Card Design Contest 2018 #5 - The Monolith Fair of Mythron


Abyssian minion
4 mana 3/3
ZEAL: whenever your general kills an enemy minion, restores 2 health and gain any possible effect from it.

IMPORTANT: not really any effect, because there are some effects that won’t work, or will be too op.

DOES NOT WORK: intensify, opening gambit , Bond, Zeal, build, trial/destiny , dispeled effects, replace self effects, reduce self cost, SENTINEL (keyword does not work, but the effect after the transformation does)…
EXAMPLE: GrandMaster Z’ir , Moebius, Astral Crusader, rizen, erratic raptyr, wasteland wraith, disciple of yggdra…

DO WORK: KEYWORDS (of course some won’t work: airdrop,death wish…), bloodsurge , deathwatch, golem metallurgist, manaforger,


Disappeared refers only to minions that disappeared I.e wither, dervishes/ephemeral, and superior mirage. Or does disappeared mean something different in this context?


Frostfire Obelysk
4 Mana 0/6
Vetruvian Minion
Summon Dervish
Infiltrate: Also summon a Night Howler with Rush.

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the former, i used the term “disappear” in the game’s context. i thought that was clear already :c


That’s what I was thinking too, just wondering about previous response about overstated 4 Mana minions and razorcrag



Coldheart Behemoth
Neutral Minion
6 mana (2/4)
Opening Gambit: Summon 3 Blazing Spines in the same column as this and Shadow Creep in front of them.

  • A vertical segment of 3 Blazing Spines is summoned, like the Wintertide spell does.

  • Neutral, to make this crossover available to anyone, but only Vanar Wall and Abyssian Creep decks will be able to enjoy synergy.

  • Designed as a defensive “come back” card, hopefully correctly balanced compared with Grimes, Deathblighter, Star’s Fury, Wintertide, etc.

  • Board oriented first and foremost. Use it to stall, block, trap, flee, pressure… Flexible I think.

  • Also turns out to be a fine neutral counter to Cataclysmic Fault, at a correct price point.

  • Quite anti-synergistic with EMP, which is good in my book - a string of universally powerful neutral cards is not desirable.

  • Easily countered by Lightbender.

  • Maybe too strong with Wanderer, but the problem would be Wanderer.

  • Thanks a lot to @halcyon98 for the name!

  • V2: Thanks for the feedback @oranos. I toned its stats down and added a Wall positioning requirement (same column).


Abyssian Card


Sunstone Obelisk
Vetruvian Structure
3 mana 0/6
Zeal: Your dervishes have Forcefield.
Summon Iron Dervish.


Bloodstained Drums
Neutral Structure
4 mana 0/2
Build: (1)
When this minion is built, your buildings progress by 1 turn.
Deathwatch: Transform a build minion or structure back into a building.

  1. The build mechanic really needs some support.
  2. Since it’s neutral (faction 1) with an abyssian ability (faction 2), I believe it fits the prompt?

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Panddo’s blessing
Rare Songhai Spell
2 mana
Your general gain +1 Attack. Summon a friendly panddo nearby. Draw a card


Malicious Strategist
epic lyonar minion
4 mana(3/4)
Deathwatch: PROMOTE a friendly minion except Malicious Strategist

  1. i incorporated the deathwatch ability from abyssian into lyonar because i like playing strategos and this card i think will synergies with the swarm strategos.


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Fountain of Crimson Youth
Abyssian Structure
4 mana (0/3)
Build: (1)
Deathwish: Gain +2 Health
Zeal: At the end of your turn, set this minion’s health to 3 and restore the difference to your general.


How about this with maybe a tweak or two:
Haunted Obelysk
Vetruvian Strucutre
5 mana (0/8)
If this minion were to be dispelled instead transform into an Ethereal Obelysk.
Deathwatch: Summon a copy of the deceased minion nearby with Rush and Ephemeral only if it had 3 or more health.
(Copy and deceased minion requirement do not consider buffs)


umm…look up solpiercer


Both a bump and a juror submission. Only 5 days left!

Primal Erebos (Juror)
Abyssian Minion
7 mana 7/5
Opening Gambit: Re-summon a random friendly minion with Dying Wish that died this last turn nearby and give it, “Grow: +2/+2.”


Shadow Canine
Abyssian Minion
3 Mana (4/3)
Deathwatch: reactivate this minion


Darkfire Phoenix
Abyssian Minion
4 Mana 3/2
Whenever you sacrifice a minion, add a Phoenix Fire to your action bar.
Dying Wish: Transform a Phoenix Fire in your action bar into Darkfire Phoenix.

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Just letting everyone know that I’m not dead and I’ll be offering feedback on cards this coming Sunday

EDIT: Make that Saturday evening cause the contest ends on Sunday.

…Busy couple of weeks at work coupled with a severe addiction to Soul Calibur VI since it came out.


No worries, as long as you judge and I think i will give you a week for judging.


excuse for gate i see>>