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Card Design Contest 2018 #6 - The Rift in the Library


You let out a frustrated groan as you open your eyes only to then immediately tighten your fluttering crimson cloak to your body, securing whatever remaining heat you had from the biting cold of your now snowy surroundings. Looking forward, you see a large flight of snow-covered stairs leading to red-pillared, snow-covered building to two magnificient doors. Taking a deep breath, you immediately regret it as the chilling air enters your chest, robbing away the precious heat you sought to preserve and causing your body to shake and your teeth to chatter. As you look down at the now fading seal of a the mist dragon inscribed on to your hand, you curse at the panel of officials that sent you on this mission. They wanted you to investigate the news of a supposed conflict at the Chakri Monastery. Something about an evil sorcerer bridging the gap between worlds or planes or something, you didn’t really pay attention to the briefing. You were more focused on the upcoming Frostfire Festival and what to do when you got the time off to spend with your darling rose. Why couldn’t they have you to investigate after the Festival? Why did they have to send you on a mission right before your vacation?

As you make your way up the stairs to the base of the monastery, you spy a chakri avatar peering at you between a gap of the doorway. As you approach, there is a terrified and hopeless expression on his face. With a voice trembling with fear, he whispers, “You’re… you’re too… too late…”

Before you can ask what happened here, the terrified avatar grabs your hand and pulls you through a myriad of hallways and corridors. As he drags you along, you see an abundance of evidence that a battle had broken out. Scratches, indentations, and burn marks littered the walls along with the multiple dead bodies laid strewn upon the floor, half of them dressed in the usual attire of the Chakri Avatar while the other half donned what are now remains of dark red and purple robes.

Finally after being yanked around by the arm through the hallways of death, the avatar leads you outside what appears to be the monastery’s personal library. What once would have looked like a small quaint room with eight or ten bookshelves worth of literature now looked like a battle that ended in an explosion. Remnants of Books, pages, and bodies were spread along the outside edge of the room. As you look towards the center from outside the doorway, there appears to be a tear in space that floats over another robed figure. The figure is still, laying within a pool of what appears to be blood. As you stare up and down the individual, you see his hands were gripping a knife that is plunged into his chest, and an eerie smile was plastered on his now dead face.

Freeing yourself from the horrified avatar’s grip, you begin to slowly walk closer to the supposed rift in space in order to investigate what it is. However, as you past into the boundary of the room, it begins to warble and fluctuate before widening to become a human sized portal. Freezing in place, you watch the portal bulge and expand before a hand breaks out of the portal and reaches into your world.

“What do I do now?” you wonder as a mysterious entity begins to enter your world.

Now, who is this mysterious entity? Welcome, one and all, to the 6th and last Card Design Contest of 2018. I am your host, DarkJoVo, and I do apologize for taking longer than 2 weeks to set up this new CDC. The only thing I can say is that I have been extremely busy with IRL activities and searching for jury members. In order to end the year on a high note, the theme is a little more open than usual, allowing you guys to be more imaginative and free this time. I would say the theme is about the unknown of the Duelyst Universe but that is all I will be saying since I really don’t know how else to describe it.

For those who are new to the contest: This contest is all about designing an own card following the contest’s prompt.There has been a change due to a lack of jury members for this CDC so instead of the usual 12 card that will be selected, I will follow @anjosustrakr method where the three(3) jury members will select 9 nominations and I will select 1 nomination. Then these 10 nominations will appear in a future poll thread, where you all can vote for your favorite design.

The prompt for this month’s card design contest:
Design a Legendary minion that comes from a Lore/Universe that is different than Duelyst’s Universe. (Please add a lore tag to your description)

The deadline for your submissions will be at 10pm PST on December 15th , 2 weeks from today.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Everyone is allowed to submit only ONE card Design per Contest (including jury members)
  • All submissions must follow this basic template:

Faction, Type
Cost / (Stats)
Card Text.
Lore Tag

Saint Nicholas, the Jolly
Neutral Minion
5 Mana (0/6)
At the end of any player’s turn, reduce the cost of a random card in their action bar to 0.
Lore: Western Christian Culture

  • Cards that are clearly overpowered, underpowered, or meant to be a meme are NOT allowed.
  • Cards must follow the current contest’s prompt. All other submissions will be disregarded by the jurors and then promptly disenchanted into spirit.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you may NOT submit a card with a custom keyword of your creation.
  • You may submit card art, as long as it is created by yourself. Art is not taken into consideration from the jury and will not appear in the poll thread.
  • Please avoid blatantly copying cards from other CCGs.

Additional Rules for Jury Members if you choose to submit:

  • As part of your submission, please mark “Juror” in parenthesis next to the minion’s name like so:

Saint Nicholas, the Jolly (Juror)
Neutral Minion
5 Mana (0/6)
At the end of any player’s turn, reduce the cost of a random card in their action bar to 0.
Lore: Western Christian Culture

  • Please do not include your fellow juror’s in your nominations, you won once already, wait til you are not apart of the jury to win again.

We also have prizes for the best three cards:

First: An invitiation to become a jury member next month for the next CDC + 5 Orbs + Exclusive Forum Badge “Design God”

Second: An invitiation to become a jury member next month for the next CDC + 4 Orbs

Third: An invitiation to become a jury member for the next CDC + 3 Orbs

These prizes are provided to by Bandai-Namco and their Community Managers. Thank you @yaviey for making this possible.

Please do not discuss ideas here. Feel free to discuss thoughts about submitted cards here instead.
This is how the jury will evaluate cards.

