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Card Design Contest 2018 #5 - The Monolith Fair of Mythron


“As you walk down a tiled street, you hear and see a bustling populace as merchants and peddlers vie for the attention of numerous tourists and shoppers with promises of enchanted bobbles and mystical elixirs. A multitude of stands have been erected with diversity of colorful vendors ranging from the light-blue as vanar merchant women are selling small, glistening blue crystals to passerbyer to a red, songhai mages holding up scrolls that hum with a fiery magic. Suddenly, a wave of pressure and heat rushes over the back of your neck. As you turn, you watch a pillar of flame explode brightly into the sky from the palm of a Vetruvian demonstrator. Hearing whoops, yelps, and laughter, you see his audience applauded excitedly from the display. All except an magmar gentlemen who instead of clapping is looking down into a small book, jotting down notes in hopes to understand and potentially replicate what he saw. With a sigh of relief, you continue down the street, making your way towards the heart of the Monolith Fair, home of innovation and the Trial of the Cores.”

Welcome, one and all, to the Monolith Fair and the 5th Card design Contest of 2018. My name is DarkJoVo and I will be your new host from here on out. After much deliberation from the jury and myself, the theme of this contest will be based on innovation and the exchange of information, techniques, and abilites between factions.

For those who are new to the contest: This contest is all about designing an own card following the contest’s prompt. A jury will then nominate 12 cards that are going to appear in the poll thread, where you all can vote for your favorite.

The prompt for this month’s card design contest:
Design a card that incorporates abilities/archetypes from two different factions

The deadline for your submissions will be at 10pm PST on October 28th, 2 weeks from today.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Everyone is allowed to submit only ONE card Design per Contest (including jury members)
  • All submissions must follow this basic template:

Faction, Type
Cost / (Stats)
Card Text.

Shallow Gravedigger
Vetruvian Minion
7 Mana (3/3)
Deathwatch: Whenever a minion is destroyed, transform that space into Exhuming Sand.

  • Cards that are clearly overpowered, underpowered, or meant to be a meme are NOT allowed.
  • Cards must follow the current contest’s prompt. All other submissions will be disregarded by the jurors and then promptly disenchanted into spirit.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you may NOT submit a card with a custom keyword of your creation.
  • You may submit card art, as long as it is created by yourself. Art is not taken into consideration from the jury and will not appear in the poll thread.
  • Please avoid copying cards from other CCGs.

Additional Rules for Jury Members if you choose to submit:

  • As part of your submission, please mark “Juror” in parenthesis next to the minion’s name like so:

Shallow Gravedigger (Juror)
Vetruvian Minion
7 Mana (3/3)
Deathwatch: Whenever a minion is destroyed, transform that space into Exhuming Sand.

  • Please do not include your fellow juror’s in your nominations, you won once already, wait til you are not apart of the jury to win again.

We also have prizes for the best three cards:

First: Place in the jury next month + 5 Orbs + Exclusive Forum Badge “Design God”
Second: Place in the jury next month + 4 Orbs
Third: Place in the jury next month + 3 Orbs

These prizes are provided to by Bandai-Namco and their Community Managers. Thank you @yaviey and @stormshade for making this possible.

Please do not discuss ideas here. Feel free to discuss thoughts about submitted cards here instead.
This is how the jury will evaluate cards.

Your jury for this contest are:

Good luck to everyone and may your creativity lead to innovation at the Monolith Fair.


Twilight Inquisitor (juror)
5 mana 3/7
Lyonar minion
may backstab allies
backstab: (0)
after you backstab restore health to your general equal to damage dealt

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Not necesarrily, backstab simply means you do damage without counterattack


Corruption of Eyos
7 Mana
Magmar Spell
For the rest of the game, your Grow abilities act like Deathwatch abilities instead.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)
Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)
Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

The Lich Master
Abyssian minion
6 mana 6/6
Whenever a unit is healed, summon Wraithlings equal to the healed amount nearby.
Bow before the Swarm!!!


Lavaspout Broodmother
Magmar Structure
7 mana 0/10
At the end of each turn, summon 1/1 Magmas at ALL nearby spaces.
Magmas you control have Grow: +1/+0.

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Judgement Sea Relic
Abyssian, Artifact
25 Mana
This minion’s cost is equal to the enemy General’s Health.
Your general gains Blast and “Deathwatch: At the end of every turn deal 1 damage to BOTH Generals for every minion destroyed in that turn”.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Hunting Hawk
Vanar Minion
2 Mana 2/2
Infiltrate : +2 Atk
Zeal : +1 Hp

Old Design

Hunting Hound
Vanar Minion
3 Mana 3/3
Infiltrate: Zeal: Gains +1/+1 & may move an additional space.

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Sunrise Martyr
Lyonar Minion
3 Mana 0/3
Dying Wish: Deal 4 damage to all nearby enemies.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Inxikrah Elder
9 mana 7/5
Legendary Abyssian Minion

Opening Gambit: Steal the Keywords of ALL minions and give them to this minion.

