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Card Design Contest 2018 #5 - The Monolith Fair of Mythron


Clearly Abyssian. And the kind of thing i need (with some creature buffing) for my Reliq dreams.


I’m only asking since its seems more like a neutral Gnasher that I’m comparing to rather than an something abyssian.

Also love reliquarian as well.


Call of the Seeker
3 mana Magmar spell
Give ALL minions not nearby another general or minion Grow +1/+1 and Rebirth.


Combining the “Decimate/Sky Burial”-mechanic from Lyonar with Rebirth and Grow archetypes of Magmar, while affecting the opponent’s minions a well. The name is inspired from Call to Arms, but instead of calling soldiers to protect your general, this spell inspires solitary warriors. I felt this is a fitting effect lorewise for Starhorn the Seeker, who is a wise, powerful loner surely capable of inspiring friend and foe alike.


Abominable Augmentation
8 Mana Vet spell
Destroy all friendly minions to give your general their Attack, Health and keywords. Cannot be dispelled


Basically Abhorrent Unbirth, except for your general. Also much needed Sajj support.

Edit: 8 mana because oranos thinks its OP


Renegade Summoner
4 mana 2/4 neutral Arcanyst

Whenever you summon a token it gains abilities dependant on your opponent’s faction.

List of Abilities:

Lyonar: Provoke, +2 health
Songhai: Dying Wish: deal 2 dmg to the closest enemy.
Abyss: +1 atk, Dying Wish: Summon a wraithling on a random space. (yeah, this goes infinite)
Vet: Rush, Ephemeral, +3 health (to avoid Bloodtide OTK)
Magmar: +1/+1, Rebirth
Vanar: Stun an enemy minion attacked by this.


This card is made to achieve several goals:

  1. Fun. It makes each opponent taste their own poison. Various results dependant on matchup make each game different.
  2. Slight support for slower Abyss Swarm.
  3. Another 4 mana option for Arcanyst Decks utilising Illu and maybe Firestarter.
  4. Any token deck support, mainly Memetown.

I agree that abilities may be not balanced between themselves, and I’d be glad for any suggestions.

Previous, but different design

Chakri Bodyguard
3 mana 2/4 Songhai Arcanyst
Zeal: Provoke
Whenever you cast a spell this minions gains +1 health.


Just to re-confirm publicly, we will sponsor this contest by giving codes. Good luck, Duelysts!


JURY MEMBER HERE, DO NOT NOMINATE. I’m just participating 'cause I love the contest idea and discussing cards in general.

Helianthus (Juror)
Lyonar Minion
3 mana (2/1)
Opening Gambit: This minion’s space becomes Primal Flourish.


Suntide Priestess
Lyonar Minon
5 Mana (3/3)
Deathwatch : Transform that space
into hallowed ground.


Sand Pillar
Legendary Vetruvian spell
4 mana
A friendly minion steals all abilities of minions in its column. Dispel those minions.

High quality content thank you. did you expect any better from paint?


Close enough


Pawn of the Monolith (Host/Juror/DO NOT VOTE FOR ME)
Neutral Minion
5 Mana (4/4)
Whenever this minion destroys a minion, assimilate part of their faction identity.

Faction Identity Abilities (These effects do stack)
  • Lyon’s Pride: "Gain “Zeal: At the end of the turn, restore 2 health to this minion”

  • Songhai’s Speed: "Gain “May move 1 additional space”

  • Abyssian’s Brood: "Gain “At the end of your turn, summon 1 1/1 wraithling nearby.”

  • Magmar’s Might: "Gain “Grow: +2/+2”

  • Vetruvian’s Gust: “Gain “Summon Dervish””

  • Vanar’s Frost: “Gain “At the end of the turn, stun a random, nearby minion””

  • Neutral Adaptability: “Gain +1/+1”

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I will vote for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Smoldering Spectre
Vetruvian Minion
4 mana (3/3)
Rush, Ephemeral (disappears at the end of the owner’s turn)
Dying Wish: Summon nearby your General all minions that disappeared this game. Those minions gain Rush if they don’t have it already and cost 4 or less.

note: includes your opponent’s minions that disappeared during the match and you gain control of them akin to Nether Summoning’s summon effect


What do you mean by “cost 4 or less?” You already summoned them around your general so does mana cost matter?


it should allow your opponent to at least answer those summoned with cost 5 or more since they don’t get Rush


Oh, I understand now. “Minions that cost 4 or less gain rush if they don’t have it it already.” Thank you for clarifying.


a little bit cracked given the number of 3 mana minions with excellent statlines(think komodos or erratic raptyrs or chaos elementals. This really can become a four mana makantor, except worse… I think you should further give them one more condition, such as ephemeral, or maybe lower the cost further or limit the number of minions. Besides that, think what could happen if you started dropping razorcrags? this becomes a somewhat conditional 2 card 13 damage combo…


hm, before the Spectre can summon those monsters on your side, your opponent must summon them first on their turn then you need to Wither them afterwards

i think the setup time balances it out


Green menhir
Magmar Structure
2 Mana (0/6)
Deathwatch: transform that area in a primal flourish

More love for grow magmar! :smiley:

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Tree of Life

Magmar Structure
3 mana 0/8

Grow +1/+1. Whenever any minion or General heals, the Tree of Life grows and converts one space to Primal Flourish, prioritising enemy spaces.

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Abyssian is what I was going for. Originally I was going for something else with deathwatch but it ended up being an absurd enabler for lancer or sunriser. This felt more balanced. It’s more about having a minion that you get more value from dead than alive, which is a very Abyssian trait.