Card Design Contest [#2/2018] - Community Poll


The jury has nominated their 12 favorites and now it is your turn to decide the winner!

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  • You can vote for 2 submissions.
  • Please be fair and vote for the card design, not the person behind it!

The poll will be closed on June 30, 2018. Good luck to everyone!


by @beelakor:

1) Tyvian Khopesh by phoinexflame

Vetruvian Artifact
4 Mana
Your general gains +1 attack.
Whenever your general counterattacks, restore 1 durability to all of your artifacts.

I think the name itself shows that there is a well worked out approach to a Vetruvian artifact. The effect may remind of Obdurator, but I like the new approach and the technical difficulties an opponent will have to get rid of it. The only problem I could have is the unclear link between the name and the thing it does. If it would be a shield or a weapon that is used in a defensive manner it would fit a bit better.

Name: 8/10 missing points deducted because of unclear link to the purpose

Wording: 9/10 precise, no reasonable shortening found. Still a lot of text.

Balance: 34/35 related to the mana cost this card is very fair. Ranged attacks and pings of any kind will tear this artifact down while it only gives a minor attack buff. This artifact is pro close combat in a crowded space which is a novelty. Even Iris Barrier needs distance to other minions than the attacked target. In a faction that doesn’t have many high damage artifacts (unlike Magmar or Abyssians) it won’t be able to abuse facehugging.
The fact that it takes up an artifact slot, costs quite a bit mana and is breakable in multiple ways makes up for the possibility that it might be hard to deal with if you play factions that don’t have much pings and artifact removal at their disposal.

Creativity: 32/45 The parallel to Obdurator or Lion’s eye is clear and it is a straightforward implementation of the mechanic into the counterattack context. Still I like that it offers a new way to look opon Vetruvian artifact themed decks.

Total 84

2) Rime-blade Magus by longshot405

Vanar Minion
4 Mana (2/5)
Counterattacks from friendly minions or generals stun enemies.

Besides the flavour, I really like that his minion allows a very defensive stance for Vanar, especially when played together with Gracity Wells or other tokens. The card gives the opponent the option to remove this minion before it takes any effect. Effectively it doesn’t just tax the opponent, but gives him or her the task to choose very wisely what to attack and what not. Sadly it is very inefficient against any non-interactive or non-close combat strategies.

Name: 7/10 For a global effect Magus and Rime seems fitting. Blade as a nod to the counterattack seems somewhat fitting, but has less of a board-effect vibe.

Wording: 9/10 very clear. could be shorter if duelyst would use “Characters” instead of “minions and generals”, but given the circumstances

Balance: 35/35 Since this card does give the opponent time to react to its effect befor it matters it seems very fair in a removal saturated environment. If it sticks and the opponent play into the effect it generates a real advantage. As it also stuns generals there will be some factions that suffer more from it than others. Minons that die from the counterattack aren’t harmed by the effect at all, the fewer, bigger minions and the more general attack centric an opponent plays the more it will slow down their game plan in total. As I am for a slightly slower gameplay I like the role this card could play. It generates no additional advantages from 0 Power walls, but can be a nice addition to it. Maybe it is a bit too weak in that regard, but I like that the designer might have considered it as too much if gravity wells would also stun the attacker.

Creativity: 34/45 Bonechill Barrier has a similar effect on its body that only affects minions. As a global effect and with a slightly different wording due to the counterattack theme I think it is a nice work of transfer.

Total 83

3) Searing Fang by idnotfound

Searing Fang
Magmar Minion
3 Mana (3/3)
Your General cannot counterattack

Name: 10/10 Fang + burning theme is a very good combination for Magmar. As fire is a dangerous thing to use I like that it gives a hint to the risk you are taking with it.

Wording: 9/10 one of the shortest and clearest card texts in this contest. “Cannot” should be shortened to “can’t” though

Balancing: 27/35 With Rush this card has a big hurdle to overcome at 3 mana as a 3/3. It is better than Saberspine Tiger before its latest nerf and has no immediate drawback like Elucidator. The OP alarm bells are ringing. While the drawback of your General losing its counterattack can be avoided by sending the Fang away from him due to the rush movement, the card shows its weakness in close combat, where it seals your fate. The 3 health can be seen as a problem and a blessing to the opponent. It can’t be used to deal just 3 damage to any 2 power minion or general unpunished as it survives then long enough to eventually give the opponent the opportunity to retaliate (but also has to be removed before it attacks again). To all minions and generals with more than 3 attack it is “just” an old saberspine tiger that can only be used in magmar. With Elucidator as the “better” combo piece available I don’t see Searing Fang as a problem in the combo context. The biggest effect this card has is as an insane early game tempo play that also takes away the worth of 2 cards/ 1 card and 3 health from the opponent. Magmar already has many tempo plays, but not as early as P2 T1. This is why I think that this card has a minor balancing issue. Compared to Tusk Boar 2/3 stats on it might be a bit harsh on it for 3 mana and changing the text to: “This and your general can’t counterattack” makes it only good if you need to trade something away or want to push face damage, but also might solve the biggest issues.

