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Can we talk about Daemonic Lure? (Abyssian skill)


Shouldn’t it have a limit range? To be cast or to send the selected unit to an area of the map. This is because it feels just too easy to disable a late game unit by sending it to a corner of the map, and of course, it would take that unit many turns to return to a better position.

And yes, the same thing happens with Repulsor Beast but Daemonic Lure is kinda more “cheese”, is a spell which means it doesn’t need a free space to cast and deals 1 damage.

In a personal opinion, it shouldn’t have global range, maybe a 3x3 or 4x4, to cast and to send a unit to that range taking the general as the center.


Well, for starters, props for emphasizing how this is your personal opinion rather than insisting it’s a fact like people unfortunately often do. It makes the thread a lot more bearable.

Lure is fine, it is a conditional removal what works slightly better than it’s neutral counterpart. It’s slightly better because unlike repulsor you can use it very early on in order to remove early game threats where that single damage helps a lot. But if you’re doing that, you’re lowering the chances of drawing it late game in order to deal with big threats. Seeing as abyssian doesn’t have any proper removal, that isn’t such a minor thing.

And in the late game scenario when the enemy places a big minion in your face, it’s usually better to have a repulsor in order to generate a body. Lure’s one damage is barely relevant at that stage of the game.

Just for reference, for how long are you playing the game? After seeing that question I can’t help but wonder.


if you think daemonic lure is cheese, you obviously have never played against a songhai deck. daemonic lure is the only cheap removal abyss has. compare with the ton of cheap removal vanar has and i suspect you are going to say chromatic cold is cheese.


Daemonic lure is one of the few tools that are not heavily costed that abyssian has to deal with ranged threats. The other 2 are dark transformation, which is very high costed, and ritual banishing, which also sacrifices one of your units. Think also that it is a faction without access to in faction dispel.


Next up; Silverguard Squire is rather strong, it’s straight up better than the neutral komodo charger.


2 Months I think, maybe a little more. At the beginning I was patience hoping for a proper “balance” to Abyssians like the one made to Vetruvians, but in a personal opinion, Abyssians are the most OP faction in the game with the possibilty of coming back from any situation, ANY.


Songhai are a pain in the ass yeah (backstab joke). But are not as big problem as Abyssians, again, is a personal opinion.


Would you mind elaborating on that? What are you seeing that we don’t?


Abyssian doesn’t have a natural dispel, yeah. But they have a lot more option to deal with threats. For example, even when losing with only 1 hp leaf, Abyssian can recover with a lot of life still option, units, spells, etc. Do I need to talk about Bloodmoon and Shadowdancer combo?


Read the last response, ah and I forgot about sister Kelaino to restore some more HP.


That really doesn’t explain anything.

You probably should as that archetype is probably the least used and no one finds it to be an issue. Well, not no one it seems.


To use the bloodmoon preiestess + shadowdancer combo you have to play blodmoon priestess with a board advantage, wait a turn and have it unanswered and then finally proceed to play the shadowdancer. Think that bloodmoon priestess is a 3/3 for 4 and shadowdancer is a 4/4 for 5, if you play them without board advantage they are very heavily understatted and may cost you the game or a very uphill battle. Yes, if you have both on board its a huge win condition, but that is possibly Abyssian’s most powerful play that only happens if you opponent doesnt draw into one of the many multiple answers to that combo AND you draw into the combo, which includes both of those cards and a way to establish and maintain a board. Also, lowering the curve to the point that the board is not such an uphill battle to fight normally means to run out of resources very fast


this guy thinks abyssian is the most op faction LOL. I’M DONE



I guess this community is like that, if someone dares to go against their ez win strategies, they will call you troll, that you are crazy, etc. I guess is imposible to talk about balance here or even express an opinion that is different from others. I’m giving possible balance solution, that’s all.

Also, I’m main vetruvian and only play vetruvian, from 10 games I have lost, 8 are against abyssians, that’s why I think they need a balance, not a nerf, balance.


No, it’s just that the steam release basically that everyday we have 2-3 “nerf please” posts. Sorry if it seems rude but basically every single card have been called out as OP and this is kinda funny for some experienced/veteran players, that’s just it.

This is a forum and ofc everyone is entitled to share his opinion. Mine on daemonic lure is that it’s fine if that matters, just think that with just 1 more mana you can ritual banish a minion removing the threat forever


Maybe the vetruvian deck you play has a bad matchup against abyssian. That is not indicative that abyssian needs a balance change. Every deck has good matchups and bad matchups, and also 10 losses is not a sample size big enough to justify a point.


Ok. First of, Swarm abyssian isn’t considered a very strong archetype due to many new global removals and aoes added in the last patches such as: Blistering Skorn, thumping wave, frostburn and many others i can’t think of right now. Just go through the card collection and you will find plenty more.

Second, as far as removal is concerned, abyssian really is on the weak side.
They have some full removals in Dark Transformation and Ritual banishing. The first one is pretty expensive and doesn’t negate dying wishes, meaning it can’t really be used on Aymara healers and such. The second one is only usable in swarm abyssian which suffers from the fact that it is pretty hard to maintain a board in this aggressive meta and is one of the weakest archetypes. Ritual banishing also triggers dying wishes. Abyssian also doesn’t have an infaction dispell OR transformation spell, meaning that even magmar, which doesn’t have an actual ‘dispell’ card but multiple transform spells has better dispell tools. Demonic Lure really is Abyssians best tool for those cards.

As a Vetruvian you even have astral phasing as a pretty good tech card vs demonic lure, not to mention that abyssian doesn’t have much counterplay to aymara. Kelaino is a problem after the siphon nerf, your best bets are starfire scarab and ephemereal shroud.


Swarm abyssian is one of the weaker general when it comes to"serious" play.
It is very easy to remove the wraithlings with skorn or any faction specific nuke, and it lacks strong low cost minions, so getting enough breathing room to get the priestess and dancer out is much harder than you make it sound.
There are cases where repulsor beast is better than lure:
It leaves a body behind and ignores spells shield.


It’s fine to have a strong and different opinion.

It’s not fine to have a strong and different opinion and using extremely vague elaboration to justify it and then blaming the community for not taking you seriously. Sorry, but you got no one to blame but yourself.