Card Design Contest: Announcements


Hey Duelysts, the year 2017 started and we have to announce some changes concerning the Design Contest.

  1. The Card Design Contest (following CDC) will no longer be monthly, but every other month (bimonthly). This also changes the schedule, to improve the quality of both submissions and jury ratings.

  2. The schedule is now:

5th - 25th: submission phase
25th - 5th (of the other month): judging phase
5th - 20th: voting phase

  1. The prizes may change a bit, but this isn’t clear yet.

  2. We are looking for judges and an artist (either pixel art or sketches). If you want to help, please contact me. Note that you will get no payment, it is completely volunteerly.

  3. We got something special for you giving you a headstart into 2017: Additionally to the prizes, the winners of the contest january/february will get:

1st place - Epic Crate Key
2nd place - Rare Crate Key
3rd place - Common Crate Key

Thanks to Counterplay for providing the keys :slight_smile:

The next contest will start in 2 days.


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