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Can't move due to lag while still being able to surf the internet


almost every game i will have lag where i can’t submit a move, and yet can still surf the internet, watch youtube, and see my opponent emote, but i can’t move, and the time runs out and i miss my turn. this usually mean i will lose the game. this happen 9 out of 10 games that i play.

why is this so?? why am i able to surf the net, watch youtube, see the opponent emote and for all intent and purpose the internet is working fine, and yet when i try to submit a move it lags???

what is going on???


I have a similar issue when I play and tab over, the game pauses until I enter the duelyst tab again then resumes and I can’t do anything until it catches up. The fix I did was to just have duelyst it’s own window