Creativity: 42/45 I really like the concept of this card as it is trying to push the borders what can be done with rush. No counterattacks for your general as a downside on a minion is really producing interesting ideas of its uses and downfalls. Leaning on the Tusk Boar/ Elucidator shell of a rush minon with downside is only a minor complaint as the innovation has more weight in this judgement.

Total 84

by @tsevech:

1) Bloodsoul Rearguard by owlbeastmd

Abyssian Minion
2 mana (1/3)
Provoke. If this minion counterattacks another minion, destroy them both and summon a husk on a random nearby space.

The name is not great, but the card is interesting, balanced and nicely fits the Abyssian theme of evil tricks. It’s a good value card, which would be played in slower Abyssian decks. Solid submission.

2) Mirror Entity by excogitator

Vetruvian minion
4 mana 0/9
Provoke. When this is attacked, it counterattacks using the attack value and abilities of the attacker.

Nice fit for Control Vetruvian, I like the unconventional stats and the choice of proposing a tech card as a submission. Balance is hard to assess, because it necessarily depends on the meta, but the 0 attack and the vulnerability to dispel sound reasonable choices to ensure it is not too strong.

3) Red Mist Phoenix by alphacentury

Songhai Minion
4 mana 2/5
Whenever this minion counterattacks, cast a Phoenix Barrage on the attacking enemy.

Phoenix Barrage is a card which I like a lot and it’s great to see some love for it in the form of this minion. It’s essentially a bigger Lantern Fox with better spell synergy and it perfectly fits the “animal” minions theme of Songhai.

by @mmf:

1) Surpressor by akurane

Magmar minion
5 mana 6/3
Damaged friendly units cannot be counter attacked

Name: 5/10
I don’t see anything special about this name. It doesn’t seem related to duelyst and feels like a filler name.

Wording: 10/10
Really precise wording here, no further explanation needed. CPG needs to take lessons from this guy

Balance: 30/35
It’s ability in Magmar may seem powerful especially since it has an archetype that can readily take advantage of that immunity, however, the 3 health serves as afairly adequate limiter to the potential power of this card Without having to take into account the numerous counter cards already in place. 6 attack ensures that the opponent will think twice before trying to kill this thing without a ping and serves as a “viability failsafe” should it get dispelled some way.

Creativity: 37/45
While the concept of self harm benefits isn’t anything new tax shelters, this card goes a degree above what we have seen so far. And while that improvement is a definite plus, it isn’t so oppressive that the opponent would wardant an insta-concede. It encourages thoughtful plays from the enemy and instills a fresh sense of desperation as the enemy realises you suddenly have an counterattack immune, twin fanged starhorn/vaath steaming towards them.
Terrifying in the best of way.

Total: 82/100

2) Pyrocounter by reignzu

Vetruvian, minion.
3 mana, 3/3.
This minion blast when counterattack an enemy in the same row or column.

Name: 7/10
While it doesn’t blow my mind with it’s lore/theme/references, it certainly gets the idea across.

Wording: 9/10
Other than the aggravating grammatical error There should be an s after blasts since it’s a verb , the wording isn’t an issue here.

Balance: 26/35
A 3 mana 3/3 with provoke is quite fair especially taking into account it’s ability. We don’t want fair, we want a card which we’ll be able to use to the most effect which makes it’s 3 mana cost great when considering what buffs vetruvian can give it’s minions health wise. Solid card, shame it isn’t a dervish.

Creativity: 39/45
I like the idea of blasting via counterattack. It’s new, offers new counteroptions (aka, a reason to use sand trap), and isn’t an idea you’d pop off in a split second.

Total: 81/100

3) Rashas Regret by oranos

rashas regret
3 mana spell
give a friendly minion “when this minion counterattacks, it dissapears and is resummoned on a random space”

Name: 10/10
Love the name and reference to game lore.

Wording: 8/10
Could’ve re-dited to “when this minion counterattacks, re-summon it on a random space.

Balance: 26/35
Spending the 3 mana cost plus the minion cost is a tough trade. Pretty good utility if applied to a bulky/high value minion that can survive a hit or 2 (ex: t.horn) otherwise can be quite the meme card.

Creativity: 33/45
You said it yourself, it’s like sarlac’s ability so…

Total: 77/100

by @deathsadvocate:

1) Nightshroud Infiltrator by buyingcoats

Abyssian Minion
2 Mana (1/4)
ALL counterattacks from minions destroy the attacking minion.

A good two drop where its desperately needed, with a linear effect keeping it balanced and making the card require thought to use, that supports swarms by helping them keep alive rather then just continuing to push the archetype in a polarized burst direction. I like the name, although infiltrate being a keyword is a minor concern.

