Card Design Contest [#4/2018]


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Bloodmoon Rose
abyssian artifact
3 mana
at the end of your turn, shuffle a wraithling into your opponents deck.
when this artifact is destroyed deal 1 damage to a random enemy for each wraithling in your opponents deck

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Berserker Virus
Magmar Rare Spell
2 Mana
Intensify: Add 1 Berserker Virus to both players’ decks. Your General gets +1 Attack.

The no-fun Wanderer killer card we’ve all been looking for and would probably regret wanting.


4 mana
Equip the enemy general with a Mind Rot Artifact

Mind Rot:
Whenever this artifact takes damage, replace one card in your deck with a wraithling

Edit: depression my idea wasn’t unique at all


What does spreading madness do?

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Grand Showdown
Lyonar Spell
7 mana
Summon all copies of the most expensive minion from both player’s decks near their General.

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Abyssian Artifact
1 Mana
When this is destroyed, BOTH players shuffle their action bar into their deck.

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7 mana 5/6
draw to fill your action bar at the end of your turn


Void singularity
Abyssian Spell
4 Mana
Return all minion with 2 or less cost into its deck


Some clarifications and a reminder:

A lot of you seem to skim this thread a bit too fast. Please keep ther prompt in mind:

Design a spell or artifact that interacts in any way with your or your opponent’s deck of cards.

Any submission ignoring this prompt won’t have a chance of winning. Remeber that you may edit your submissions till the deadline.

Also note the following clarification:
You have to design a spell or artifact that interacts with a deck. This spell or artifact may, however, be “embedded” in another spell or even a minion. So something like this is fine:

Neutral Minion
6 Mana / 6/6
Place an Examplonomicon in your opponent’s hand.

Token Spell
1 Mana
Draw a card and put this Spell on top of your deck. You may not replace this card.


Instigator Malephar
Abyssian minion
8 mana 5/13
Opening Gambit: Equip a Doomsday Prophecy to your General. At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to your General.

Doomsday Prophecy
Abyssian artifact token
8 mana
Your General cannot attack. When this artifact breaks, all minions in your action bar and deck become 13/13.

Design Explanation

Shar, City of Malephar is the capital of the Abyssian Host located nearby the Bloodmoon Ruins and lead by the Bloodborn General Lilithe Blightchaser. It is also the city where Cassyva Starstrider and her sisters attempted the assassination of the tyrannical Consular Draug.

I imagine this card would be a governing figure in the city of Shar. He could be an ambassador for the Abyssian Host or even a Duelyst that once competed in the Trials of Champions, albeit the title of Grandmaster belongs to another card.

The design of this card is straightforward. A prophecy of certain doom is envisioned, and the Instigator begins the countdown. One General, however, can accelerate the countdown on her own, and that is Maehv. This card will give her a powerful late-game option, although it won’t immediately win games.


Reworked my post based on some feedback I got, hopefully that’s ok and the card doesn’t suck so much anymore.

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Avaricious Dagger
Magmar artifact
4 mana
Your General gain +1 attack
Whenever your General takes damage, burn that many cards from the opponent’s deck


Thanks for all your submissions, this phase of the contest has now ended. No more submissions or edits of submissions allowed.

The jury will start evaluating your submissions and we’ll be back when we have the 12 nominees.

@akurane would you be so kind to close this thread? Thanks!


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