Your jury for this contest are:

Good luck to everyone for the Custom Card Design Contest and hopefuly nothing comes out of the mysterious rift.


How do you do the blue description thingy


Big Benkei
Neutral Minion
6 mana (4/7)
Everytime this minion is damaged equip a random benkei artifact
Dying Wish:Summon a benkei token (0/7) with provoke on this space

  • Masakari: Your general have +1 attack
  • Kumade: Your general can attack 2 times(this is not celerity you can only move 1 time)
  • Nagigama: Your general have -1 attack and ranged
  • Hizuchi: When your general attacks deal 2, damage to everything around your general
  • Nokogiri: destroy minions that deal damage to your general
  • Tetsubo: When your general damage an enemy minion, deal 2 damage to enemy minions around that minion
  • Naginata: Your general can attack enemies 2 spaces away

Lore: Japanese history


the artifacts represents the seven weapons that benkei carries but i cant think of effects that fit for that weapon


Also, can the card be from fictional lore?


Why does it have to be a legendary minion?


the clue is in the contest description, coming from other lore/culture, ie LEGENDS.

Soul Stone

3 mana 2/4
Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%. Deathwatch: gain +1 attack.

Power Stone

4 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%. Your General gains +2 Attack this turn.

Space Stone

3 mana 2/4
Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%. Teleport a minions or General 1 space.

Time Stone

5 mana 3/4
Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%. Summon a 1/1 copy of a random friendly minion destroyed this game nearby this minion.

Reality Stone

2 mana 1/3
Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%. Cannot be targeted by enemy spells.

Mind Stone

2 mana 2/2
Flying. Provoke.Opening Gambit: Progress THANOS build by 17%.

Lore: Marvel Universe


Neutral Minion
4 mana (2/6)
Whenever another minion would be destroyed its General takes damage equal to the minion’s mana cost instead.


Charon is the Greek ferryman for the dead. Those who cannot pay his toll are said to roam the shores of the living for hundreds of years. Since we prefer to have living minions they simply won’t die but instead punish the cruel generals with damage.


The theme this month is really open which isn’t conductive to creativity imo. Like Eternal Heart zombie minions will be left at 1 hp unless hard removal is used in which case it will take no damage. Unfortunately, Charon doesn’t work on transformations. His effect sounds powerful however beware of playing expensive minions since multiple small stuff ramming into it can deal disproportional damage. Due to this he works better with smaller impactful minions like ranged stuff or eggs/walls/wraithlings.
Hmm, also I guess he counters xor.


3 mana 3/3 Neutral Minion.

Opening Gambit: Pull an enemy to the space in front of this minion and stun it.
Whenever this moves onto the edge tile, it appears on the opposite edge.

Lore:Mortal Kombat

“Get over here!”

Comments. When stepping onto corner tile, it appears in the opposite corner. In other cases it keeps its horizontal or vertical coordinate while teleporting to the opposite side.

Seems gimmicky enough to be legendary.


Its a hyper link which is resembled by 2 chains linked next to the italics in the tool bar above the text box. I think thats what you were asking.


Sure, its a different lore… isn’t it?


The universe/lore can be from a favorite tv show or favorite book as well.

Frost Dancer Schnee(JUROR/HOST)
Vanar Minion
4 Mana (2/6)
At the end of your turn, Stun all enemy minions nearby this minion.
Lore: RWBY (Weiss Schnee)


Neutral minion
6 mana (5/7)

Each time you cast a spell, keep the card. The spell then switches place with a random card in the opponents hand.

Lore: The trickster god of Norse mythology.

Note: A chaotic card advantage machine which can also disrupt the plans of the enemy.



Cool card though.


No, its loke, the non brand generic version of the trickster god of norse mythology. Can’t say the real name due to copyright infringment/trademarks/something like that from marvel.


Jormungandr, the World Serpent
Legendary Neutral Minion
9 Mana (50/50)
Cannot be targeted by ANY spells. Can only move 1 space and cannot attack diagonally.
After this attacks and kills a minion, it moves onto that minion’s space and summons a Serpent Segment on its original space.

Serpent Segment
Token Neutral Structure
0 Mana (0/50)
Cannot be targeted by ANY spells.
Any changes to this minion’s Health affect Jormungandr*, and vice versa.
After a nearby Jormungandr* or Serpent Segment* moves, this moves onto that minion’s original space.

*Any references to Jormungandr mean the Jormungandr that summoned that Serpent Segment, and the Serpent Segments referenced would have to have been summoned by that Jormungandr as well.

Lore: Norse Mythology

In Less Words

Super strong, super slow serpent that grows whenever it kills something and moves like it’s from a snake game. You can take free hits at its body, but its head hits back with unnecessary force.

Fan Card Design Hub: Submissions (Updated 10/31)


7 mana Neutral Mythron minion
Opening Gambit: Draw a random highest costed Artifact from your deck and change its cost to 0.

Trial: Have at least 8 Artifacts in your deck.
Destiny: whenever anyone equips an Artifact, shuffle a copy of it into your deck.
Whenever an Artifact is destroyed, deal 3 damage to the enemy General and draw another from your deck.

Lore: Fate/Stay Night, Emiya Shirou/Archer.


you did NOT just blade works this


@darkjovo is it possible to add related token minions/spells/artifacts?
eg. Exhibit A 1 mana Magmar Spell
Summon an Exhibit B.
Exhibit B 0 Mana Magmar Token Minion 1/1


yes, its fine, as long as exhibit A is a minion. However, if exhibit A is a minion with a battle cry of that gives spell exhibit B that summons Token Exhibit C, That will work