is summoned, progress MECHAZOR build by +10%
Opening Gambit: Progresses MECHAZOR build by +10%

This gives the Mech archetype a way to more easily move towards their end game (almost acts as ramp for them) as well as creates a possible body block if necessary. Additionally, this gives Mech minions that don’t specifically give progress to Mechazor build an additional purpose beyond their original. While this is somewhat susceptible to dispel; because Wings of Mechazor is cheap as well, the two can be combined or this placed the following turn in a corner nearby to avoid dispel. But as it is susceptible to dispel if the opponent uses dispel on it, they have one less to use on Mechazor itself or other threats.


Ravenfield Phantom
Vanar Vespyr
3 Mana 0/4
Infiltrate: Gains +2 attack and Immune

(N.B - Immune is simply shorthand for ‘takes no damage,’ similar to Concealing Shroud: Includes damage from minions and spells)

[details=Description]Simple Vespyr design that encourages aggressive minion placement from Vanar / pairing this with Hearth-Sister instead of the usual BBS shenanigans. Quite terrifying if left to its own devices and forces your opponent to either displace it (Juxtaposition, Lure, their own Hearth-Sister, etc.), dispel it, or run from it. Purely a board-oriented card, steadily punishes your opponent by trading into their minions for free or getting free General damage, but doesn’t have an absurd amount of attack so it can be Natural’d/Plasma’d, or even ignored if the situation is dire.

Also, Ravenfield is a forested area just north of the Wailing Lake, deep in Vanar territory. We have yet to see anything come out of this area. Could be some spooky stuff goin on there.


Blindscorch obelysk
Vetruvian structure
3 Mana 0/6
Summon Dervish
Whenever an enemy minion deals damage to this reduce its attack to zero.


Obelsyks need some support and this card punishes your opponent for smacking your obelisks with their minions, somewhat like a weaker Soulburn obelysk.


Hikari Scholar
Songhai Arcanyst Minion
2 mana 0/4
Whenever the enemy general casts a spell, deal 1 damage to a random enemy

Design purpose:
The name was chosen to fit with the Songhai’s theme for Japanese names - Hikari meaning ‘light’ in Japanese, 2 mana cost expands Songhai’s 2 drop options, 4 hp gives it slightly more survivability as a 2 drop, being an arcanyst it has tribal synergy, it’s special ability makes it a backline threat


Sand Shields Specialist
Vetruvian Minion
3 mana 0/5
Opening Gambit: Your Bloodborn Spell just got an upgrade!
Blood Surge: This minion gains +3 attack


Zirix’s BBS: Summon an Iron Dervish on a space nearby your General
Sajj’s BBS: Your General deals double damage to minions and your artifacts don’t lose durability this turn.


This minion came to my mind while thinking about the lack of Vetruvian 4-drop and Falcius supremacy.

This can be viewed as either a 3-drop or a 4-drop, depending on the situation. Zirix may very well drop it alongside an Iron Dervish, but Sajj may not want to waste her BBS. He can also be summoned safely, at the cost of a tempo lost.

The idea is to give a tool for both generals, but it’s probably more consistent with Sajj. Control-oriented versions of Zirix could use it for efficient body blocking and daisy chaining (reach!), and Sajj could use her artifacts without breaking them.

The player is also given an important choice : how many copies to put in a deck ? 2-3 for consistency and early upgrade or 1-of to avoid dead draws ?


This specialist will make some modifications to your suit. He might even fight for you, but for that you need to show him the result of his work !


Vanar Structure
2 Mana 0/3

You can see your opponent’s hand

Infiltrate: at the end of your turn get a copy of a random card from your opponent’s hand

With Vanar becoming a control-ish faction, I thought it could go all in and predict opponent’s moves and use his cards against him, i was also inspired seeing tournaments, where you can see both hands and change entirely your game perspective.
Last but not least, I enjoy puns too much and this fit too well with context and “information control” :slight_smile:


Songhai Arcanyst Minion
2 mana 0/3
Whenever ANY minion is moved for any reason, give this minion +1 Attack.

  • Primarily, the idea of this minion is to help Kaleos’s BBS, and help Sparrowhawk seems some play.
  • This minion required expert handling, because its so vulnerable to so many threat early on (Tiger, CC, tempest, PF, Tboar, ect…) but it can get pretty dangerous if the opponent do not handle it properly.
  • Its make opponent to think twice how to positioning and moving their minion because it could potentially buff this minion instead.

  • After further discussions, I thought that this card OP in sense, such not only it alone can lockdown any swarm archtype, it can also can be insanely be buffed with literally no drawback. Thus, the effect is changed to only increasing its attack power.

Immortal Vanguard - Songhai Suzumebachi

Lightning Rod
Vetruvian Structure (Rare)

“This minion takes any damage a friendly minion/general would receive.”


This card functions exactly as the name would suggest. It essentially redirects enemy attacks in order to protect other creatures you may have on board. With this card in play, all other allies are able to do battle without fear.

[details=Design]I found the idea of a lightning rod to be very fitting for Vetruvian. With all of the Iron Shrouds,
artifacts, and other metallic components that could conduct electricity, we need something to redirect all of the shocking blows that can be dealt to our wonderful obelysks and dervishes. It also helps Vetruvian decks keep a board, which could help with a potential Nosh’Rak lethal among other things. Lightning Rod could even be considered to be a pseudo-healing option for the faction since it takes all of the blows you would otherwise take with your general or other minions. Heck, it’s also a structure, and Vetruvian is all about structures.[/details]


This minion will prove to be a low-tempo play, so it should need to be played when a board has already been established. With nothing like spell immunity protecting it, it is susceptible to all single-target removal, so while it can potentially save some health, it is by no means guaranteed. However, it can do wonders when other minions you may have on board are trying to trade favorably. With 12 health that need to be taken down before damaging anything else, it almost functions like Grandmaster Z’ir, just without the ability to do battle. Artifact decks would LOVE to have a minion that takes all the hits for you, while also preserving durability on your artifacts. It’s overall a high risk, high reward minion that would need to be played with caution.


Spirit of the Gale
Vanar Vespyr
5 mana 0/4
Infiltrate: Rush
"After this minion moves transform ALL nearby minions into Spirit of the Gale"

Explanation coming soon…


-Skywind Delegate-
-Lyonar Neutral Minion
-4 mana 0/4

Give all nearby allies +2 attack and activate their zeal.

[details=Explanation]This minion’s effect mimics the effect of the “Skywind Glaives” artifact and the word “Delegate” refers to the minion representing general.
It’s armour should be reminiscent of the Arclyte Regalia artifact since it’s effect is similar to forcefield. I feel as though it should also hold a flag[/details]