Can we please have more quest slots?


Unpopular opinion here but I don’t like the new quest changes.
Yes it’s more gold per day but that’s if you want / can grind it out. EVERY.DAY.

The previous quests gave less gold but at least I was able to complete them in a reasonable amount of time but even those felt like a grind if they were for 2 different factions. I know, I know you don’t have to win and that makes everything faster but it’s still an issue, I don’t want to play this game every single day and sometimes I just don’t have the time to and the devs decided to create a new expansion instead of mobile first so I can’t even complete them while doing other things.

The fact that you have to play every day is my main issue, I’ve been playing HS still release and I’ve never felt like this because I was able to take short breaks without falling so behind.
I know some people will just tell me to quit complaining or say something along the lines “be glad that it’s FREE”. Whatever makes you feel good I guess.

You rewarded the grindy players with changes to games won, great. Can casuals get something as well?
I don’t want to come off as entitled or something but the system is absolutely awful as it is.


I think it’s fine as a person who can’t always play everyday.
Of course, people who grind more should be rewarded more iMO. The old system was cool for casuals. Horrendous for people who grind a lot. There was a choice to be made.
They made the right choice. You will get your chance to play more when mobile hits anyway.


I believe that too but you can have both. The change to gold per wins was already for people who play more and they don’t need to change the current quests but the “welcome back” quest is a joke.
Just add a couple more slots and you can come back to them in 2 days and only lose the first win of the day bonus. Of course you won’t be able to reroll the first quests if you missed them.

By the time mobile is out I will have fallen way behind anyway.


Realistically, you still have to play 8 games per day to max out, so its as if you always had 2 faction quests.

And the 30 gold more from the second quest is kinda neutralized by the lower winning rewards, so i don’t think much has changed tbh, except people can now hardgrind for as long as they want.


I think more slots would be cool too, but I think what hurts most is the 3 wins for 15 gold now.


I guess that’s true but I still didn’t like the old system to begin with and I always considered it a big flaw of the game.

And that’s the thing, I often skip one of the two quests if it’s two factions, especially a faction I don’t really want to play.

It’s just fatigue that gets to me really. This game has already burned me out after 4 or so months.


You’re right. Wanting to reward people playing literally all the right is great but the casual audience wants to feel like there isn’t an obligation, and things like having an amount of quests “save up” so you can clear them when you have the time instead of just losing out on them forever helps alot with that feeling.

I have the impression that trying to appease hardcore and casual gamers is a balancing act that CPG aren’t totally comfortable with in general.


I have never been able to play 8 games per day, still I used to get gold by doing one quest and using the WB quest. Now WB was nerfed and the same for the gold amount of the only quest I can complete. This is very disappointing to me and a bad strategy if we want to make more people enter the game.


less complaints please even if they gave us more ppl will always want more ppl just love freeness the game is fine as it is… if i want i can grind 200 gold easy a day this game grants the best gold than any other pc game out there and im not talking about promotional stuff


I am pretty damn sure CPG has marketing experts that know what they are doing, and better than you or me do.


Then why hasn’t the game exploded yet?
That argument won’t work until then.

Also Kevin, YOU can but me and a lot of others can’t. It feels like I am being forced to keep on playing every single day if I want to keep up or dish out my wallet. I’ve already spent a few bucks on this game but it’s making me not want to keep doing that. That is, in fact, a very bad thing.

Can’t even recommend this game to anyone because of the amount of commitment it needs, not only that most… actually all of the people I’ve recommended it to have stopped playing. I wonder why.


Point is, playing each day more than 40 / 50 minutes is not realistic for people with a full time job. I think CPG should try to enlarge the “happy share” of the player base, not creating troubles to long-term players who just don’t have time to be so committed to the game…


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