2) Bloodmoon Dagger by miguelosz

Abyssian artifact
2 mana
Whenever your general counterattacks, steal 2 health from the enemy general

Underused subtheme? Check. Sustain? Check. Control oriented discourages going face? Check. Artifact support for a faction with a lot of artifacts but no way to protect them? Check. This card is beautiful, although due to the prevalence of pings, burn, and or direct artifact destruction I think its a touch on the weak side, could also use something like “counterattacks, OR is targeted” this way artifact destruction still works but it can help defend against burn to. While I love the name…I do not think its legal as they changed Bloodmoon Priestess name.

3) Hibernator by alplod

Vanar Vespyr
5 mana (2/6)
Stunned minions and generals don’t counterattack.
Opening Gambit: Stun ALL nearby minions and generals.

Stun needs support, always found it odd that stuned units can counterattack so thats a perfect effect. However I think its a touch on the weak side as the drawback is really major as it means you will for sure stun one of your own units, stunning only enemy units would likely be fine, or alternitively the card could have a cheaper mana cost.

  • Nightshroud Infiltrator
  • Bloodmoon Dagger
  • Hibernator
  • Tyvian Khopesh
  • Rime-blade Magus
  • Searing Fang
  • Bloodsoul Rearguard
  • Mirror Entity
  • Red Mist Phoenix
  • Surpressor
  • Pyrocounter
  • Rashas Regret

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A thousand thanks to the jury for evaluating the submissions!

Honorable Mentions:

Horrormeister by Halcyon98

Clever name, neat effect, and thematic, but its just mostly removal bait, and unfortunately I just cant currently see a deck it would fit into. (deathsadvocate)

Kaido Thrower by thematsjo

Really cool concept, love the idea of a giant throwing stuff, but i’d much rather not be OTK’d by a CELERITY backstab minion. (mmf)

Windcliffe Flanker

Although not particularly creative, this card was a good choice for Lyonar, because it comes with a simple effect which makes the minion resilient to attacks. However, balance wise it seems on the weak side, which combined with the limited creativity prevented the card from making the cut. (tsevech)


@mmf, I think you misread the card. It should attack before getting celerity, thus it gets only 1 attack. @thematsjo may correct me if I’m wrong. Inner focus is still a thing though.

@deathsadvocate, thanks for liking my card. It’s the first time I get this far, I’m proud of myself regardless of the final result.

EDIT. @excogitator, btw, I think mirror entity is brilliant. Do not want to offend other contestants, but you should win, IMO.


@mmf, @alplod is correct. I had the card without bestowing Celerity before realizing I’d end up with a teleported minion that’s unable to do anything.

Inner Focus is a thing and I should’ve thought of having the effect last until the end of the current activation specifically.


@alplod, as @thematsjo said, the celerity effect would last until the end of the turn so there would be nothing stopping the opponent from using inner focus to backstab you at least 3 times that turn (and knowing some songhai minions, that’d hurt).

And yes, I did realize that the minion would have only 1 backstab without the use of inner focus


Searing Fang and Mirror Entity got my attention, i like both the names and effects.


Just a little bump to remind you that the poll will close tomorrow! Vote for your favorite entry if you haven’t already!


Oh, wow, happy memers me, @excogitator and @miguelosz are tied for the first place. Nice company, m8s :wink: and I voted for both, hmm :thinking:

How is tiebreaker decided?


Ties are decided by the jury, so they will now announce their favorite in our super secret awesome jury hub :wink:
The results will be posted soon!


Alright,the jury has decided:

The winners are:

  1. Mirror Entity by @excogitator with 10 jury points
  2. Bloodmoon Dagger by @miguelosz with 8 jury points
  3. Hibernator by @alplod with 6 jury points

You will receive your prizes from @stormshade (i guess?). Thank you all for participating.


As much as I would love to be the first, I actually agree with the placement. I told you that Mirror Entity should win :slight_smile:

Congrats, guys!


Wow, I didn’t think I would score this high :slight_smile: thanks for the awesome contest and submissions everybody!


Wow! I can’t believe I won! :smiley:
Thank you @attheedge for continuing to host these Awsome contests. And thanks to everyone else for the wonderful submissions!


Thinking back on it, @thematsjo could’ve just said that the minion would reactivate after the teleport instead of giving it celerity


It would’ve been a very easy fix but I failed to spot the complication and didn’t think it through. My bad!


Still no orbs from @stormshade, btw. Is this general political decision now?


@stormshade where are you…


Hi Folks,

I really need the organizers of the forum contests to send me a PM with the list of winners before I can send out the rewards. I’ve contacted all of them (I hope) privately already requesting this.

As soon as I have the information from them I’ll start working to get them sent out.

I’m sorry for the delays.




I have to ask: why the heck this wasn’t linked in the original topic -_-? I’ve been checking it for more than a month and figured to look into “Media & Events” only now.

Congratz to winners.


@zerounderscoreou That’s a good point, I will do so in future contests :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the future contest! :sweat_smile: