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Card Design Contest [#2/2018]


Meddling Savage
Neutral Minion
3 mana (2/4)
Whenever a friendly minion counterattacks, suppress all Destinies until the end of your turn.


Magmar Minion
4 mana (2/5)
Grow +1/+1
When this minion counterattacks and survives, it grows.

The sprite would be the combination of a triceratops and an angered okkadok.

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Would it also be angered?


Blood Harvester
Magmar Minion
2 mana (1/3)
Whenever this minion counterattacks, draw a card.


Name: Spiteful buffoon.
Faction: Abyssian.
Cost: 6.
Stats: 3/10.
Card Text: Provoke. Can’t counterattack. Dying Wish: Deal damage equal to double his attack to anybody who didn’t counterattack to.
(I don’t know if I could explain myself because i’m Spanish and this sentence is really complicated for me xd. With this I mean: Imagine you have a 6/6 minion and a 4/7 one, and the opponent plays this. In order to kill him you hit it with both minions. It does not counterattack to any of them at the moment of the attack, but when it dies it deals 6 damage (as it has 3 attack) to both of them because they hit it, and the 6/6 will die. The thing is that it doesn’t work if buffoon was who attacked in first place, so if it hits the 6/6, and after that you attack him with the 4/7, the dying wish will only affect to the 4/7).

I love playing Abyssian, and with this card, control abyss would have another interesting tool for oppressing the opponent. As it has provoke, if the opponent doesn’t have enough damage on board for removing it is likely to see it on board more than one turn (imagine the other player is playing swarm and have tons of 1/1. As that person can’t kill it even if it’s surrounded by wraithlings, he or she can’t suicide his minions because buffoon doens’t counterattack, for killing him). So this card involves positioning a lot because minions provoked by it keep being so till it dies (unless it moves). Also, you can buff its attack damage in a lot of ways, but not as for example if you were playing magmar (faction in which this card should be the next level of oppression xd). The penalty of hit him with your general could be huge if the player has ways to increase his attack (soulshatter pact, phantasm, shadow reflection, cresccendo, void steal…). And this kind of cards would be seeing more play. Also is not necessary to buff it at the moment when you play it for getting a buff on the dying whish. Even there could be situations when its positive to suicide buffoon for getting all the damage to enemies who hit it.
As a conclusion, this is a card I consider would add complexity to the game in a good way: its good for deckbuilding, think around it when played, play around it before played, it involves difficult decissions…


Alright, time’s up, submission’s closed. Please do not edit your submissions anymore and relax a bit, while the jury evaluates the cards. :slight_smile: