Can we please have an option to fully "Ignore Forum User"


Edit- CP Has spoken. There will be no changes, but I am okay with that. I trust the team to continue operating the forum, and I will try to be more open minded. I guess I will just start flagging abusive convos again, and I ask that any readers do the same if there is something flaggable.

I know that I have asked this in the past, but every couple days I am reminded that my forum browsing experience would be better if this feature was fully implemented. I am posting a thread publicly rather than privately messaging as I hope that with a little support from the community it might get some traction. If this against any rules, I am apologize in advance. I mean no disrespect.

Just to clarify for other readers, the current Mute Option only stops notifications from popping up but you still see anything they have done by browsing normally.

I pride myself on being a very positive person. I find joy in helping others and giving them happiness while searching for my own. I do not like negativity. I do my best to help fix whatever is causing it to be present, or just avoid it.

There has been more and more fighting happening lately, I just woke up and read a few new threads before getting ready for work and I really feel like I am watching a a freaking reality show. This is ridiculous, there is sooo much bad blood that has been generated for whatever reason that half of the time an instigator speaks on a topic with different opinions it degenerates into varying levels of drama. Usually just low key sarcastic remarks which are okay I guess, but plenty of times it has evolved into personal attacks on people.

There will always be negative people and some people can ignore it and continue their lives as best they can but plenty of people just get sucked into the trap and end up contributing to the problem. Take this image below for instance.

I had just beat someone with my Arcanyst Lyonar. It is a terrible "meme "deck by the way. I got added after the match after using Martyrdom on a friendly Illusion to heal myself for 11 HP, and I was wondering if he had any questions, advice or maybe even just say “Golly! That sure was a cool deck idea! I don’t often see many Arcanyst cards!” (not sure why I chose a country response). Instead, I got this. The first line of text(hidden) was something along the lines of “Let me ask you a serious question, are you retarted?” There was a little bit more at the bottom but he deleted me before I could screenshot properly.

In my defense the dispel play was pretty complicated because I had to get my Lightbender in the right spot, dispel 2 lethal threats, remove a couple bodies and try to AoE dispel as few of my own buffed Illusions as well.

Also I would like to point out that this is only the 3rd hatemail I have ever received. This game has a much better community them any other competitive game I have played.

Just someone being toxic I know but I like to talk about my decks :slight_smile: Also had to help my male cat give birth to the 22th set of twins in the last 2 weeks, that is probably why I took so long. And what decks don’t run dispels nowadays or ever really? Jeez man, I know you were angry but come on…

There will always be toxic people and I believe that the Ignore Function is the best way to deal with them like 90% of the time. If you disagree with someones opinions that is perfectly fine. If you dislike someone and you attack them it is not okay. If you are constantly being attacked it is a natural response to lash back out at them if you have no other option. Ignoring prevents this and is preached as an excellent tool in many different games for these types of situations.

When you are provoked you need to either remove the threat or dispel it so that you can re position and continue fighting. Please give us the option to dispel our fellow forum users if we feel that it is necessary. You could even limit our number of dispels, for instance you can only mute if you have Lightbender badge, as reading the Welcome Post is something everyone should do. Another option would only be able to mute people that have been flagged a certain number of times, or just having no restrictions would be a good idea now that I think about it.

Again, I apologize if this is against the rules and I do not mean any disrespect to the administration, but I hope that this feature will be re implemented in the traditional sense. The forums are great, myself and many many other enjoy spending time here but I think something needs to be done about this issue. Any input would be welcome. Discussion, ideas, favorite hatemail convos, further flaming to prove my point, etc…

TL;DR: We should be able to fully mute other forum users. The Ignore Feature is one of the best ways to prevent negative behavior in online communities. Currnet Mute Option only stops notifications from showing. Expansion looks amazing too, good job CP. Really excited for the new stuff.


Agree. Good idea, good post, good everything.


10/10, actually a good and smart idea. Keeps the salt low.


I fourth this sentiment.


Male cat give birth??? :confused:

Also, I like this. Maybe have a blacklist in game so you don’t have to play or at least talk to the super toxic people who do this.


“beating an obylesk deck when running silence is nothing to be proud of”

LOL is this guy serious? The salt is real.

It’s not even called silence…


Fresh salt imported from hearthstone.


Hi there, Discourse(the forum we are using) does not actually have the feature to completely block users, if you feel a user is detrimental to the forum please flag the posts that are an issue. If enough people flag posts they can be automatically hidden and we also review each flag, users who amass multiple flags i.e users who are being detrimental to the forums receive scaling suspensions from said forums.

So the best way to keep the forum healthy and pleasant is by flagging the issues that you see so we can help build a better forum community!


I totally get your point. But I don’t know if it is a good idea, the way I see the forums is that it’s a place where we exchange thoughts about different topics. I understand you don’t want to see any negativity anymore, oh what would I not give to just see people sharing what they think, without rudeness or anyone getting offended for no reason.
But there’s no way we can accept a “full mute” option. I myself would mute many people despite what I previously said, and I don’ t think it’s right.
So, no matter how dumb, and I think it IS dumb to say such a thing, just get over it.


Good luck to you. Also…you should probably keep an eye on that cat…there are people who would give a lot of money for a male that can have kittens. :sweat_smile:


We saw what was going on and corrected it as soon as possible. We’re doing what we can to keep conversation civil, and making sure it’s known that these personal attacks are intolerable, and why. Several users received warnings for the veritable fiasco this morning.

As for a mute function, I would not support it (I don’t speak for all the mods, though I think they may share the sentiment; if you want their opinions, ping them). I think that it can lead to formation of ‘cliques’ almost, and beyond that muting people can lead to the fragmentation and degradation of discussion. Additionally I don’t know if Discourse (our forum format) supports it/has any written plugins. I’ve looked into it briefly and most of the written content on it seems to be users of the Discourse forum asking for a plugin.


well ppl just need to control their feelings … just like an artiste said trigger fingers turn into twitter fingers… persons will always feel like a god behind a pc at the end of the day just smile n ignore leave a one comment and hold the feelings thats how i deal with things… its actually really funny when a person adds you after a game just to salt i’ve experienced it couple times while testing various weird ziran decks haha nice post at least it raises awareness


how about muting the in-game opponent permanently ? Because right now I can only mute them for a min or two ?!


Just cause you think something is negative and you don’t like negative things is not good enough a reason to have a forum block or ignore. I understand the world we live in is bubbles of what we agree on but that’s a horrible inhumane to exist. What happened to civics? Why does every objection or criticism of your ideas have to be an attack on your gody personage?

As long as responses toward you aren’t ripe with personal insults then it should be fine. If you bring up a thread about how the game should separate people cause others have better cards and it’s not fair… Brining up the idea that you might just not like to lose or that such separation would probably have larger negative impact on the game is a fair point.

Suggestions are good to have but there might be counter points or disagreements… That should be seen as natural and healthy for the forum. Might as well rename the forum to echo chamber if you want to ignore criticism of your threads

Oh on actual in-game text abuse that’d a different story imo cause aren’t trying to be constructive but vent that they lost something a lot of player this day and age do. I’ve been lucky in the people I have spoken to in game have been cool and respectful. If I meet a salty person unfriendly his request and if he continues to try and harass me report him. Nice and simple for me.


Hahaha, I feel you.

I joined these forum on July 23.
One week after regular browsing, I started this thread :


I was amazed by how fast “that thread” went off the rails. Even though I have a general aversion to certain persons and their tendencies on this forum, no one deserves that nonsense.


Sad that it’s technical impossible. I would highly appreciate if there would be such an option.

Most people here are OKisch to friendly. But there are few persons (don’t want to name them) that comment almost everything and are always on the edge of being unfriendly and smart-alecky and sarcastic all the time.
I know that there’s an option to flag such posts but this would force me to waste my time on them.

So, yeah. As I said: I would appreciate such an option. But if it’s not possible don’t expect me to flag all that crap. Mods here close threads fast (and of reasons I can’t always understand) - so I think they read everything here. With this presumption flagging should not be necessary I think.


Damn. There was a cripple fight and I missed it? I would have so won that one.

Seriously though I think having a block/mute option would be good.

I can understand the downside of people blocking out all opposing views and creating their happy little echo chamber stifling the actual exchange of ideas. But if they prefer to stay in their own safe space without being pushed out of their comfort bubble giving them an opportunity to grow as a person than that is kinda their decision and it does not hurt anyone else.

On the upside, some people are just relentless unfunny bad shitposter. Personally if I see someone exclusively posting dumb stuff that constantly makes my brain hurt I block them and that enhances my enjoyment of the forum.


Why not? We’re on a forum to enjoy a community based on a shared enjoyment of something. If someone is consistently disrupting our experience, why not mute them? You’re not harming them or anyone else, just saving yourself the aggravation.

Healthy disagreement and vigorous discourse is of course fine, but that’s not why we’re calling for a mute button. It’s to remove the aggravation from people who disrupt our personal experience. There are even people who the mods might not consider toxic that I as an individual might find aggravating and would rather not deal with.

I deal with enough aggravation in my daily life already; I’d enjoy some peace from that here without having to periodically avert my eyes from the screen or flag posts on a near-daily basis.

It’s not the end of the world ofc, but a feature I think is completely legitimate to want, if it were available within the site’s framework.


Seriously, that must’ve been one helluva post to be that big of a problem. Kudos to you for being civil about it.