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Card Design Contest [#2/2018]


Great minds think alike, except I’m aggro inclined:

Thermal Throttler
Vanar Minion (Mech)
6 Mana 2/8
Whenever an enemy counterattacks, stun all enemies nearby this minion.

State of Vanar, Volume III: Faction Identity & My Wishes
The state of Vanar & An overview of recent Vanar history

Nightshroud Infiltrator
Abyssian Minion
2 Mana (1/4)
ALL counterattacks from minions destroy the attacking minion.


So my goal for this card was to introduce a powerful early game minion for our purple friends. They traditionally lacked strong early plays and were supposed to make up for it with powerful late game but currently they seem to lack both and are forced to rely on neutrals. However I absolutely hate aggro cass and the like so something defensive that can’t easily be used to smorc was necessary. At the same time I enjoy simple, easy to understand, but deceptively strong effects.

The result: Nightshroud Infiltrator. With a beefy 1/4 stat line for 2 mana it survives most sources of damage early but only deals 2 dmg to generals with its base stats. Its ability makes it so any minion that attacks another minion will be destroyed itself. Useless as an aggressor but very strong defensively. With all minions having a deadly counter attack, the game will slow down as there can be no value trading. Generals and spells will be the main source of clearing but beware taking too much damage with your general :smiley:.

Its ability has applications with swarm since minions don’t want to die taking down puny wraithlings while cass can use it to stall. I can’t think of much maehv wants to do with this sneaky spy but I’m sure underlord likes slow games.


Firetangled stormspear
Songhai Artifact
5 Mana
Your general gains +2 attack.
Whenever you cast a spell that deal damage to a minion, that minion is “tangled”. Whenever your general counterattacks it deals 3 damage to all “tangled” enemy minions.


An artifact that gives some attack and powerfull counterattack ability that are sure to remove some threats alot of the time. It does require some build-up and damagespells to shine, but there are alot of them in songhai.
A minion can not get more than 1 instance of “tangled” and the “tangled” persist after the artifact is broken. So it if you have 2 or 3 of this aritfact you can continue putting pressure on already tangled minions.


Chaos Jester
Neutral Minion
3 mana 3/3

When this minion attacks, replace all cards in your hand.
When it counterattacks, replace all cards in opponent’s hand.

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Messenger of Peace

Neutral Minion

1 mana 0/1

Any minion or general that is counterattacked is healed for an equal amount of damage


I think it would be cool to have more variety in P1 T1 plays so I wanted make a 1 or 2 drop. This minion I think is also very strong because it provides healing procs and survivability for your board but not too OP because it requires a board, it needs counterattacks and is easily killable, but you generally don’t expect to survive for too long. The cost and stats also go with the name.

If any minion dies from being counterattacked, this guy can’t heal. Also, sorry to Loliconartist for making something similar to your submission, I thought this card would be a different variant of it.


The Great Equalizer
Legendary Vetruvian Minion
6 Mana (6/6)
Before ANY minion counterattacks, switch its Attack and Health.
At the end of EVERY turn, cast an Equality Constraint on ALL minions.


This card is just meant to be fun and have some good synergy with Ciphyron Ascendant (something that he direly needs). Here’s an example of how it works: Besides The Great Equalizer, you have a Iron Dervish (2/2), and your opponent has a Razorcrag Golem (10/3). When your Dervish attacks the Razorcrag, the Razorcrag’s Health is reduced to 1. Then its Attack and Health are switched, making it a 1/10. It counterattacks, turning the Dervish into a 2/1. Then, at the end of your turn, the Dervish is healed back to 2/2 and the Razorcrag is turned into a 1/1. This is a very powerful effect, which is why it acts on both players (that is more “Equalized”, anyway), but you still get to use the instant effect first, so long as you already have a board in place. Ciphyron can also give -2/-0 after a minion counterattacks to ensure that it gets dealt 2 extra damage at the end of your turn.

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Corrus, Guardian’s Sun
Lyonar Minion
6 Mana (5/2)
Provoke, Forcefield
After this minion counterattacks, refresh it’s Forcefield.


Adding to the lineup of super defensive, heavy hitting Lyonar minion, whose presence on board require an answer. Because the Forcefield is refreshed after the counterattack, any damage dealt using a spell or ability will remove the Forcefield and not trigger a counterattack, leaving Corrus vulnerable to damage.


Searing Fang
Magmar Minion
3 Mana (3/3)
Your General cannot counterattack


Windblade Fencer
Lyonar Minion
4 mana, 4/3
Whenever this minion is chosen for an attack, it attacks the attacking enemy first, if the enemy is reduced to 0 hp, it is immediately destroyed.


Reclaiming Charge
Lyonar, Spell
5 mana
For this turn, whenever a friendly minion or general destroys a minion that attacked last turn, reactivate it.

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Neutral Penguin Minion
3 Mana (2/4)
Whenever this minion deals damage transform it into a random minion of the same cost.


A sticky neutral minion with Vanar aesthetic but neutral power level. On damage triggers happen immediately before counterattacks so an attacking Burbeak will receive a counter attack on its transformed version. Meanwhile when Burbeak counterattacks it will transform after taking damage, effectively getting a heal. If reduced to 0 hp when attacked it will still transform.


Windcliffe Flanker
Lyonar minion
3 mana 3/4
Prevent all damage from counterattacks dealt to Windcliffe Flanker.


Red Mist Phoenix
Songhai Minion
4 mana 2/5
Whenever this minion counterattacks, cast a Phoenix Barrage on the attacking enemy.


4 mana magmar spell
During your opponents turn, your eggs gain attack equal to your general’s and may counterattack.


Vengeful Obelysk
Vetruvian structure
3 mana 0/1
Summon Dervish
Whenever an enemy counterattacks, deal it as much damage as this has health.

Edit: some commentary

p2t2 cast this on mana tile + Cosmic Flesh = 2 damage of general attack + 4 damage of this thing to whatever you attack


Sacred Eruptor
Magmar Minion
4 Mana (1/4) Provoke
Whenever this minion counterattacks give all your minions +1/+1


Bloodmoon Dagger
Abyssian artifact
2 mana
Whenever your general counterattacks, steal 2 health from the enemy general


Abyssian has a lot of artifacts that want protection from enemy attacks, but minimal tools to preserve those artifacts. This artifact punishes mindlessly going face, while fits the relatively unexplored but very thematically Abyssian lifesteal-theme. At one proc it’s a worse Void Pulse, while at all three procs it’s a huge 6 health steal.


Bloodsoul Rearguard
Abyssian Minion
2 mana (1/3)
Provoke. If this minion counterattacks another minion, destroy them both and summon a husk on a random nearby space.


Meddling Savage
Neutral Minion
3 mana (2/4)
Whenever a friendly minion counterattacks, suppress all Destinies until the end of your turn.


Magmar Minion
4 mana (2/5)
Grow +1/+1
When this minion counterattacks and survives, it grows.

The sprite would be the combination of a triceratops and an angered okkadok.

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