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Card Design Contest 2018 #6 - The Rift in the Library


Read the prompt, your submission must be a “Legendary” Massive air quotes Minion. Main focus is on the minion aspect, not the legendary one.


Lion, the Demon Witch (Legendary)
Neutral Arcanyst
7 Mana (0/4)
You have a 30% chance to Stun a random minion every time you cast a spell. Opening Gambit: Add a Finger of Death to your hand.

Finger of Death
6 Mana Token Spell
Deal 5 damage to an enemy minion and put a copy of this spell into your hand. This spell deals +2 damage for each minion destroyed by this spell. This spell can target the enemy General if there are no enemy minions.

Lore: DotA 2
*Note: For balance purposes, Finger of Deaths from multiple Lions stack damage independently.


This is a Juror card, plz don’t nominate:wink:
6 mana 8/8 Provoke
Neutral Legendary minion
Opening gambit: Add “ZA WARUDO” to your hand. This minion has a 20% chance to skip his turn.
Hidden effect: If your waifu is on the field, teleports to it and kisses her before you ever can!
You thought you would be her first kiss, but it was I, DIO!

ZA WARUDO: 1 mana spell.
Choose a minion. Stop the turn timer for 2 seconds. Give the minion ability to attack twice. Enemies cant counterattack, while the turn timer is stopped.
If used on DIO: Stop the turn timer for 5 seconds+Intensify: Add 2 seconds to stopped time. Give Dio Flying and infinite movement turns.

Lore: Jojo’s Bizzare adventure: Phantom blood and Stardust crusaders.

Ability explanations/relations to lore

Provoke because he charming af. Hidden effect tied with his first appearances in Phantom blood.
Miss chance tied to the fact that he is always playing with those he considers weaker. Special effects on DIO from ZA WARUDO, because he is the OG user. Infinite movement turns mena he can move as many times as he wants during the stopped time, but he can only attack twice. The first time Za Warudo stops timer is stopping it for 5 seconds, then 7, then 9 and so on.


@zanestheargent, please rework it into a minion… And I want this card to be added in game.

Edit. It’s still not a legendary though :frowning:


4 Mana 1/1 Rush
Neutral Legendary Minion
Any minion damaged by Gremlin, and any copy of that minion anywhere, are turned into Gremlin.

Lore: “Gremlins” 1984 film


It’s the… Shoooogun!
Neutral minion
5 mana 0/4 Provoke
Barely clothed: all other minions nearby this always die instantly due to embarrasment.

Lore: Gintama


Statlined and done.


You made me consider watching Gintama :rofl:


had to include the 7.20 buff didn’t you?


tfw ding ding ding mdfk rings in your head whenever you press r


That’s fine, legendary is more flavor than actually being legendary


Oh where has the people gone? I guess everyone is busy with their own things. Also Bump.


About one more week left before submissions close so if you are holding out, be wary. Time may fly by. Bump.


Jury Submission, do not nominate

Vetruvian Legendary Minion
3 mana, 2/2
Forcefield. During your turn, you can see the card you will draw at the end of your turn. Replacing a card will always draw that card.

Lore: Dune (Frank Herbert)


Neutral Legendary Mech
8 mana, 5/8
Ranged. Opening Gambit: Transform all non-Mech minions into 1/1 Flying Saucers.

Lore: Mazinger anime/manga series


You make me want to design the Gom Jabbar as an Artifact…


Legendary Neutral Minion
9 mana
Opening Gambit: If your General is not a Warframe, transform your General into a Warframe.

Unstoppable warmachines of death are not limited by the Duelyst constraints of “balance”


Atlas, the Brawler
Vanar General

Whenever your General attacks and destroys an enemy, reactivate it. After attacking, gain +2 Attack until the end of your turn.
Atlas is Invulnerable while attacking. Atlas cannot be stunned or displaced.

Attack buff caps at +4 attack

BBS: Landslide
Dash to and attack an enemy within 2 tiles. They do not counterattack you.

Landslide does not count towards your attack limit, so you can attack twice, and then use Landslide for a third attack. If Landslide kills an enemy, your General is reactivated, allowing for 2 more attacks. This does not refresh Landslide.

Lore: Warframe’s Atlas and Immovable and Landslide.


Chroma, the Dragon
Magmar General

Whenever your general takes damage restore 1 health and gain +1 attack. At the end of your turn, attack all nearby enemies.

BBS: Bulwark
Restore 2 health to your General, gain +2 attack. Restore 2 health to all nearby allies. They gain attack equal to half your General’s attack, rounded down.

Lore: Chroma and Elemental Ward and Vex Armour


Excalibur, the Swordmaster
Lyonar General

You can move an additional space and can move through enemies. Enemies you move through take damage equal to your attack.

“Enemies you move through” is defined by enemies that your movement arrow passes under. Change the animation from diagonal dashes to vertical/ horizontal dashes.

BBS: Exalted Blade
Equip an Exalted Blade. Nearby enemies cannot counterattack this turn.

Exalted Blade
Token Artifact
+1 Attack. You can move an additional space.

You can move up to 3 additional spaces if you have 3 Exalted Blades

Lore:Excalibur and Slash Dash, Radial Blind, and Exalted Blade


Inaros, the Undying
Vetruvian General

Stunned enemies can’t counterattack. When Inaros attacks a stunned minion, destroy it instantly and restore 5 health to Inaros.
When Inaros dies, transform him into a 0/10 Sarcophagus instead.

0/10 Structure
At the start of your turn, deal 2 damage to all nearby minions. When a nearby minion dies, transform Sarcophagus into Inaros, the Undying.

Allied minion deaths can revive Inaros. The 2 damage does not have to kill a minion.

BBS: Desiccation
Stun a nearby enemy minion all enemy minions around it.

Lore: Inaros and Undying and Desiccation


Ash, the Lethal Blade
Songhai General

Backstab: 2
Your minions have Backstab: 1
After you kill an enemy, gain “Cannot be targeted by enemy spells and effects. Cannot be attacked.” until the start of your next turn.

BBS: Bladestorm
Teleport anywhere, then deal 4 damage to all enemies around Ash.

Lore: Ash and Smokescreen and Bladestorm


Nekros, the Desecrator
Abyssian General

Deathwatch: Restore 2 health to Nekros. Enemies have a 25% chance to summon a Mana Tile when they die that cannot be claimed by the enemy.

BBS: Shadows of the Dead
Summon up to 8 enemy minions destroyed since your last turn nearby your General. They disappear at the end of your next turn.

Lore: Nekros and Soul Siphon, Desecrate, and Shadows of the Dead


^^ There’s something wrong, I’m not seeing the text “Magmar” anywhere on this card


After looking at my current jury, I realized your not a juror so you can submit a nomination if you like. Maybe a minion that transforms your general into atlas or chroma. Your decision.


Finally got an idea

Legendary Songhai Minion
5 mana (1/10) Backstab (4) Celerity
This minion is unable to move and counterattack.

Lore-SCP foundation

Edited to work properly, thanks @darkjovo