  • Will steal keywords (Opening Gambit, Dying Wish, Zeal, ect.) but not abilities (Facestriker, Quartermaster Gaujj, ect.)

  • Will steal the Opening Gambit of other minions but will not activate them

  • Cannot steal Sentinel or Build (I lied, can’t steal all keywords), or Invulnerable (Invulnerable means cannot be affected, so cannot be stolen)

  • Minions with plundered keywords will lose those keywords for the rest of the match. Returning a minion to your actionbar and then replaying it will not return its keywords.

@darkjovo if this doesn’t follow the guidelines can you let me know?


Abyssian Minion
2 mana (4/1)
Dying Wish: Give a friendly minion Rebirth: Lyth.


Time for something broken. This was originally going to cost 1 mana with lower stats but then i remembered fear and carrion existed. The idea is of some kind of creepy purple parasitic worm with a humanoid form that lives through infecting new hosts. It both provides sacrifical fodder and helps maintain board presence.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Thats really cool


Shinobi of the Frozen Moon
Vanar Minion Vespyr
2 mana (2/3)
Infiltrate: Backstab 3

Bringing back a very old submission of mine, one that got a lot of attention back in the day, but sadly did not make it to the voting phase. I gave it a few small updates, but my original idea of combining the infiltrate mechanic from Vanar with backstab from Songhai fits this prompt nicely.

Detailed Design Notes

The basic premise is doubling the difficulty of two already difficult to use mechanics should yield double the results. The ultimate risk vs reward card. In case its not clear this card only has backstab if it is on your opponents side of the field, otherwise its just a simple 2/3. While it may seem strong, without inner focus to break it, it should be powerful but have have tons of counterplay. In fact it is probably a little weak with how tough it is to pull off. Vanar is second only to Songhai when it comes to position manipulation, cards like this could really make that sub theme of theirs shine.

Currently it is intentionally trying to mirror Kaido Assassin for both flavor and mechanical balance. Kaido does three damage on a backstab, therefore Shinobi should do six, but realistically it may need to do a little less or a little more. The base is the same and its value should be about equal.

Flavor Notes

So onto the name and flavor. Vanar also has a little bit of a ninja theme, although they are more about stealth (Infiltrate) then they are assassination (Backstab). They could be the Ice Shinobi, compared to their Songhai counterpart the Fire Assassins.

Flavor wise it is supposed to be Kaidos counterpart with a Vanar spin, sort of planar chaos style from MTG.

Frozen Moon has several different meanings. First the obvious Frozen/Ice and Moon/Water theme. Then frozen moon could also refer to something such as an eclipse and therefore darkness. A very rare event, but spectacular when it happens, and an ideal circumstance for a stealthy assassin. Just like the cards effect, very hard to pull off but beautiful when you do.

Short Story

It was the night of the blue moon. A rare and spectacular event. The cool, crisp air, causing small clouds of mist with each breath. The guard I was partnered with for my watch let out a grasp and pointed,

“It’s the beginning of an eclipse!”

Two rare events at the same time, I could hardly believe my eyes! I had heard rumors of what we call the Frozen Moon before, but I never thought I would live to see one. The sky grew ever darker, and just before it was pitch black I noticed a lone traveler approaching our camp.


I said, just as the eclipse reached its apex, and as it did an icy wind blew fiercely extinguishing our torchlight, shrouding everything in complete darkness. The darkness only lasted for just a moment before a sliver of the moon illuminated the scene. The traveler was gone, and all at the camp were dead save for me.

Change Log:

Added Vespyr Tag

-1 backstab damage

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)
Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)
Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Here is a list of faction centric abilities/themes as compiled by @oranos

"vetruvian - blast, summon dervish, exhuming sand, dervishes, ethereal, minion steal
abyssian - deathwatch, shadow creep, AWESOME BBS, wraithlings, minion sacrifice,
songhai - backstab, death touch, panddos, teleports, empowered by spells.
magmar - grow, rebirth, grow tiles, eggs, self harm, magma(@zanestheargent)
vanar - stun, walls, infiltrate, vespyrs, mana crystals ramp, transform(@zanestheargent).
lyonar - zeal, cant be targetted by spells, hallowed ground, promotion, healing

oh yeah. abyssian, songhai, and vanar get sentinels"

Edit: @zanestheargent brought up a good point about magmar tokens and reminded me of the transform effects.


Gotta love how severely underused are the Magma tokens that they’re not even mentioned there.


Arcane Alembic
4 mana Songhai structure
At the end of your turn, Promote all spells in your action bar.

(Promoting a spell transform turns it into a random Songhai Spell that should cost 1 more, but keeps original cost the same. If no such spell exists, it promotes to the next Spell)

Example: Phoenix fire can be promoted to a thundrbomb that costs 2 mana, and then a 2 mana pandaemonium the next turn. Firestorm Mantra can be promoted to a 6 mana Koan of Horns, and then a 6 mana Kensho Vortex.


Corrected, thanks for pointing it out.


I honestly don’t know anymore :thinking:


What combination of faction themes does this minion take from. Its lyonar and what else?