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Card Design Contest 2018 #5 - The Monolith Fair of Mythron


After deliberation, just choose one of the cards as your option. It makes it simpler for Judges to judge it and the contest as a whole.


Ok, the tough part is which one…


Contestants, the Monolith Fair is drawing to a close. Merchants are beginning to pack of their tents and load their merchandise into a myriad of trunks and chests. However, the card design stand still remains open until the end of the monolith fair.

2 Days left to submit your submission and join the Contest for the chance of some nice prizes.


Alright, tweaked my own submission for less broken-ness. Hopefully it feels balanced now.

Feedback for a few submissions incoming in the Discussion thread…


Erratic Creed
Abbysian Minion (Legendary)
6 Mana 6/6
Deathwatch: Give a random minion in your action bar or deck a random ability.

Random ability according to factions:

Lyonar - Gain “Zeal: Celerity”
Songhai - Gain “Backstab:(3)”
Vetruvian - Gain “Blast”
Abbysian - Gain "Dying Wish: Restore 1 Health to your General. "
Magmar - Gain “Grow: +1/+1”
Vanar - Gain “Infiltrate:+2/+2”


Cutthroat Renegade
Songhai (rare)
6 mana 2/4


Celerity isn’t Lyonar specific although I think that’s what you were going for, sadly.


And at this time, we will not be accepting any more submissions for this contest. We are currently packing up the materials and shoving everything into a chest so we can take it back home. We will have our nominations in 1-2 weeks.

Any submissions after this comment will not be accepted for this contest.

Good Luck contestants, may your creativity revamp the next monolith fair.


I guess you have forgotten to mention that edits are also forbidden :wink:


Yes edits are also forbidden


The panel of jurors has finished their deliberations and it is the community’s hands to decide which is the most innovative nomination that has come from the fair.

Vote for your favorite submission here!


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