Card Design Contest - Finalists Voting November


Finally I had the time to create the voting for this month. This time it was very hard for the jury to judge since interaction with BBS is something untouched in Duelyst. Additionally some of us hadn’t much time this month.

Take a look on the jury’s rating:

Please be fair and vote for your favorite submission and not for the person behind it. The poll is opened until the 28th of November.

[details=Noided Deevil] Abyssian Minion
3 Mana 2/4
Bloodbond: Cast Consuming Rebirth on this minion
Dying Wish: Enemy general takes damage equal to this minion’s attack

by raqyee[/details]


3/3, 3 mana
Magmar minion
Bloodbond: Your general may attack twice this turn.

by tsevech[/details]

[details=Caulophryne]Abyssian card 3 mana 2/4
Bloodbound: friendly minions standing on your own shadowcreep tiles gain +1/+1

by devildriven[/details]

[details=Pureflesh Golem]Neutral Golem
4 Mana (6/6)
Bloodbond: Deal 3 damage to your General.

by Sorostaran[/details]

[details=Catastrophe]Neutral Minion
6 Mana (5/9)
Your Bloodborn Spell costs 1 more and gains “Summon a 3/3 Spirit Wolf with a random keyword nearby your General”.

by vim[/details]

[details=Hoarfrost Geist]2 mana 2/2 Vespyr
Bloodbond: Summon this minion on a random nearby space.

by nindo[/details]

[details=Bloodweaver]Neutral Arcanyst
6 Mana 3/5
Whenever you cast a 1-mana spell, it replaces your Bloodborn spell.
Dying Wish: Restore your original Bloodborn spell.

by skulldragon42[/details]

[details=Silithar Blade]Magmar Artifact
Your General gains 1 attack and Bloodbond : Summon a Young Silithar Egg.

by dewize[/details]

[details=Blade Myriad]Songhai Spell / 4 Mana
Your opponent’s spells costs (9) next turn.
If you had activated your bloodborn spell this turn, return this card to your action bar.

by sinpathy[/details]

[details=Dream Forger]Magmar Arcanyst
2 Mana 3/2
Bloodbond: Give a nearby friendly minion, “Grow: +1/+1.”

by jaybirdmcfee

[details=Tarred Reclaimer]3 mana 4/3 nuetral minion
Blood bond: draw a random minion that you replaced in the last two turns.

by mmf[/details]

Enjoy voting and feel free to discuss your decision!

  • Noided Deevil
  • Enrager
  • Caulophryne
  • Pureflesh Golem
  • Catastrophe
  • Hoarfrost Geist
  • Bloodweaver
  • Silithar Blade
  • Blade Myriad
  • Dreamforger
  • Tarred Reclaimer

0 voters


Haha, so happy I made it to the final ! I’ll take my time to see who I’ll vote for :slight_smile:


Hire me already CPG. Come one Ryv, hook me up mang.


lol 9 votes, everyone voted for a different card, top card gets 12% of votes, the rest 11%
RIGGED!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t you know? The design god title gives +1 to polls


Voted for Catastrophe ! This card looks really good and I’m a big fan of Pandora too.


Nice to be in! I like Tarred Reclaimer, though I don’t know the meaning of “tarred” :slight_smile:


“covered in tar”, I’d assume.


Officially, completely tilted.
Imma go immolate myself.


Damn, I didn’t know Cassy got so popular lately :stuck_out_tongue: But I have to say that I’d love to see Caulophryne included into the game.


I’m really surprised that @narasimha did not make it on this list. Their entry got a ton of votes on the design submission thread. Don’t worry, I’ll still support you in spirit!


Tarred Reclaimer makes Astral Crusader playable. Why isn’t it winning!?


I absolutely LOVE the concept of Caulophryne. Got my vote!


Im just happy my idea was accepted as good. I picked the name cause it’s a creature from the deepest abyss in the ocean with spikes on its body (similar to creep tiles) plus I thought the name sounded dark. :smiling_imp:


Ugh, I was so close to the top three. There it goes slipping away :sob:, all this bouncing back and forth is painful. Grah!


Hopefully that reddit thread you made where you’re asking for votes will help you out :wink:


Damn, I’m not even top three XD.


My idea was 1 point away from being on the list. Feelsbadman :weary:


I understand your pain :weary:


Nah, it makes sense. My idea was good (ohohohoho modesty), but it was also very very simple. For a contest like this, flashy should be encouraged. This is to see the most interesting ideas, after all. That’s for the support though! I’ll try not to let you down in the future :smiley: