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Can you make Artifact Abyssian work?


In other words, is Artifissian a thing? I would call it Abyfact, but that doesn’t sound.

I was thinking about a deck like this


I tried running it (not exact copy but very close), and… It was bad. It’s hard to build a board, it’s easy to lose it, and I run out of cards closer to the late game.

I already removed Horn, I think about removing Artificier and even Hunter, I probably should replace Deathmark with Lure, add Void Steal.
Gibbet doesn’t work with Frenzy (at least, doesn’t summon extra copies), so probably will replace him too (sure, he’s fun and may be dangerous, but hard to actually use).
And with each tweak I think of it gets closer and closer to regular swarm (or hyperswarm, no idea what’s the difference) with Chakram being like the only artifact part.

Do you think something like this may work? Or is it just better to play regular swarm, unless/until some support for artifacts is added?


Be better to play swarm normal swarm really with Furor and/or soul.

You can group the artifacts in pairs. Like Blade and Mindlathe are board control artifacts. Soul Grimar and Ghost Azalea are the finisher artifacts. Wraithcrown and Furor Chakram are the buff ones. With Horn and Releaser being the minion summon ones. But Abyss artifacts aren’t made to come together to be able to form a potentially good deck, because they don’t have great synergy with each other and rely on having a board to work with or against to get the most out of them. Which is why the best use of Abyss artifacts come from using the swarm archetype to buff them up or create a finisher with using them.


I think Cass and Azalea+ Blade+ Mindlathe would be better for Artifact Abyssian approach. Throw in some aggro stuff and a couple of creep producers and you’ll have somewhat playable deck.

Reliquarian may be the finisher in place of Azalea .


I want to also mention the need for teleportation in an artifact deck. Lure is a must more than anywhere. Also consider Tracer.


YES, I have an artifact Cassyva deck that worked pretty well and was honestly a ridiculous amount of fun. It utilized Grove Lion to preserve artifacts over tools like Artifact Hunter which are essentially useless for the deck.

One thing I would recommend is to get Spectral Blade 100%. It’s a good early game play, heals, clears board and is generally one of the best artifacts in the game, plus really easy to combo with other things thanks to the low mana cost.

I was thinking of making a Lilithe version since Chakram is amazing and Wraithling Crown is powerful as well. I probably won’t use Grimoire since I don’t want to be quite that aggressive but we’ll see. I’ll let’s you know, and I’ll see if I can dig up the Cass deck for you later.


Care to share? 151515



I haven’t updated since Sphere nerf and haven’t tried it in new meta. Only things I would change are obviously remove Sphere and probably replace Operant with Gibbet (or just sub Gibbet in for Sphere if I can’t find a better alternative).

Deck baits opponent into being aggressive and punishes with difficult to remove artifacts, Thunderhorn, etc, and can pull a lot of damage out of nowhere. Maybe I’ll get around to updating it or building a Lilithe version with those new tools which has even more potential imo. I’ll let you know!


Most abyss artifacts are deck specific (grimwar, azalea) or doesn’t give attack boost (Chakram, releaser, mindlathe) so it’s hard to build a true artibyssian deck. I agree with @alplod, azalea+blade in a creep deck is probably the best idea, the burst potential is huge and you have stuff like munch and desolator for healing


welp, everyone’s pretty much covered how artifact abyssian decks that would work. they’re plenty minion centric.

if you find yourself wanting something a bit less sophisticated, may i suggest reliquarian? spam some bonecrushers, arcane devour into reliquarian, and badabing badaboom, you got yourself an artifact that shoots firestorm mantra at every shot.

you’ll need a lot of legendaries and corporeal cadence, but hey, it’s lit.



I can totes imagine an artifact abyss deck.


I have two long-running artifact Lili decks, which I’ve played quite a lot:

The viable approach is to use Silhoutte Tracer in a Grimwar hyperswarm. You just build some swarm, equip Grimwar in a safe place and teleport in for some brutal damage. I’ve climbed to Diamond a couple times with it.

The meme approach is to use Grincher and fetch for combos. There are a lot of insane cross-faction artifact combos for Abyssian: the most notable ones I’ve got were Ankh + Spectral Blade (fun af!), Halo Bulwark with a sizeable swarm of wraithlings, and Bangle + Grimwar (yeah imagine that if you will).


Just imagine if there was a way to control Grincher’s RNG…


The thing is, is that all the artifacts aim to support either, swarm, creep, burn or control so unless you’re making a weird ass Nocturne deck then it won’t happen.


Actually that’s (somewhat) possible, I even tried playing it when Nocturne was just released. Probably main problem is that it revolves around your ability to draw Nocturne and combo him with spells in one turn.

Some food for thought from comments here, though I have doubts that you can call a deck with just 2 types of artifacts an artifact deck.


I guess you can if the gameplan revolves around artifacts.


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