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Card Design Contest [#2/2018]

Here it is: The second Card Design Contest of 2018. Have fun!

For those of you who are new: This contest is all about designing an own card following the contest’s prompt. A jury will then nominate 12 cards that are going to appear in the poll thread, where you all can vote for your favorite.

We also have prizes for the best three cards:

First: 5 Orbs + Exclusive forum badge “Design God” + Place in the jury next month
Second: 4 Orbs + Place in the jury next month
Third: 3 Orbs + Place in the jury next month

Thanks to Counterplay / Bandai Namco for providing the orbs and the forum badge.

Here are the rules:

  • Everyone is allowed to submit ONE card design per month.
  • They have to follow the basic template:

Faction, Type
Cost / (Stats)
Card text.

Shadowmaster Serai
Songhai Minion
5 Mana (3/5)
Backstab: (1) All of your Backstabs deal 2 more damage.

  • Clearly over- or underpowered cards or memes are not allowed.
  • Cards have to follow the monthly design prompts (e.g.: Create a Battle Pet).
  • Unless stated otherwise, you may NOT create own Keywords.
  • You may submit card art, as long as it is created by yourself. Art is not taken into consideration from the jury and will not appear in the poll thread.
  • Please avoid copying cards from other CCGs.

This month’s prompt: Design a card that synergizes with counterattacking in any form. It is NOT enough to just design a card with Backstab!

Please do not discuss ideas here. Feel free to discuss thoughts about submitted cards here instead.
This is how the jury will evaluate cards.

The deadline for submissions is the 10th of June!

This month’s jury is:

Good Luck to all participants!


Vanar Vespyr
5 mana (2/6)

Stunned minions and generals don’t counterattack.
Opening Gambit: Stun ALL nearby minions and generals.


With frigid corona changed it’s almost no way to stun an enemy general. Battlepet stun has obvious disadvantage of deploying a battlepet, while permafrost is costly and not easy to use. I see, stunning an enemy general is very powerful, that’s why I was trying to be careful with my design.

This minion presents an opportunity to stun an enemy general while providing a persistent effect that may or may not push stun archetype closer to viability. User should be careful deploying it, though, as all its effects are symmetrical. That supports clever positioning aspect we all love in Duelyst yeah I play artihai and talk about positioning aspect we all love :stuck_out_tongue:


Spined Serpent
Neutral minion
4 Mana (3/5)
Deals double damage on counterattacks


Vetruvian, minion.
3 mana, 3/3.
This minion blast when counterattack an enemy in the same row or column.

Note :
This minion doesnt have blast, it only blast when counter attack. This is like reverse blast, where the original blast cant be triggered on counterattack.


Sandstorm Obelysk
Vetruvian Structure
3 mana (0/3)
Summon Dervish. Enemy minions attacked by Dervishes nearby this cannot counterattack


Vanar artifact
3 mana
Your General gains +1 attack.
Whenever an ememy counterattacks send them 1 space back at the direction you hit them.


Blood tracker
6 mana
Vespyr 4/5
Your howlers gain rush.
OG: howler attacked this turn by a injured minion and survive is destroyed.

How and why -
Basically howlers are the backbone of the vespyr support for vespyr or tokens(trail) , they come as hunt, or frostiva and either costly or needee for certain arcitypes (trail, vespyr).
Once a vespyr get rush, given your positioning this is a direct buff for sotw decks (being able to go for 6 dmg directly without the opponent able to react).
This is a direct buff for vespyrs (buff it and go to town)
A reward for playing high risk high reward like frostiva or reliq. which is hard to maintain or hunt which is costly.
Also - will buff trail a little since you are able to clear board with howlers once summoned and keep control until you ready to blow.


Introducing Lyonar’s one and only cost reduction card.

Sunstone Barrister
Lyonar Legendary
6 Mana 3/6
Whenever this attacks or counterattacks, all cards on your action bar cost 1 less.


Since Magmar, Vanar, Songhai, Abyssian and Vetruvian all have some methods for ramping, why not Lyonar?

Lyonar has a lot of good effect cards but high mana cost, that would render it almost useless and clunky in current fast meta play. This minion present an alternative gameplan for deck builders to come up with unique gameplay for Lyonar. The ability to reduce costs in hand when attack and counterattack is very powerful since this minion can be used offensively and defensively, make it versatility uncanny.


Abyssian Minion
6 mana 6/6
Provoke. Whenever this minion destroys an enemy minion with a counterattack, summon a 6/6 Horror on the enemy minion’s space.

