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Card Design Contest [#1/2018]

Here it is again. Some of you may still remember me and the Design Contest, of which the last was held around a year ago. I just lost interest in Duelyst, but now I am back, and so is the Card Design Contest.
For those of you who are new: This contest is all about designing an own card following the contest’s prompt. A jury will then nominate 12 cards that are going to appear in the poll thread, where you all can vote for your favorite.

We also have prizes for the best three cards:

First: 5 Orbs + Exclusive forum badge “Design God” + Place in the jury next month
Second: 4 Orbs + Place in the jury next month
Third: 3 Orbs + Place in the jury next month

Thanks to Counterplay / Bandai Namco for providing the orbs and the forum badge.

Here are the rules:

  • Everyone is allowed to submit ONE card design per month.
  • They have to follow the basic template:

Faction, Type
Cost / (Stats)
Card text.

Shadowmaster Serai
Songhai Minion
5 Mana (3/5)
Backstab: (1) All of your Backstabs deal 2 more damage.

  • Clearly over- or underpowered cards or memes are not allowed.
  • Cards have to follow the monthly design prompts (e.g.: Create a Battle Pet).
  • Unless stated otherwise, you may NOT create own Keywords.
  • You may submit card art, as long as it is created by yourself. Art is not taken into consideration from the jury and will not appear in the poll thread.
  • Please avoid copying cards from other CCGs.

This month’s prompt: Design a card that synergizes with INTENSIFY or has INTENSIFY as a Keyword.

Please do not discuss ideas here. Feel free to discuss thoughts about submitted cards here instead.
This is how the jury will evaluate cards.

The deadline for submissions is the 15th of April!

This month’s jury is:

Good Luck to all participants!


Victima Sanctus
Lyonar Minion
4 Mana (4/4)
Dying Wish: Summon the Intensify Minion that died most recently on this space.

Kinda like an Alcuin for Intensify Minions.


Resonating shadows
Abyssian spell
2 mana
Intensify: add 1 copy of the most recent cast spell to your action bar.

An intensify card that works wonders with other spells, but you don’t want it to copy itself


Intense heat
Magmar spell
2 mana
Intensify all Intensify cards in your action bar, deck, and battlefield by one

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Decaying Drake
Neutral Minion
6 Mana (10/6)
Intensify: Add a copy of itself that cannot be replaced into your action bar. It loses 1 health, Flying and costs 1 less.

[Notes: When it reaches 0, the card disappears from your action bar. Stronger than Emberwyrm but running more original copies of Decaying Drake will make it decay faster.

I wanted the card to feel powerful and threatening constantly like a dragon, while giving it signs of irreparable damage.]


Please do not discuss card ideas here, but in this thread.

Plague Bearer
Abyssian Minion
6 Mana (3/3)
Intensify: Infest 1 random enemy minion(s).

…then 2, then 3, then so on.


Cryogenic Life
Vanar, Spell
3 mana
Give your Walls +2/+2. Intensify: Your Walls can move 1 space this turn.


Moloki Broodmother
Magmar Minion
5 mana 3/4
Intensify: Hatch 1 nearby friendly egg.


Puncture / Deep Stab (which name is good?)
Songhai, Spell.
1 mana.
Intensify : Give a friendly minion or your General backstab(2) until the end of your turn. They can’t move next turn.

(Teleportation allowed and the unit can still attack. Also, “They” means your own unit that can’t move, not the enemy).

Sharpen your knife and take enemy’s life

Idk, i’m not good at creating flavour text.


Immense Pressure
Neutral, Minion
3 mana (1/6)
Minions with Opening Gambit now have Intensify instead.


High atop the Sunforge mountains sits a sage,
pondering the great expanse.

Engrossed in their own insignificance,
a sonorous tone begins to rumble.

The sage, first alarmed, grips the ground,
fearing the earth’s quake.

But when she notices the rumbling comes
not from without, but rather within

She calms, and lets the power rise.
A figure emerges, and the world fades.

Sunforge Ascension
Lyonar, Legendary Spell
1 Mana
Intensify: This card costs 2 more.
After this card was Intensified three times, summon a Sunforged Avatar directly in front of your General.

Sunforged Avatar
Lyonar, Token Arcanyst Minion
3 Mana / 5 Attack / 6 Health
Intensify: Transform the top 1 card(s) in your deck into Sunforged Avatar(s) and draw 1 card.

Let the power of the Sunforge consume you…


Wraithling Howl
Abyssian Spell
2 Mana
Intensify: Gives friendly wraithlings 1 health and attack. Draw one card.


Neutral Arcanyst
1 mana (1/1)

Intensify: Put 1 copy of your BBS in your action bar.


Sundered Grime
Vetruvian Minion
5 mana / (4/5)
Intensify: Give 1 random friendly Dervish “Dying Wish: Summon a Sand Box on this space”.


A Sand Box will add a random Faction Spell, reduces its cost by (1), to the players hand that moves onto the tile / picks it up with a minion or general.

------------------------------// END OF CLARIFICATION------------------------------


Parasitic Quince
Abyssian Minion
5 mana 0/8
Opening Gambit: choose an enemy minion, it cannot move or attack
Intensify: each turn sap 1 attack from an enemy minion


Hydraborn Paragon
Neutral, Minion
8 Mana (7/7)
Intensify: This minion gains 1 random keyword ability
Dying Wish: Summon 2 Frail Hydraborn near your general.

To clarify:
keyword you can gain are the same as grailmaster and elkowl so: Provoke, Flying, Rush, Frenzy, Ranged and Celerity

Frail Hydraborn
Neutral, Token/Minion
4 Mana (4/3)
Intensefy: This minion gains 1 random keyword ability

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Songhai Spell
6 mana
All Panddo have “Intensity: shuffle 1 Panddo into your opponent’s deck.”


As with nearly all other pando cards, you are probably asking yourself why this card exists. Well, the aim of this little card is to provide an incentive to play those other pando cards to build towards a unique form of steal deck. I’m assuming that intensify triggers from transformation.

What you can do with Propapanda is full the opponent’s draws with crap. A single Pandatentiary adds 36 Panddo to their deck. Couples with more, panddo transformations, and their deck will be completely clogged with Panddo. Now, they will try to reply their hand of Panddo, filling your deck with Panddo in the process. This back-and forth continues until the board is filled with Panddo, and everyone is locked to a small area of it. Now, Songhai can do what Songhai does best to take advantage of this space and kill the opponent with ranged minions/ spells.

Overall, this can act as combo disruption or a very silly stall deck. Plus, I made this card just for the name pun.


Vespyric Pathfinder
Vanar Vespyr Minion
2 Mana (2/1)
Intensify: Add a copy of Snowchaser to your hand


Abyssian minion
5 Mana 1/1
Intensify: Summon a Plagueling on a random space.


Every existing intensify card scales additively, and for good reason. But what if there were any intensify minion that intensified faster?

With Plagueling, you start with two copies on the board and two stacks of intensify. Your next Plagueling will summon 4 total 1/1’s (6 stacks now), followed by 8 1/1’s, if you manage to cast a fourth copy of this minion you get 16!


Despite being a measly 1/1, the mana cost is set at 5 simply because it turns into a win condition rather quickly. There are many cards in the game that can easily clear a batch of small minions (such as tempest, plasma storm, Frostburn and ghost lightning), but getting 8 or even the coveted 16 1/1 minions can result in a game over of not answered quickly!