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Card Design Contest [#1/2018]


Magmar minion
4 mana (1/6)
Intensify: gain +1 attack
Whenever a friendly egg dies, intensify this minion.

This is my submission for the design contest.

Intensify offers the unique ability to not only buff current cards, but future cards to be played. The base effect of intensify happens whenever the minion enters the battlefield, but I feel like there is more room to explore the concept.

This card, like many in the Magmar faction, has a weakness to dispel, however, due to Intensity, there is still a lingering benefit to the buffs that is not erased by a rogue EMP. I wanted to keep this card relatively simple because it is tweaking an already existing mechanic.


Akrane Channeler
Neutral Arcanyst
3 mana (1/5)
Opening gambit: move a card in your deck that costs 2 or less with intensify to the top of your deck.

(doesn’t work if you don’t have anymore intensify cards in your deck or never had any to begin with)

Idea behind it - another neutral 3 in the arcanyst gang, adding consistency to an otherwise inconsistent mechanic without blatantly forcing synergy. With the advent of malicious wisp, 3 drops are better than ever , and this card capitalizes on this concept without pushing any synergies over the top. Cost limitation was to avoid further breaking accumulonimbus. Wears buffs like a champ as well.


Essence channeler
Neutral minion
5 mana 4/6
Intensify: Intensify all of your other cards.


Vespyr whisperer
Vanar minion
4 mana 2/3
Intensify: summon 1 snow chaser nearby



Neutral Arcanyst Minion

3 Mana (2/5)

Intensify: Reduce Intensify of all cards not named Deescalator in play, action bars and decks by 1 but not below one.

Optional Flavour Text

Now. Let’s all… Calm… Down.


Wizened mentor
4 mana 1/6
Neutral minion
Your hero power has intensify as long as this card is on the field

Flavor text- the sharp edge of the mind can cut as deep as the sword


Idea behind it- provides an interesting aspect of value to already existing cards that supported blood rage previously, such as bloodbound mentor.
Balance- when this drops, even if you saved one mana to play the bbs, the intensify wont go off until next turn for actual value.


Forbidden Gospel
Neutral minion
7 mana 8/8
Intensify: Deal 10 damage to your general and all other minions. If this card is Intensified 3 times, win the duel instead.

Optional flavor text

To those foolish enough to call me once, a divine punishment I will bring. But to those daring enough to call me thrice, a forbidden gospel I will sing.


Staff of the Scion
3 Mana Artifact
Intensify: When you attack, summon 1 Duskweaver on a random nearby tile.


Orias Consular
Lyonar Minion
4 Mana 0/5

Gain +1 attack for every injured friendly minion.
Intensify: Restore 1 health to all injured minions.

A card that supports both the swarm and heal lyonar archetypes!


Taegon’s Gamble
Songhai legendary spell
2 mana
Intensify: Give an unexhausted friendly minion and an enemy minion (+5) backstab, and flying. Change the wager. This spell costs 1 more to cast.

When the stakes are raised, the effect of the spell improves. insert sick animation of dice rolling.
1st time: the card text.
2nd time: Pull some things to your general

Alternate text:

Both generals are LODED

3rd time: All minions attack enemies nearest to them.

(Taegon was the Songhai general defeated by Consular Draug btw. RIP TAEGON. RESPECT.)
Pro’s: You get a super buffed minion, that you can use. It’s cheap the first time. However, there is much to be lost. The first time, the enemy gains a similar advantage as well. Shift the board up a bit. Just like lodestar, both generals pull the closest minions enemy minions towards them(use at own risk). Last time, the spell becomes a finisher.


Mighty Silithar
Magmar Minion
4 Mana 2/3
Intensify: Give this minion +1/+1

Explanation: My intent is that this dies, makes an egg. When it hatches, it gets +1/+1. The next time one hatches, it gets +2/+2. So your opponent has to be sure to destroy the egg because each time they leave the egg up, it makes it grow more. And each time it comes back it becomes stronger. I also considered giving it Intensify: Give this minion Grow: +1/+1 or putting the buff or grow on a spell so it can be applied to any minion with rebirth. I think those would get out of hand quickly tho but they’re still options given how much removal this game has.


Alright, time is up. Thanks everyone for your submissions, the jury will now pick their favorites and the community poll thread will be up at the 25th of April.
Please note that no more submission-editing is allowed!


Good luck! :sirpenti:


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