Design Explanation

A horrormeister refers to an individual famous, or infamous, for producing films in the horror genre. This card was inspired by one of the greatest horrormeisters of our time, Alfred Hitchcock. Borrowing the words from his twisted mind, “revenge is sweet and not fattening.” Appropriately, the Horrormeister takes revenge upon its foes in a very sweet way indeed, by presenting them with a little box of 6/6 Horrors. For the rather reluctant audience, the Horrormeister’s Provoke will make up for a truly frightening viewing experience that’s not to be missed.


Tyvian Khopesh
Vetruvian Artifact
4 Mana
Your general gains +1 attack.
Whenever your general counterattacks, restore 1 durability to all of your artifacts.

The name is derived from Tyvia, which according to the Lore is a Vetruvian city that is home to the finest weaponsmiths, and Khopesh, which is the name of an ancient Egyptian sword.


Kaido Thrower
Songhai Epic Golem
4 Mana / 4 Attack / 5 Health
While adjacent to this minion, friendly minions can attack it. If one does, the attack and counterattack are negated. Instead, teleport the minion to the space behind the enemy General and give it Celerity until the end of this turn.

Imagine a giant deftly tossing your minions around, there’s no running from Kaleos’ killers anymore…


Abyssian spell
3 mana
All counterattacks are considered normal attacks this turn


Sort of a powerturn card. May fit with other factions but I prefer Aby.
Each counterattack causes another counterattack (like a normal attack does) in a loop, until someone dies. Additionally counterattacks trigger attack-related effects (like Frenzy).


Magmar Minion
7 mana
when this minion is attacked it counterattacks twice and gains Celetry next turn.


Magmar minion
5 mana 6/3
Damaged friendly units cannot be counter attacked


This card is designed to add greater synergy with self - harm decks, and more specifically as a way for them to trade their minions/maintain board without having your frail, damage minions die. At the same time, this card helps your general attack and trade into other minions easier, which can be helpful if you are not running a lot of healing or if your trying to preserve artifacts like Twin Fang.

Initially, I had designed it to be an Opening Gambit effect, but with its mana cost I felt that it would be to similar to Boulder Breacher. Because of this, I decided to make it an aura effect, and I adjusted its stats so that whole it would be able to benefit from its effect, it would still be relatively easy to remove. Furthermore, the nature of the effect makes it difficult for Ragnora to abuse it with his Rippers without first buffing them.

The name is suppose to coincide with Catalyst Quillbeast, as while quillbeast incites damage upon minions Surpressor acts as an “inhibitor” to the effects of self harm/quillbeasts.


Magmar, Minion
Grow +1/+1
Give this minion +2/+2 whenever it is attacked


Counter counterer with a counter creature
5 mana neutral minion
All counter attacks deal no damage, and trigger a second attack from the original attacker.
This is meant to give a more interesting take on minion stats, for example when the card hits it makes it better to have cards with stats like flameblood warlocks, which is not usually strong, but post playing this card mor thicc minions with more health have a better chance of survival.

This card also encourages the play of cards like sojourner and other upon dealing damage proccing cards. And because it says attack it triggers kewwords like frenzy a second time (note if a minion doesnt counter this effect doesnt trigger) this also provides an actual win condition for tempo decks to be able to actually push a win without having to snowball with board presence


Neutral minion
7 mana 5/5
Whenever this minion counterattacks, make your opponent move like a battle pet next turn.


rashas regret
3 mana spell
give a friendly minion “when this minion counterattacks, it dissapears and is resummoned on a random space”

basically if you punch this miraged minion and it counterattacks, it will disappear and reappear somewhere else as if a fresh summon, like a deathless sarlac

may need some help with the phrasing

based on the codex chapter where rasha caused the death of many of his troops chasing after mirages


Mirror Entity
Vetruvian minion
4 mana 0/9
Provoke. When this is attacked, it counterattacks using the attack value and abilities of the attacker.

This ability essentially transforms the minion into a copy of its attacker until the end of its counter-attack. For example, being attacked by a frenzy minion triggers a counterattack with frenzy. Being attacked by Sojourner makes it counter with Sojourner’s ability. Even if it gets backstabbed, it counters with an identical backstab.


Scion’s Final Wish
Vetruvian Spell
4 Mana

Give a friendly dervish +0 / +2 and provoke. Only counterattacks damage this minion.

I tried coming up with something that’s completely different. It may be over-tuned. The ability, alone, is powerful.

Edit: “Only counterattacks will… to Only counterattacks damage…”