Can't Select Faction for Gauntlet



Yesterday I started a new gauntlet run, selected a faction, and then very quickly hit the back button, while the 3 card selection was still “forming”. I’m not sure it’s related, but now every time I go back to gauntlet it’s stuck on the faction select screen, and when I try to choose one it gives me the message “We hit a snag! Oops… there was a problem selecting your faction. Please try again.” In the developer tools I see “PUT 500 (Internal Server Error)”. It’s been a day, and I’ve restarted my computer, cleared cache, etc., and I’m still getting this error.

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Bug Report Details

  1. Select a faction, then very quickly hit the back button
  2. Return to gauntlet and try to select a faction


For what it’s worth, this is still a problem after the patch 1.79 update. My knowledge of Duelyst’s inner workings is obviously scant, but it seems like maybe my account data got corrupted by some network error? Data issue or not, I’ve been locked out of gauntlet for two days now, so I don’t think this is a passing glitch :confused:


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