Can't Play Gauntlet



Fairly new to game. Never played gauntlet before and I can’t. I have 2 tickets but when I hit the green ‘start’ button I get an error message: “We hit a snag! Oops… there was a problem starting your Gauntlet run. Please try again.” It sends me back to the main menu.

Would love to play Gauntlet. Can you help understand why it doesn’t work?


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That’s pretty lame that you can’t play gauntlet at all. Not sure if you could play through browser(chrome) or install standalone client on Mac, might be worth a try.

What’s really saddening that these kind of issues still persist and duelyst is not in beta anymore as far as I know.

My last 2 gauntlet runs were affected by bugs:

  • one run ended prematurely due to me requeing and getting a free loss (I did get a ticket refund but still)
  • in the second one I have won a game, got HIT A SNAG error and now game is being processed for over 18 hours… so I’m not sure if I should continue playing or what? Maybe the next game I win won’t count as well.

As much as I like playing the game I’m being put off by technical issues that are not being dealt with. I’ve seen some old reports with bugs that are still ingame.

Guys at CP focus too much on new content and maybe should look into removing the bugs first, especially those that have an impact on major game modes.