Can you review my deck?


Hi there i just started playing Duelyst this month, and after making a few posts on a website i have my own deck and was hoping some of the better players here could review it.

Here is the list and thanks for any help.

p.s. i still need to get 3 nimbus’s 1 more spinecleavers and 2 krons


-1 ankh -1 spine -1 nimbus -2 pyro -1 lion -2 rasha -3 allo

+1 aymara +1 kron +3 primus fist +2 entropic +2 lkian +2 dioltas

Your general idea is fine, but personally I’d make these changes. Nimbus is pretty bad card when played from behind, despite it being otherwise powerful so I opted to replace one of them with aymara. I feel that dioltas’ tombstone is usually more useful in the deck of this sort than a random obelysk allo provides. Pyro isn’t necessarily bad but I feel something like primus is just more consistent. There’s too many artifacts so I removed one of each, having 3x ankh probably isn’t that bad but 3x spine really is too much considering how extremely slow it is. Lion works with Sajj particulary well but there’s better alternatives, the deck also has 4 one-ofs which is too much. I don’t see rasha being very useful since there’s no devrish synergy but I could easily be wrong about this as it’s still technically a 2 mana 2/2 with rush that can get buffed. This meta requires lots of removal and deck is controlly enough to be able to handle it so I slammed in 2x entropic.

Have in mind I’m not a vet expert so take all of this with a grain of salt.


Sorry for late reply thanks fore the input. I’m going to make my deck how i had it but if i don’t get the results i wanted all make some of your changes. Again thanks fore the input and the help


I have decided to make the aymara nimbus change.


Pretty much what Raqyee said but i would also cut one of the 1 offs, either bender, will or zen to add a third Lkian. Sure this deck slaps tons of value shit on the table and is unlikely to run out of cards but personally i wouldn’t leave the house without 3 x card draw.


well it would take me awhile to get all the cards i need for lkian so i’m knot gonna run it.


I made my final changes -1 spine -1 nimbus - 1 grove
and i added +2 primus and +1 aymara